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Barefacts (1997-1998) - 14

Barefacts (1997-1998) - 14

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Published by The Stag

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Published by: The Stag on Jun 02, 2010
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Conservatives heckled Peter Mandelson during commons question time as he announced thatchildren will be invited to help plan the events surrounding the millennium dome through a“Junior Council” - JB
by insurers
Following a recent MORI survey which found that 42% of drivers are worried about ‘seriousthreatening behaviour’ whilst in their cars, Endsleigh insurance has added a ‘Road RageBenefit’ to its standard motor insurance policiy, for those attacked whilst driving. The benefitincludes £5000 for ‘Permanent Total Disablement’, £150 for ‘emergency dental treatment’ and£125 for ‘clothing and personal effects’. The move comes “in order to provide our clientswith a degree of protection against what seems to be an area of increasing concern” saidspokesman Andy McKell. - MJP
TV news crews came in for a shock on Friday night after they had rushed to Plymouth docksto watch beef farmers protesting at imports of French beef. Over 800 farmers, mainly Welsh,gathered to wreak havoc on the two trucks carrying agricultural produce which had arrived.They were irritated to find that the trailers were loaded not with French beef as had beenexpected, but Spanish cauliflowers. Police allowed protesters and reporters to examine thecontents of the trucks, which were allowed to continue their journeys. -MJP
A 5 month old Irish girl has entered the record books by being the world youngest ever trans-plant patient. To save her from a fatal condition which killed her two would be brothers KingsCollege surgeon successfully transplanted a specially shrunken liver into the tiny baby. - JB
Ex Japanese prisoners of war will lobby the Japanese embassy this week to commemorate thecountries unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, and to call for compensation for the treatment of PoWs during W.W.II. - JB
A punch up between Scary and Baby Spice had to be broken up by hotel stall according to theever accurate The Daily Star.Las Vegas hotel staff claim they were called to the Spice’s suite after guests complained of adisturbance. They said they found Mel B shaking a sobbing Emma Bunton, while the rest of the group begged her to stop. The cat fight is believed to be have been about the groups ex-manager Simon Fuller. No one from the Spice bandwagon would comment. -JB
Richard Branson had yet another bid to balloon non stop around the world earlier this week.Take off was scheduled for Tuesday.He’ll probably have crashed by the time you read this though.
STOPPRESS - reports have just come in that a freak gust of wind carried the balloonaway before the crew had time to get on board -edHappy Christmas everyone - James Buller
2 NewsFriday 12th December 1997
The news in brief 
If you rent a house in Guildford and plan to leave it empty for any period over the Christmasvacation, you need to take precautions against frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can burst and causedamage to the house and your belongings. Tenants are responsible for taking precautionsagainst such damage even when they are away from the house.Over the next two months you are advised to take the following precautions if your house isunoccupied overnight for any period:Programme gas central heating on a low setting over night (9pm to 6 am)Turn off water at the main stop tap. This is usually located under the kitchen sink or in a down-stairs toilet or bathroom.
Accommodation Office
hen a hoard of polytechnics con-verted to new universities withnames like University of North-North-West Somerset a few years ago, theybrought with them a flood of spangly newlogos specially designed by image consul-tants to improve their corporate identity.Senate has decided that it’s time for Surreyto catch up with these ex-polys and employ-its own consultants to highlight Surrey’sposition as a forward thinking, slope-slidingestablishment.One wheeze that Senate is keen on is togradually re-name the University of Surreyas something more happening and groovy....and the happenin’ Senate groovsters’favourite suggestion is UniS (“you-niss”).The name should provide Surrey with aunique identity, and make it stand outagainst otherUniversities such asUniT (Torquay),UniB (BognorRegis), UniS(Southampton), andUniS (Sussex).Another good planof Senate’s is to axe all the logos that eachdepartment has come up with. Instead, eachdepartment will use the main UniS logo buthave its own unique colour. The idea is asound one because Biological Sciences ismore obviously identifiable by the colourgreen rather than a specially designed logo,and yellow simply shouts out “School of Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, andInformation Technology” to any passer by.
Features 3
Friday 12th December 1997
Union open 8am - 11pm every day (unless otherwise stated)Trading Areas Open (food)Chancellors
Fri 19 DecXmas ball - open until 3amSat 20 DecclosedSun 21 DecHaris bar - 7-10.30pmclosedMon 22 DecCh’llors -8.30am-7pm/Haris bar 7-11p.m8am-7pmTues 23 DecCh’llors -8.30am-7pm/Hari’s 7-11p.m8am-7pmWeds 24 DecChllors -8.30am-4pm8am-4pm
Union 8am - 4pm
Union & Chancellor’s closed Thurs 25th - Sun 4th
 Mon 29thCh’llors International receptionPossible New Year’s Eve party in Helyn Rose Bar - check for posters
Mon 5 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pmTues 6 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pmWeds 7 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pmThurs 8 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pmFri 9 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pm
 Helyn Rose Bar open 8pm-12pm
Sat 10 JanHaris -7-11pmclosedSun 11 JanHaris - 7-10.30pmclosedMon 12 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pmTues 13 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pmWeds 14 JanCh’llors -8.30am-7pm/Hari’s 7-11p.m8am-7pmThurs 15 JanCh’llors -8.30am-7pm/Hari’s 7-11p.m8am-7pmFri 16 JanChllors -8.30am-7pm/Haris 7-11p.m8am-7pmSat 17 JanHaris 7 - 11pmclosedSun 18 JanLounge & Haris 7-10.30pm 8am-7pmCh’llors- Sunday Roast- 12-4 Food/Bar 12-7pm
What does Sports Officer do?
I’m in charge of running all the studentssports - competitive and non-competitive,inter-mural and inter-departmental. Fromgrass-roots to league level - and that includesmanagement and finance of it all.
Who do you deal with day to day?
Sports people! Loads of members of sportsclubs, and I have meetings with theUniversity, Campusport, and external bodiesas well.
What’s coming up with the job?
A big thing within my year is the BUSA con-ference, which is major kudos for the univer-sity because it’s putting Surrey on the map.We’re going to become a British regionalcentre for excellence in squash and tennis,and there are a lot of things in the pipelinethat will come about in the next ten to fifteenyears, and that’s good for Surrey. I see therole being developed as people realise thatsport can be used as a marketing tool for theuniversity, and that sport is important for thestudents.
 Are we a sports university?
The reason we haven’t beenseen as a sports university isthat we haven’t got anysports science courses,we’ve just got lots of indi-viduals who want to play.We are getting more individ-uals out of the scholarshipand bursary programmes,and we’ve got more andmore elite performers here.It’s a bit of a rolling rock -the more talent you bring in,the more that wants to come.We won’t be West LondonInstitute or Brighton untilwe get sports science indi-viduals here, and I’m working on improvedlinks with Roehampton to that end.
 Are there any qualities needed to be SportsOfficer?
Patience! The sports lot are an, um, empas-sioned bunch! They are a great bunch towork with, and I wouldn’t want to changethem, but they certainly know what theywant! You need to be organised so you cancope with other 50 sports clubs and 24 com-petitive teams each. And you need to be ableto drive a minibus!
What role would you play in a multipack of crisps?
Not that it describes my job, but WheatCrunchies are the best crisps alive.
Sabbatical team in five-in-bed scandal
What does the president do?
Basically coordinate and oversee all activi-ties of the Students’ Union and Union Club -so that’s all the non-commercial and com-mercial services. I chair the club committeeand attend many Union meetings. It’s alsomy job to represent students at various uni-versity meetings including Senate, Finance,General Purposes, and Estates & Buildings.I get to talk to loads of people, all the time.The whole job is about people - increasingstudent input, and trying to increase studentinvolvement in the Union.
You have managed to get many more peopleinvolved in the Union this year. How do yousee the president’s role developing in the next  few years
?You don’t have time to concentrate on every-thing, so you have to focus - I focussed oninternal structures, but someone has to talk tothe press, the community, and the universitya lot more. Also, with this consultancy thing,we found there are so many things that couldbe done that it was just impossible for us todo it, and we didn’t know where to start - sothis will help give us an idea of where tobegin and what our priorities should be forthe next few years.
So this year you’ve focussed in-house, and next year’s president should focus on out-houses?
My predecessor focussed on internal organi-sation in her first year, and in her second yearher focus was more on national representa-tion and the local NUS region. My focus wasinternal because people generally felt therewas a lot here, within the Union, that neededsorting out.I
s there any such thing as a typical day?
Well, one thing I do regularly is sort out theweekly bulletins and do the planners so weall know exactly what’s going on with ents,what bars are open, what sports are on, andwhat meetings people canget involved in. Keepingpeople informed is essen-tial. Organisation is cru-cial - the amount of filingyou can do, the amount of things you have to keepunder control. Sometimesyou could drown underthe paperwork, but youcan see your way out of it,and you know it will beworth it in the end.
What skills are needed tobe president?
You need good interper-sonal skills because youare talking to so manypeople all the time. Youhave got to be able tocommunicate with peopleat different levels. Youhave to be open to newideas and opportunities,and try not to forget what you are trying toachieve - try not to let the paperwork bogyou down. You have got to try and rememberwhy you stood for the job in the first place,and every now and then I listen to my hus-tings speech and read my manifesto just toremind me. Remember to say thanks - theawards evening is important because peopleneed thanks, they need to know they areappreciated. If you don’t say thanks, where isthe help going to come from in the future?
What does this job give you that other grad-uate jobs wouldn’t?
Variety. The chance to use your managementskills and deal with lots of money! Managingthe staff when you’ve never had to managestaff before is quite weird - especially man-aging volunteers. That’s quite difficult.
What do you think your biggest achievement will beat the end of the year?
Getting more people involved - people whohave never been involved in the Unionbefore. And on a personal scale, discoveringthat I can get up everyday and work solidlythroughout the day, then get up and do it allagain tomorrow! I wasn’t sure that I couldbefore!
You spend a lot of time at work - is that because it takes a long time, or because youwant to be doing it?
It’s because I want to be here - but workinglate can mean going to silly night to seethings are going well, it’s going to unpluggedto give them support - it’s fun work!
 If the sabbatical team were an assorted mul-tipack of crisps, which would you be?
I think I’d have to be salt-and-shake, becauseyou’re given the crisps, the bag, and the salt.It’s all there on offer - there
so many
oppor-tunities to make those crisps better. Whetheryou salt or not is up to you. Whether youshake or not is your choice. It’s all your deci-sion, because it’s
Union, and
crisps. [
OK, so I made that up
With the European Institute for Health and  Medical Sciences (EIHMS) becoming a part of the University, the Union has gained a lot of diploma nursing & midwifery students asmembers. At present these students and their courses are not wholly based on campus, and to ensure they are catered for by their Union,the three-year post of Liaison Officer wascreated to act as a link between the studentsand the Union.What does the Liaison Officer do?
Whatever they want to do - whatever theyfeel is necessary to be done, and whateverthe students feel needs doing, which is goodbecause you don’t get the same job day-in,day-out, and you can get involved in lots of different projects in welfare, education, com-munication, ents, and sports. You have awonderfully free hand. One of the things I’veinitiated this year is a newsletter specificallyfor the EIHMS students, because Bare Factsisn’t entirely relevant to them. I sent a ques-tionnaire to every student, and we got a loadof useful replies which was fed back to theEIHMS.
Who do you deal with primarily?
The students are based in several satellitesspread all over the place - Chichester,Chertsey, Redhill, loads of little sites - andonce the nurses are out there it’s easy forthem to get forgotten about.
The post only lasts for one more year, does-n’t it?
Yes - 98/99 is the last year, because by thenthe courses will be based on campus. The jobis all about making sure the students are rep-resented within the Union whilst they’re notbased here.
 And which crisps would you be?
Cream cheese and chives - smooooth, tasty,and the girls just lurrrrve them.
Every year Surrey sends a number of dele-gates to the National Union of Sudents annu-al conference where they have the chance toinfluence and vote on NUS policies. Theconference (in Blackpool) is a three dayevent at the beginning of the Easter vacation,and Surrey has places for six delegates. Aswith the sabbatical posts, students get thechance to vote for who represents them atconference, so if you are interested in stand-ing then pick up a nomination pack availablefrom Monday week 15. If you want to knowmore, then leave a note in the returning offi-cer’s pigeonhole, or see the union president.By now you should have a good idea of whether or not you fancy standing for any of the five posts available (CommunicationsOfficer and Student Affairs Officer were fea-tured last week) or for NUS conference del-egate. If you are flirting with the idea thenpick up a nomination pack from theCommunications Office, from Monday of week 15. In the pack is all you need to knowabout how to get yourself nominated and runyour campaign, and how to rid your gardenof slugs without the aid of slug pellets. Thenominations must be in by 3pm on Friday of week 2, so you take your pack away and pon-der it over Christmas dinner.
After last week’s ruthless interrogation of two unsuspecting sabbaticals, we extract the fingernails of the remaining three in our quest for answers.
Sports Officer - Cazza Betteridge 97/98President - Bob Moledina 97/98
Liaison Officer - Kam Loqueman 97/98
Still want to stand?
NUS conference delegatesUniversity in corporate makeover
Surrey’s new logo Liaison Officer - smoooothThe constitution-upholding president  Injuries are optional, but make you look hard....

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