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Social Engagement - Creating the Buzz

Social Engagement - Creating the Buzz

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Published by Richard Conyard

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Published by: Richard Conyard on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creating the Buzz...
welcome to
our world...
 Social Engagement - 
Creating the Buzz...
 Why Become Social 
Like many trends in the Internet sphere, social networking has surrounded itself in hyperbole, wildclaims and more than just a pinch of oblique technical terms. From initial inception it has been therealm of geeks and technophiles and has been seen by business at best as a toy and at worst aproductivity destroying menace. Through increasing maturity of social networking tools and adoptionby wider non-geek audiences, it is now likely that your client base is socially networked in some form,is spending more time in these social environments than any level of engagement you can achievedirectly through your website or broadcast e-mail and is learning about competitors/alternate servicesthrough these tools and through linked “friends” that share a common interest.Social Engagement encourages the promotion of brands and services through social networkingtools. In its most basic form Social Engagement pushes the persona of your company and/or branddirectly in-front of your target audience in the places where they are currently visiting online, ratherthan forcing all digital traffic through the single channel of your website. However, SocialEngagement of your company/brand should push further into the consciousness of your audienceand become not just a booming authoritarian voice, but rather the ears to listen to your audienceand to engage in open discussion with your audience. By engaging with your audience andencouraging participation and promotion of your company/brand the engagement with youraudience is both prolonged from minutes (normal time spent on any website from e-mail campaign),to days, months and potentially (since this is a young environment), years.Social networking tools are plentiful and hopefully the remainder of this report will allow you toidentify those that best suit your audience and the next steps you should be taking to further yourcompany/brand through Social Engagement.
 Social network sites such as Facebook and MySpace arenow more popular than personal e-mail...
The Nielsen survey of users' habits found that 67% of all those going online were spending time atsocial network and blogging sites.In the UK one in every six minutes of the average web user is spent at a social site, it found."Social networking has become a fundamental part of the global online experience," said JohnBurbank, chief executive of Nielsen Online; he continues "Social networking will continue to alter notjust the global online landscape, but the consumer experience at large...".Nielsen measures interest in categories by the percentage of the web audience that regularly visit
such sites. The latest statistics suggest that 65.1% of web users use web e-mail but 66.8% are turningup at social network sites.This means, said Nielsen, that about one in every 11 minutes a web user is online is spent at one of the sites Nielsen counts in its "Member Communities" category which includes both blogs and socialnetwork sites.Of these sites, Facebook has highest average time per user, found Nielsen.The researchers also found that social networking sites are managing to reach a very broad swathe of web users. The fastest growing segment of users turning up and using social sites over the last yearwas among 35-49 year olds.In particular, the report noted, almost a quarter of Facebook's users were known to be over 50 yearsold.More and more people want to get at their favourite social network site and update via mobile,found Nielsen. In the UK the numbers of Britons looking at a social site via their phone was up 249%,helped no doubt by native Twitter clients.
Currently the most engaging social network, Facebook, has seen large growth in alternateonline demographics for social networking with a more mature user base.
 Social Engagement - 
Creating the Buzz...
CountryAge RangeActive Users
 Total 11,959,760

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