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Published by John Burton

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Published by: John Burton on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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October, 2004up-team.org
onday, November 1 is the daybefore the election. Hopefully,you received an invitation to attend aGathering of People Who Pray on thatevening at 7:00. Please try to be there,as we come together as God’s people.There will be prayer events at twoplaces, at the same time: The OldStone Church in Branson and St.Andrew Presbyterian Church inKimberling City. Pastor Jim Carikerof the Branson Nazarene Church willserve as facilitator at the Old StoneChurch, with special music providedby Doug Gabriel. Pastor KimberlyCunningham will serve as facilitator,and I will co-facilitate, at St. Andrewin Kimberling City. MarlyceStockinger will provide special music.Please keep in mind that when wecome together on that evening,regardless of personal feelings andopinions, we will be worshiping Godand seeking thatthe Holy Spiritsweep throughthis nation inorder that God’sperfect will be done. And, of course,please be praying now. If you are
unable to be at one of the churches,please devote some prayer timewherever you are.
his book, by Bill Gothard, hasbeen the source of previousquotes for this Newsletter. Here aretwo more: “By crying out to God andasking Him to overcome evil’s power,we seek the victory only He canprovide, because He is over all thedark forces and powers whichrepresent our true enemy. ‘For we donot wrestle against flesh and blood,but against principalities, againstpowers, against the rulers of thedarkness of this age, against spiritualhosts of wickedness in the heavenlyplaces.’ (from Ephesians 6) ‘When I
cry out 
to You, David says, ‘then myenemies will turn back; this I know,because God is for me.’ (Psalm 56:9)Even the archangel Michael used hisvoice to invoke God’s help againstSatan. (see Jude 9)…David could sayto the Lord, ‘Attend to my cry; giveear to my prayer which is not fromdeceitful lips. (see Psalm 17: 1) Whatdoes such a cry represent? A sincerecry to God, particularly during a timeof great need or crisis, oftenrepresents many qualities andattitudes that God has promised to
honor. HUMILITY: To cry out witha loud voice for help – with theunleashing of emotion that oftencomes with it – can be a humblingexperience. That’s why we often resistit. We tend to be proud; we wantpeople to think we’re competent andthat we’ve ‘got it all together.’ Wedon’t like to admit we have a problem,much less publicly acknowledge ourneed for outside help to resolve it…Pride is building our life aroundourselves; with the cryof humility, we turnthat right over toGod with no stringsattached…The firstquality Jesus taughtHis followers to cultivate was humility – to be ‘poor in spirit.’…God ‘doesnot forget the cry of the humble.’(Psalm 9:12)…ACKNOWLEDGEDWEAKNESS: A sincere cry to God isan open declaration that we’reincapable of dealing with a particularsituation, and that we’re in desperateneed of His help. To cry out is toexpressly acknowledge that theproblem I’m facing is greater than thewisdom, ability or strength I possess.God delights to show His strengthwhen we acknowledge suchweakness…The more things look hopeless, the greater the possibility of God’s intervention in answer to ourcry, because He gets greater glory.Again and again in Scripture, themiracles of God occur incircumstances of humanhopelessness…UNCONDITIONALSURRENDER: The deepest, mostsincere cry is one of unconditionalsurrender to God and His will. Bycrying out, we give voice and greaterpower to our God-given commitmentsand convictions, and we allow them totriumph over any idols and secretindulgences in our lives…Our true,absolute surrender will includeobedience to God’s command to beHis loving ambassadors in humbleservice to those around us, especiallyto those in great need…In one of themany psalms that emphasize cryingout to God, an important lesson istaught to those ‘who fear God. Thepsalmist testifies: ‘Come and hear, allyou who fear God, and I will declarewhat He has done for my soul.
 I cried to Him with my mouth
, and He wasextolled with my tongue.’…’Butcertainly God has heard me; He hasattended to the voice of my prayer.Blessed be God, who has not turnedaway my prayer, nor His mercy fromme!’ (see Psalm 66) The iniquityrepresented by our pride, our self-sufficiency, and our selfishness willkeep us from crying out to God insincerity so that He will hear. But aswe rest and rejoice in the forgivenessand righteousness we have throughChrist, we can confidently cry out andknow that God will respond.
he section from Bill Gothard’sbook referred to spiritualwarfare as described in Ephesians 6.Last month, there was a reflection inthe Newsletter on the weapons thatSatan uses againstus. I recently hadbreakfast withGregoryThompson, theformerSuperintendent of Humansville Schools – and a victim of spiritual warfare, but one who will bevictorious because of God’s
faithfulness to those who stand up forHim. He had taken the reflection anddeveloped a list of demonic weapons;with his permission, I provide it foryour further prayerful reflection:“Satan will attack and lay roadblocksto anyone working for our Lord andSavior Jesus Christ…We must ask Jesus for His strength and powerdaily, for Satan will be attacking. 1)He will try to have you putanything and everythingahead of your work forJesus. 2) He will try to blind youto the power you have when you yieldto and obey God’s call. 3) He will tryto have you look for faults in others asa reason not to be a part. 4) He willtry to convince you to focus onyourselves and your own use of time,versus what is needed for eternity. 5)He will try to oppress you to the pointof just giving up and saying ‘What’sthe use!!’ 6) He will continue to haveChristians fight and squabble withone another over unimportant issues;to blind them to the factthat they believe so muchin common; and to blindthem to the fact thatwhen they work together they are muchmore powerful. 7) Hewill try to convinceindividual Christiansthat they are tiny andalone andpowerless andcannot impactthe world. 8) Hewill tempt Christians to complacency,to not taking stands on vital world,national and local issues, blindingthem to the fact that when they rely onGod they can make a huge difference.9) He will try to blind Christians totheir blessings so that they don’t givethanksgiving and praise to God.10) He will attempt to limit thestrength they receive when they acceptGod’s graces and blessings. 11) Hewill try to blind them to the battlesthat are raging around them andwithin them and in the Church andworld. 12) He will try to do all he canto distract Christians from praying inall ways together and individually.”Then he adds: “You will probably beable to add to the ways that Satan willbring his evil and ugliness to others,sometimes in a false beauty.”
o carry on with this combinedtheme of prayer and spiritualwarfare, consider the followingguidance from the Word of God:Exodus 17 has a fascinating story, anevent that took place during thewandering of the Jewish people in thedesert following their liberation fromEgypt. First, consider the passage inExodus 17: 8-13:
“The Amelekitescame and attacked the Israelites at  Rephidim. Moses said to Joshua,‘Choose some of our men and go out to fight the Amelekites. Tomorrow I will  stand on top of the hill with the staff of God in my hands. So Joshua fought the Amelekites as Moses had ordered,and Moses, Aaron and Hur went to thetop of the hill. As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites werewinning, but whenever he lowered his

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