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Closing Argument

Closing Argument



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Published by anon-985788

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Published by: anon-985788 on Mar 07, 2007
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Stuart GoldbergClosing Argument !(Plaintiff)Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, this case boils down to something very simple-deception. The evidence established that Taylor, through the pseudonyms Fatalflaw andshockwave, knowingly and willingly harassed Jamie Anderson. Phoenix Hopp, aseasoned expert on cyber crimes testified that there is an abundance of evidence linkingTaylor to the screen name Fatalflaw. Taylor had the intimate knowledge of what makesJamie go crazy and he used that knowledge to make her so paranoid, so afraid of deaththat her grades fell precipitously in her final quarter of high school, which resulted in her losing the Gugel scholarship. His motive for doing so was clear: he needed the moneywhich was only given to the valedictorian to pay for college. Taylor knew that he neededto go to extremes to win the award and he was willing to do so- there was nothing thatwas too extreme or to excessive for him. The current law states that in order to prove thata crime is
cyber stalking 
, it must show that1)The plaintiff received at least two electronic communications. We haveestablished that during the week of March 6 through March 10, there were 6instances in which the plaintiff received threats via the chat room, email, andM_space page2)The defendant was responsible for transferring these messages. We have linkedTaylor Williams to the screen name Fatalflaw. Fatalflaw had the
sameinterests as Taylor, and they even shared the same password for differentusernames. On March 9
, Shockwave refers to a comment that Fatalflaw madeabout water bottles from March 6
, but Shockwave, who was Taylor, never entered that chat room. Phoenix Hopp, a seasoned expert on cyber crimes,testified before you that shockwave and Fatalflaw were definitely the same person.3)The electronic communications harassed the plaintiff. There is clear evidenceshowing that the incidents in the chat room harassed Jamie Anderson. First of all,when she went to the police offices to talk to Phoenix, she was crying too much totalk to. Furthermore, her grades went from As in every single quarter in highschool to
Her doctor’s findings, which were confirmed by an independentdoctor, revealed that Jamie couldn’t sleep at night, was fearful of bodily harm, and“continues to display sings of anxiety disorder” but “has never displayed anysymptoms of mental illness in the past”4)The defendant knowingly harassed the plaintiff. Taylor Williams repeatedlyharassed Jamie Anderson with his screen names Fatalflaw and shockwave duringthe week of march 6 to march 10. He also went through the trouble of making anew email address and a M_space page for the sole purpose of threatening andscaring Jamie Anderson.5)That the harassing communications were addressed specifically towards the plaintiff. Taylor Williams repeatedly referred to Jamie or her screen name,Jammin@lincolnHS when he wrote the threatening messages, and they were not

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