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Published by Erwin Romell

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: Erwin Romell on Jun 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By. Erwin Romell & Rika R 
A waiting room, a set of old sofa, a front desk, couple of cupboards and accessoriesshowing that it is a hospital for mentally sick people. One afternoon Dr Ruthstanding with her hands on her chest. She is with a student, looking at her patient’sactivity.Harrison : “All are safe and sound. No doubt, my theory. This is the safest placein the world.”Dr. Ruth: “What about the detector, Harris?”Harrison : “Incredible. Perfect, absolutely perfect. Very sensitive. I can evendetect the excessive metal within the vena, accurately. But I haven’tbeen satisfied yet.”Dr. Ruth: “Unsatisfied?Harrison : “I want a detector that can detect evil will inside people passing it. Too many actors out there. Good looking and politeness could be anundercover of a terrorist. It’s more dangerous.Dr. Ruth: “How can it be Mr. Harris?Harrison : “must be found out. If nobody realized that. I’m gonna make it real,trust me.”Dr. Ruth: “Im really proud of you, Mr. HarrisHarrison : “I only realized that today safety is something expensive. Its reallyvaluable. Somebody must do something”Dr. Ruth: “you’re the right one to do that, Mr. Harris. How long will you finishthe detector?”Harrison : “give me one week”Dr. Ruth: “A week? Amazing. If that day comes along, you’ll embarrass alltechnological research’s in the whole universe.”Harrison : “Correctly. If I finished the detector, a metal detector and explosiveone would only be a toy and worn out. But the most important thing
for me is everyone will feel secure. Criminals can do nothing becausethe evil ways can be detected previously. Am I allowed?”Dr. Ruth : “A week?” (LOOKING AT HER STUDENT. PATIENT 1 REACT) “By theway, this is Amanda Kohler. Student of Yale University. She will be herefor couple of time.”Amanda: Amanda. Amanda KohlerHarrison : “Harris. Harrison Brown. Please call me Harris. Nice to meet you, Ms.Kohler. You remind me of my daughter . she maybe at your age. If Iremember her, I always worry about her security. That’s why Idetermine to finish that detector as soon as possible. (TO DOCTOR)“how about it?”Dr. Ruth: “a week?. I think there wont be a harm if we try. OK, I give you aweek.”Harrison : “thank you. Thank you. Excuse me, I have to do something else.”Dr. Ruth: Ok. Go a headHarrison : Excuse me” (PATIENT 1 OUT)Amanda: “Harrison Brown. I have no idea, a polite one is in this place.Dr. Ruth: “why not, Ms. Kohler? It would be possible if one day Madonna, DavidBeckham, or even Leonardo Dicaprio stayed in this place. Or at least, aplace like this.”Amanda: “I don't mind Madonna and Leonardo. But Beckham, oh please, no.Dr. Ruth: “oh, you’re also a soccer fanatic. Ms. Kohler.Amanda: “I'm a member of Campus club. I'm a striker and a little bit obsessedto play with Beckham. I want a mature ball passed by him. At least,once in my life.”Dr. Ruth: "you speak as if you weren’t a student of mental medical school, ms.Kohler. (LAUGH) Obsession is one of signs of mentally sick people.When people can’t differ a reality from illusion or dream so it will beeasy for him to suffer from neurosis, schyzophrenic. It happens tomany people in this modern world.Amanda: " I, at least realize that mine is still on earth” (A NURSE ENTER)Dr. Ruth: " ah, Nancy, finish?Nancy: "everything’s fine doc. (DOCTOR TAKE A MEDICAL RECORD)Dr. Ruth: "Mr. Eichman?
Nancy: "He’s calm now. I gave him administered dosage of valium. He start to eat”Dr. Ruth: "Mr. Frederich Engel?Nancy: "stable”Dr. Ruth: "Mr. George Smith?Nancy: "groaning all day. But he’s fine now.”Dr. Ruth: "what’s today our Biologist’s complain?”Nancy: "severe digestion disorder. Can’t digest any single food in his stomach. It become poisonous gas, very dangerous.”Dr. Ruth: "Ok, everything seems fine. (TAKE THE NURSE NOTE AND EXAMINESIT).Amanda: "a biologist?Dr. Ruth: " Virologist, exactly. He seems know too much about virus. They arepeople you mostly meet while you’re studying here. Ms. Kohler.Harrison Brown, George Smith. Harrison-George. George-Harrison. They are special people here. They even think that they are un-separately couple. George Harrison, I guess they have similar favorite. The Beatles.” (FINISH EXAMINING). “OK, Ms. Kohler. I’ll leave you for awhile. Nancy please check the list of visitors will come this week, willyou?”Nancy: "Sure, doc. (DOCTOR GOES OUT)Amanda: "I'm interested in that virologist, nurse”Nancy: "George Smith. The matter is, he always feel he has a very dangerouscontagious sickness. He worries it will contaminate all people in theuniverse. If that happens, an epidemic will come out that can eliminatethe humans being andbecause of it hes really hard tocommunicate.”Amanda: "isn’t that hard for a nut to communicate?Nancy: "excuse me, Ms. Kohler. It’s better not to say ‘nut’ for people hospitalizedhere. If Dr. Ruth heard she would be offended.Amanda: "ohNancy: "she regards them are healthy people suffering from mental disorder. That’swhy we must treat them normally.Amanda: "we even must pretend to be mad?Nancy: "Excuse me Ms. Kohler?”

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