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Published by John Burton

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Published by: John Burton on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 2004
Hi, everyone, in the name of the Lord Jesus! 
24/7/ PRAYER
he events that I had the privilege of participating in on May 6, theNational Day of Prayer, made meaware of two things: 1) The goodnews is that there are people prayingfervently, worshiping God, thankingHim, seeking forgiveness for personaland corporate sins, and beseechingGod to shower His grace uponindividuals, regions, nations,continents and the world overall.There was literally prayer aroundthe world on that day, with at leastsix prayer events in our area andHarrison, Arkansas. 2) Thechallenge is to increase prayer, fromthe heart, so that prayer is like acontinuous incense ascending toGod’s throne. The members of theUP Team have been so faithful, andwe are indeed seeing signs of Godresponding to prayer – not just oursbut the prayer of so many others inStone and Taney Counties. Prayernot only honors God, it is His chosenway to give the grace to the rightpeople at the right times to take theactions necessary to thwart thedesigns of the enemy. Some peopleare called to both pray and be in thefrontlines;othersarecalled tofocus onprayer andbe a spiritual support to others. Butin the work of the Kingdom, no one iscalled to action without having a lifeof prayer.
So, I urge all of us to spread the wordabout the UP Team. There are somany prayer groups and individualintercessors in our area; these arepeople who already believe in thepower of prayer. When youapproach them, you are not askingthem to stop what they are doingalready; you are asking them tocommit an hour a week of theirprayer time to praying specificallyfor one or more of the sectors thatmake up Stone and TaneyCounties.
I firmly believe that many, many of youhave testimonies to share abouthow your commitment to extendedprayer time has enriched your ownspiritual lives while you serveothers through your prayer. Sharethose stories with people youencourage to join the UP Team.But, however you do it, please set agoal of encouraging first one, thenanother, then another to becomepart of this work for the glory of God, the salvation of souls and thetransformation of Stone and TaneyCounties into what God wants forour area. I passionately believethat we are called to reach 24/7 asquickly as possible, and then work toward two people for every hourof the week, then three – and on.The more the word spreads, themore the belief in the UP Team asone of God’s chosen vessels forcommunity transformation sets in,the more the many prayer groupsbecome aware of another andconsciously create spiritual synergy – the more God will be glorifiedand the quicker and moreabundantly His grace will cover ourland. I recently read somewherethe following: Think of Jesusasking this question: “What wouldyou do for Me if you knew youcould not fail.” Let’s encourageone another and become“missionaries” to seek intercessorswho will commit that hour a week to the UP Team. Also,I encourageyou to contact me with stories of how your prayer time blesses youpersonally and any ideas you haveon how to approach others to jointhe UP Team, so that thisNewsletter can publish them – withor without names – and providefurther encouragement to all of us.
any thanks to Pastor HowardBoyd for his leading of the folkswho gathered in the Old Stone Church inBranson on the evening of May 6. Thiswas one of the three times in the year thatwe try to come together to pray and bringothers with us. The next one will be inSeptember, and we have already reservedStonecroft for our day and evening timein January of 2005. Our thanks also tothe First Presbyterian Church in Bransonfor allowing us to worship in thatbeautiful facility. Pastor Howard didsomething really Holy Spirit-inspired. Hebroke us up into small groups, eachfocusing on one of the seven sectors; thegroups identified things to be thankful forand things hoped for, and we then took turns praying them aloud, with therefrain from the Psalm,
“His love endures forever.” 
In the June Newsletter therewill be a listing of at least some of thosepraises and prayers for each sector. Wehad beautiful special music by Ron andHaven Howard. They have a singingministry that takes them to churchesaround a broad area; Haven is also theRegional Director for the ConcernedWomen for America.
f you are a subscriber to Reader’sDigest you may have read thefollowing true story. It is a powerfulexample of unselfish love. Hope Stout isnot the title to an article; it is the name of a young girl – and what a fitting name itis. To quote from the Digest: “Not longafter doctors diagnosed 12-year old HopeStout with a rare form of bone cancer, theMake-A-Wish Foundation contacted theseventh-grade all-star basketball playerand cheerleader from Weddington, NorthCarolina. She said she’d always wantedto be on TV or a model. But faced withthe choice, she decided what she reallywanted was for the other children on thelocal Make-A-Wish mailing list – all 155of them – to get their wishes first. ‘Wecouldn’t tell her no,’ said Amy Laws, a

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