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Published by: api-28435334 on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Predicting the iPad
17 Predictions about iPad A Report and Presentation byKisky Netmedia2nd June 2010
Author: Katie Lips for Kisky NetmediaLicensed under a Creative Commons “Attribution Share Alike” license.Page 1 of 20 | June 2nd 2010
I was asked to give a talk about iPad at an event at the Contemporary Urban Centre in Liverpoolon 2nd June. Whilst we’re working hard on making Little World Gifts even more gorgeous on iPadthan it is on iPhone it isn’t finished yet and so I’d felt that I’d like a fraud just talking about howcool iPad is for anyone creating awesome content. So I attempted to pull together a few iPadpredictions, to add a little more value to event, to at least get people thinking about where all ofthis is going. There’s plenty out there on the blogs, and at other great events, but I wanted to heardifferent perspectives from outside the mobile industry. What does a content producer think?What are the ideas from the retail sector? How will this change organisations, museums andgalleries, the arts and education?One contribution that caught my eye is this:
“iPad is the real legacy of the One Laptop Per Child project. Designed for the developing world, OLPCunwittingly unlocked the demand for low-power netbooks, culminating in iPad; what began as 'the people's computer' gave us the 'hipster's clipboard'.” - Imran Ali 
So this paper is the result of a short period of research, of canvassing my friends for their opinion,of gathering the odd iPad related tweet, and bringing it together as a list of iPad predictions. You’llhave heard some, but hopefully not all, before. Here goes...But first, let’s get over the “Device Reviews”!Yeah it’s small, lightweight, portable with great connectivity and a range of apps. It’s also easy touse and looks good; of course. And for a decent yet succinct hardware reviewgo here. Size,speed, connectivity, apps and battery life are all covered.If you’re talking device features however, you really are missing the point. As does this other “iPadas a device” review in the Telegraph
. But we’re not here because Apple brought out a newdevice. As with Previous Apple innovations (from their pushing of the Wifi Standard, to deliveringa simple way to (shock horror)
music, to creating a new mobile ecosystem, it’s not just aboutthe device.The iPad conversation is not like a conversation about an “even smaller iPod”, or a “slightly lighteriPhone with a better camera”, no, this is the start of a conversation about how yet again Apple willchange how we use technology, what we do with it, and as a result will change how we behave.  And talking about dramatic shifts in behavior, onto the first prediction on the list. Let’s get to thefirst one on the list. Guys, you’re all gonna have to join us girls and get yourselves a handbag
Author: Katie Lips for Kisky NetmediaLicensed under a Creative Commons “Attribution Share Alike” license.Page 2 of 20 | June 2nd 2010
1 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/7087088/Apple-iPad-review.html2http://www.gottabemobile.com/2010/05/04/are-ipad-man-purses-manly-enough
1. iPad will end thefascination with small.
This is not just about men carrying bags. If the iPad makes it as an uber popular devicewe
re going to see an end with the fascination with small. No longer must mobilecomputers fit
in your pocket
. We
ll see more tablets, more devices that aren
t afraid to bethe size they need to be to to what they need to do.
iPad may prove that “no longer must mobile computers fit in your pocket”. We
ll see moretablets, more netbooks, more hybrid devices that aren
t afraid to be the size they need tobe to to what they need to do. Instead of making everything smaller, I predict other devicemanufacturers will experiment with larger devices, larger screens, devices that aren
tafraid not to fit in a pocket.
Author: Katie Lips for Kisky NetmediaLicensed under a Creative Commons “Attribution Share Alike” license.Page 3 of 20 | June 2nd 2010

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