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All the Seismograms Around the Planet Went Crazy - UPDATED 06-03-10

All the Seismograms Around the Planet Went Crazy - UPDATED 06-03-10

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Published by Vincent J. Cataldi
All the Seismograms around the planet went crazy - UPDATED 06-03-10
Share Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:37am | Edit Note | Delete Rick Lawhorn Richard C. Hoagland: All the Seismograms around the planet went crazy a bit ago. The strange thing is they all went crazy AT APPROX THE SAME TIME. There are folks trying to get answers from scientists and news to investigate further.

http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml Live Internet Seismic Server aslwww.cr.usgs.gov This page is URL: http://as
All the Seismograms around the planet went crazy - UPDATED 06-03-10
Share Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:37am | Edit Note | Delete Rick Lawhorn Richard C. Hoagland: All the Seismograms around the planet went crazy a bit ago. The strange thing is they all went crazy AT APPROX THE SAME TIME. There are folks trying to get answers from scientists and news to investigate further.

http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml Live Internet Seismic Server aslwww.cr.usgs.gov This page is URL: http://as

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Vincent J. Cataldi on Jun 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All the Seismograms around the planet went crazy - UPDATED 06-03-10
 Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:37am| Edit Note | Delete  Rick Lawhorn Richard C. Hoagland: All the Seismograms around the planet went crazy a bit ago. The strange thing is they all went crazy AT APPROX THE SAME TIME. There are folks trying to getanswers from scientists and news to investigate further.http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml Live Internet Seismic Server aslwww.cr.usgs.govThis page is URL:http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml/Maintained by: webmaster@usgs.gov Last modified on December 09, 2009 (hfb)May 25 at 10:10am · Comment · Unlike · Share · ReportYou, Maxim Karl Rice and 2 others like this.Charlie Linville Keep updating. thanksMay 25 at 10:35am · FlagStorm Thor dangerous hacker x wreaks havoc on the fragile phobic infrastructure from his mom's house headquarters and escapes without capture or imprizonmentMay 25 at 11:19am · FlagChris Burch Pre launch tremblors for IcelandMay 25 at 11:53am · FlagRichard C. Hoagland This could be significant. Everyone be alert ....May 25 at 12:17pm · FlagDarren Reeve Be alert for perhaps something big...What are we to do? Monitor the news and read between the lines...May 25 at 12:25pm · FlagRichard C. Hoagland News, blogs, friends ....The plots do NOT look like actual seismic earthquake signals ... but something affecting the instruments themselves--Which would indicate a possible "torsion" event(s) ....May 25 at 12:37pm · FlagDarren Reeve The information is showing that around the planet, seismic data recorders registered big activity below the surface at exactly the same time... World wide... Now we look for reasons as to why... Has there been a big event or multiple events happening? Watch the news for mis-information etc..As Richards says.. Stayed tuned :)May 25 at 12:37pm · FlagCharlie Linville Scratchin my head, x 37 b, calling x 37b..do you read? do you copy?.......May 25 at 12:41pm · FlagJustin Jon KOpp Is there a correlation with this and the increasing amount of sink-holes recently reported around the globe?May 25 at 12:54pm · FlagDebra Caruthers Ironically, at the same time you guys were posting that alert, I was reading this paragraph from Farrell's "Babylon's Banksters," page 218 ... regarding a dynamic torsion event, if this isof any help to anybody:"Kozyrev was able to determine that prior to the inception of any physical action, a kind of "pre-action" would be recorded by his measuring equipment, almost as if the equipment was "anticipating" the physical action itself."That sentence was itself preceded by this:"This complexity and subtlety of interrelationships Kozyrev located in the "rotation moment" of a given system, that is, the subtleties of time and of the interactions of systems could be modeled as aseries of interlocking, and interfering, systems of rotation, or "dynamic torsion." Time itself could impart its own intensity --Kosyrev's word for "compression," implying its opposite, rarefaction -- to asystem, as well as impart a spin orientation to a system."This info is also found in Farrell's book "The Philospher's Stone," pp. 166-167.May 25 at 1:14pm · FlagRobin Falkov Great find and that is a great connection with Joseph's Babylon Banksters!May 25 at 1:16pm · FlagChris Burch Planetary scale event.See Jupiter missing ring.I have to go to work. Somebody check to see if the Collider in Europe was active at that time...those guys might be trying to do somethingthey shouldn't...May 25 at 1:27pm · FlagCleo Marius There may be something to this... I'm currently listening to Joseph Farrell... A bit Synchronistic don't you think??May 25 at 1:31pm · FlagMark Dennis a topsy turvy eventMay 25 at 1:33pm · FlagRoo Reindeer DOES THE EARTH HAVE A SECOND AXIS OF ROTATION AT LATITUDE 39 N ??About a week ago I was looking at some geophysical data that led me to conclude the earth's core and mantel rotate about a different axis then the normal polar one albeit with an extreamly low rate.The axis of rotation seems to have a north pole at LATITUDE 39 N. Longitude about 120 E. These numbers are subject to some uncertainty and I'm working on refineing them but they fell out of the
data, I did not go looking for HD numbers so the closeness seems interesting to say the least. There are some interesting "coincidences regarding hot spots such as Hawaii and iceland and others in acoordinate system based on this other pole Does anyone here know if anyone doing HD stuff has mentioned this? I don't want to re-invent the wheel if this is old news. But this seismic stuff seems likeit could tie into such a thing. That's why I'm bringing it up now even though I haven't had time to get into the details and see if it's real. If it's not old hat to HD types let me know and I will post the priliminary data that led me to this conclusion. If others have time and resources to look into it further several heads are better then one (especialy if that one head,mine, tends to rotate around more thenone axis at a time anyway). I may just be seeing faces in the clouds here but there could be something to it. Like the Orion message from Pioneer 10 :D (I guess not too many seemed to think that wasimportant, too bad. I really think there is something to that one)May 25 at 3:11pm · FlagAmy Blankenship Earthquake 11 hours agoEarthquake Brazil 5 hours agoEarthquake Peru 23 hours agohttp://www.gdacs.org/ May 25 at 4:45pm · FlagBrian White Is there any chance this could be related to the following:A magnetic filament on the sun erupted yesterday, May 24th, and the blast hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) in the general direction of Earth.http://www.spaceweather.com/ The CME is not supposed to arrive until the 27th, but could there not be other energies related to this that arrive faster?May 25 at 4:52pm · FlagAmy Blankenshiphttp://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsus/ May 25 at 5:04pm · FlagDebra Caruthers Brian: you took the words right out of my mouth. And, yes, George Ure has been making note of that CME in his daily UrbanSurvival.com report as well. Be looking for even more EQactivity today or tomorrow. Ure also mentioned this magnetometer chart ... oh lookie, there have been some big spikes on this chart today too:http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/mag_3d.html May 25 at 6:10pm · FlagRoo Reindeer This has HARRP written all over it!!!THIS STARTED AT THE SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE.It seemed to hit at the south pole at 0930 GMT, and new zeland at the same time I think it started at the south magnetic pole took 1 hour to go tothe north pole or extream north atlantic via a thin channel from the south magnetic pole to the north magnetic pole only effecting a few pacific island stations along the way. then it reflected and headedsouth again, this time it spread out in a circle from some point near norway ( 1005) arrived at the south pole at about 1100 with a wide dispersed waveform.It seemed to hit near Norway/ Finland first then spreads out . Very sharp shocks on Norway seismo at Kongsberg at 1005 then the signature wave comes on. This initial shock did not happen on theother plots. including Spitsbergen..South Pole and new Zealand shows event at 0930 before anywhwere else!!! The S magnetic pole is south of New Zealand. half way to the pole. Austrailia shows no early pulse so it was narrow goingnorth the nspread out coming back, maybe after being mixed with Norway HARRP beam.THIS IS HARRP! Or we may be told it was a solar flare :DLOOK carefully EACH graph.I only put the first few below. They give the North south return pulse. Look at the South Pole, New zealand etc. Someone please recheck my idea here. I will attempt to plot times accuratly on a map tosee whrere the northern spread center was and verify the thin sourth --north path etc. I would appreciate a sanity check on this from someone else, please.Times and places of seismo activity.Times may be off because precursers show up before main wave some are smeard out far from center also. Hard to assign start point precisely. recheck these times I was in a hurry.First 9 left right down left right etc1025,1025,1032,1025,1025,1027,1028,1026,1032These are all in the Carribean.....oilspill land.China 1055,1055,1055,1055, 1055, 11101050 Alaska1110 Samoa1036 New Mexico1035 Turkey1020 Bermuda1045 Russia..... off scale at 0855!!! looks like its been messed up there for days.But signature starts at 1043Antarctic 1115Thailand 1045 peak at 1110Alaska 1040Origon 1040Austrailia 1045Phillipeans 11ishFlorida all quiet after 0300.......LOOKS LIKE SEISMO BROKE>>>long before any other events recorded...7 hours.Eitheopia 1050Armenia 1040Germany 1028Marianas 1050..11ishTexas 1028Solomons 1045...1120Massachusetts 1022ishKorea 1050 1100 Norway 1025 1030Finland 1025 1030Ukraine1025 35Hawaii 1050
Kenya 1045Kiribati 1115 Norway 1005 sharp shock main wave at 1015......BingoChile 1038Zambia 1050Chile 1035 40Japan 11ishMay 25 at 6:34pm · FlagBrian White Debra & Roo: Ure's site also talked about using HAARP to attempt seismic movement in the Gulf to "close" the oil leak (as an alternative to a nuke)...and he's questioning if the belowquake might be them "tuning up":http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/us2010wsa6.php May 25 at 6:42pm · FlagBrian White From George Ure:"Although the public will no doubt drop into mass hysteria mode about any talk of nukes, the real solution would be to use HAARP & related technologies to induce an earthquake with the idea of creating a slip-strike which could close the wounded crust. But, can't let on too much about that, can we?In lieu of using HAARP, (was that mid Atlantic quake this morning a tune-up / test?) one can envision a kind of simulated small nuclear induced earthquake. Maybe one largish device (Hiroshima X2maybe) and then a couple of slightly delayed 'small pusher devices' which would push earth from one side of the leaking well toward what could be a 'hollow' on the other side."http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm May 25 at 6:46pm · FlagRoo Reindeer EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!RUSSIAN HARRP WAVE KILLED BY THIS OTHER PULSE!!!I KID YOU NOT!!!Up date:A weak pulse at austrailian and new guinea stations going north. weaker then the north south reflection. More indication of a narrow east west directional starting pulse.The "envelope" shape on all put the initial pulse is a crude 'diamond"...it builds up for a few cycles, then drops down again. It is not a time symetric envelope but you can see the overall trend. The initial pulses at the s pole are triangular. The go to maximum amplitude in one cyle then decay. This fast rise time is indicative of a manufactured pulse. The change from triangular to diamond is caused by"'dispersion". different frequencies in the pulse travel at different velocities. it is interesting here that the north going pulse does not disperse!! More sign of clever radar technique manipulation of thewave form. this can not happen with natual ionisphere pulses. After the mixing with the Northen HARRP signal it is no longer possible to control the dispersion.MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR I don't know how I missed it!!!The russion station at Bilibino went nuts at 0755.. The Russians are putting out a massive continuous wave signal but it is not propagting any where else it is fixed over that position. No other instruments seem to be responding to it even with a delay. At 1045 either the original south north pulse or the reflection HITS THE RUSSIAN WAVE AND KILLS IT!!!! Look at the wave form of theRussian signal as it over laps the ocsillating smaller pulse!!!! The smaller one wipes it out. the overlay IS EXACT> THIS IS THE MOST REVEALING HARRP DATA YET>>>>ALL OF THE DATAIS OPEN AND ON THE NET IN REAL TIME.MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE HTML FILE WITH THE SEISMO DATA> DON"T JUST SAVE THE LINK>>>IT MAY DISAPEAR.May 25 at 7:23pm · FlagRoo Reindeer Ok I got exicited and messed up on the times with the russian wave. look at it and you see why. But the point is the same . this iis HARRP. They went on air at 0855, very abruptly. thesignal was continuous then at 0930, the time of the south pole pulse the signal dies and slowly damps away by 1000. It was not killed by the south pulse (damn it), but the two are related. I have to look up the position Bilibino. the signal may not have been Russian, just focused over a spot near that Russian station. More reason I need a sanity check on this. Where are all the HARRP afficianados whenyou need them?May 25 at 7:43pm · FlagGreg Moscidishttp://www.iris.edu/seismon/ May 25 at 7:57pm · FlagGreg Moscidis can anyone superimpose the above link to HARRP locations..may provide further insight.May 25 at 8:51pm · FlagRoo Reindeer Brian: I don't think a CME could be to blame for the following reasons:1) The initial pulse seems to eminate from a point midway between New Zealand and the S Pole. But it does not propaget both ways. it seem to be acting as if it were being beamed with a directionalantenna. there is a small back lobe that shows uo at the s Pole station but it does not seem to go much past there. It goes north only via the pacific ocean. It is not spread out symetrically with respect tothe point of origen2) The path up the west side of the globe is extreamly narrow, again a sign of beaming. Only very small signals in NZ and Austrailia show up. some of the pacific island signals are much stronger, thisshows the narrowness of the beam.3)the waveshape does not change as it goes north. A natural wave will change shape as the frerquency components get out of sync in a dispersive medium such as the ionisphere. Radar predistortiontechniques to help prevent this sort of thing exist.4)the return pulse exibits all the characteristics of a natual pulse, circular symmetry, dispersion. But the same thing would happen to an artificially shaped and guided pulse if it were to reflect off of something or mix with another wave.And there was the artificial looking pulse first.5)The insanely large signal over Russia was on first. It died at the same moment the S Pole pulse was sent off. it could not have been killed by it as I excitedly first thought, but it could well have beenturned off after it's job (heating the ionisphere) was done.Leaving it on would probably have messed up the rest of the procedure.May 25 at 10:33pm · FlagRoo Reindeer Does anyone know if "Radar Rings" showed up on any of the weather watch sites at the time this happened?May 25 at 10:34pm · Flag

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