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Jobs Plan

Jobs Plan

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Published by jon_mummolo3075

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Published by: jon_mummolo3075 on Jun 02, 2010
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Support for Workers:I’ll support Project Labor Agreements and Best Value Contracting for Prince George’sCounty. Not only will this help create jobs, assure a trained workforce and fair wages, itwill assure all stakeholders are in agreement on the front end so we can continue alongthe path of growing our commercial tax base and pursuing the very best in TransitOriented Development, like we hope to see soon in New Carrollton.We need to repair our crumbling water and public works infrastructure and put people towork. Through the WSS and in conjunction with Montgomery County, we mustaggressively pursue the funds and put people to work. Propose that Montgomery andPrince George’s jointly approach the federal and state government for long-terminfrastructure investments, which can reduce the millions of gallons of water and sewageleaking from our system, improve water quality; and put people to work while enhancingthe infrastructure near Transit Oriented Development and established residential areas.Encourage retrofitting and modernization of housing stock in established communities.We will go door-to-door, provide mobile offices for help with applications and conductseminars within neighborhoods to make sure residents take advantage of Federal GreenInitiatives for making their homes more energy efficient. This, of course, assumesfunding of the Home Star or “Cash for Caulkers” program. Prince George’s County mustdo its part to assure that we take full advantage of every federal or state opportunity. Bymatching the federal initiative with County incentives for residents to hire firms, andshopping at vendors that are properly licensed, registered and can show that more than70% of their employees are County residents. This will encourage revitalization of aging, less-marketable housing stocks, while encouraging workforce development andstimulating job growth.http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/translating-uncle-sam/stories/weatherization-energy-efficiency-hits-hometh.We will seek a public-private partnership involving the County Government, Labor, Neighborhoods, non-profits, and our schools and community college to quickly stabilizeareas that are blighted by too many boarded businesses and foreclosed homes. The goalwill be to link workforce development, sustainability and education investments with our need to support local and small businesses and ensure our economic, natural andintellectual resources are better utilized, and increase our commercial tax base and jobcreation. On the commercial side, we will determine where the county can best leverageits ability to purchase, invest capital, serve as a guarantor or landlord for a concentratedimpact. If it can happen on U Street, it can certainly happen in Suitland, Capitol Heights,Bladensburg, The Route 1 Corridor.On the residential side, we need to offer the most competitive package for those lookingto purchase, especially those who are looking at our competitors, to buy in PrinceGeorge’s County. I’ll ask our economic development team to work with our stakeholders
and universities to determine if rewarding those that move into and stabilize hard-hitareas of our county with property tax waivers on the third year for every twoyears theyremain in the designated zone under owner-occupied status.
The County has obligated 80% of its Federal Neighborhood Stabilization Grant toassist in the purchase of foreclosed homes. This is the second largest percentageof NSP grants obligated in the State.
Prince George's had 13,412 foreclosure filings, more than any other jurisdiction inthe state in 2009. The county, with 13.8% of the state's housing units, had 31% of the state's foreclosure filings.
In the first quarter of 2010, the county had 3,809 foreclosure filings, up 24.27%from the first quarter of 2009. The foreclosure rate of 1/84 housing units is thehighest in the DC metro region. {source Realty Trac}
Prince George's County is one of the few counties in the nation with a bond ratingof Triple A. This will allow the County to borrow at lower interest rates.
We have 31,000 plus people out of work in Prince George’s County and eventhough that's lower than the national average, there are neighborhoods in thecounty that exceed the national average and need our focus and energy, in order tolift the entire county up;
With over 60% of our residents commuting to work by driving alone(something’s missing here)(11% of households are headed by single female headed householders living withchildren under 18 years old). (Should this be standing alone?)
Offer Incentives for Government Employees and Contractors to spend their moneyour tax dollars in HUB and Enterprise zones and targeted communities in PrinceGeorge’s County.
If we take the mass purchasing power of our 6,000 plus localgovernment employees and target it towards areas of the county that need help, we canoffer a cost-of-living incentive to our workforce, while we demand they do more, andstimulate job growth and economic activity by keeping our dollars circulating withinPrince George’s. I envision a discount card that works very much like the large member organizations such as AARP or AAA, where the cost of discounts or other benefits areshared between the vendor and local government until a certain volume of sales isreached.We work hard to get a high concentration of Federal Government workers in PrinceGeorge’s County. We’ve had success; the Census Bureau in Suitland is a recentexample. However, with the Federal Government being tax exempt on all its property, thetrue benefit of having a mass concentration of employees in Prince George's is getting astimulation to our local economy from their purchasing power. We must make it easyand more competitive to dine, shop, and stay in Prince George’s.
Seek legislation at the state level to create duty-free zones within targetedneighborhoods
. This legislation would seek a sales tax exemption as well as local taxexemption for a 36- to 48-month period for companies located and willing to locate incommunities facing the greatest difficulty attracting quality jobs and vendors. The goalwould be to give these companies within communities a 3- to 5-year waiver on salestaxes, which would give them a competitive edge, encourage consumers to shop in thesecommunities. Larger companies would have to achieve certain goals on hiring and use of local vendors to apply. This will help Prince George’s County. Additional incentives

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