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Message National Negotiating Committee -June 2, 2010

Message National Negotiating Committee -June 2, 2010

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Published by cpowers23

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Published by: cpowers23 on Jun 02, 2010
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MESSAGE FROM THE NATIONAL NEGOTIATION COMMITTEE (CNN) OF UNIVERSITY OF PUERTORICO STUDENTS TO THE PEOPLE OF PUERTO RICOJune 1, 2010(What follows is an English translation of the message broadcasted by the UPR National Student Negotiating Committee to the people of Puerto Rico on Tuesday, June 1 at 5:00 p.m. viawww.upresunpais.com.The message was issued in response to the intensive and expensive mediacampaign against the student strike launched by the UPR administration in the past week.)
Fellow students
, we’ve shared a common path beneath sun and rain for more than 30 days, guided in this intense journey
by a just, simple and reasonable cause: the defense of our public university education.We speak too to you, mothers and fathers, workers and citizens, to all of Puerto Rico. We announce to you that this hasbeen a long, intense and difficult process because the President of the University of Puerto Rico Jose Ramón De la Torreand the President of the Board of Regents, Ygrí Rivera, have done everything in their power to avoid open dialogue, toretard the process of negotiation and to deny our demands. The intransigence and bad faith have been such that they haverecurred to lies, defamation and violence.Despite all of this and thanks to the support of the student community, we have remained firm in our task to defend thedelegations of every one of our assemblies: democratic assemblies that represent the majority opinion of our community.Demands so categorical that they have been ratified time and again. If these demands are not addressed, the UPR will notbe the university it has been.For these reasons we have insisted on sitting down at the negotiating table: and we want to continue negotiating. Ourdemands have remained consistent since the first day.The first demand has been the repeal of 
Certification 98
a document which, if implemented as it was, would have deniedthe benefit of tuition waivers for students who represent an incalculable value for our university. We can inform you todaythat we have rescued this right of the students and the contribution they make to the University, such that the Board of Regents has committed itself to guarantee our accords. The essential part remains to be assured: that the Board certifiesthe accord and follows through on its word.Our second demand is that the politics of privatization not be continued in the UPR system. Specifically, we demand aguarantee that none of the campuses be privatized either by expropriation or by Public-Private Alliances. As a result of our negotiations the Board of Regents committed itself to not use the Law of Public-Private Alliances of 2009, thusprotecting the university
patrimony. But the Board has yet to guarantee this with a certification, thus following throughon their word.The third demand is one of the most worrying and has become the real threat of this entire process: this is the increase inthe cost of study, whether by a direct increase in tuition or by a new fee for all students
not in the distant future, butbeginning in August, 2010. Each meeting of the CNN with the President of the University and the Board of Regents hasconfirmed that the university administration has the intention to put the burden of this crisis on the shoulders of thestudents and their families.This would represent a burden additional to the 33% increase in 2005, the 12% increase in 2007 and the 4% annualincrease beginning in 2007, which all entering freshmen would pay until 2016.It is important that you know, as part of this scaled increase, that the administration committed itself to you the students,that they would not increase tuition during the years in which you are completing your studies. The Board of Regentsguaranteed this in
Certification 60
. The administration guaranteed this in a letter they sent to you, the students, on June28, 2007. And the President of the Board of Regents, Ygrí Rivera, guaranteed this in a letter from April, 2009, addressed

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