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Blackout by Nitish Kharbanda

Blackout by Nitish Kharbanda

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Published by Rachit Agarwal

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Published by: Rachit Agarwal on Jun 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SPEC Script
The film begins with a young 20-25 year old guy wakes up getsready and leaves his home.Sits with a girl in a coffee shop makes her understand thatproblems are a part of our life, makes her realize thatliving for the moment in your life matters the most, and lifebehaves with you in the same manner as how you portray it.The girl (Rhea) thanks her and realizes her mistake greetsher and leaves.The guy (Reid) takes out a blind stick out of his pocket andstarts walking and gives a penny to a beggar.And then we talk about his past how he faces all the problemsin his life and the positive attitude he follows to become aperson what he is today.A rewind action where Reid is still with Rhea, and when Rheasees a tear in his eyes and questions, he answers that I justlost my brother last night“Every heart has a pain only the way of expression isdifferentSome hide it in eyes others in smile”Irony of life
Characters: Reid the main protagonist and Rhea the other maincharacter;Reid’s mother and sister; few kids in schoolLocations: Reid’s house; coffee shop; a college corridor; astreet or a road;A school; Reid’s house; a lawn;
Scene 1
Location: Reid’s houseReid who is sleeping on the bed gets disturbed by something,moves in vain his hand touches the glass n d glass of waterfalls and drops and breaks gets up with the sound of alarmclock everything happens in slow motion . Use of visuals nosoundTakes a shower standing under the shower .Gets ready picks uphis keys n leaves his place.Slow motion shots in scene 1.
Scene 2
Location: Coffee shopTwo people sitting in a coffee shop. The girl sittingsilently and thinking and the voice over starts“Ever since I was small kid. My mom I used to hang outtogether. I didn’t fit in with many kids in school they foundthat I was strange so they made me feel like a stranger.I am not gonna wish for much. Just wanna express for what Ihave “a girl whose just had her parents divoced”During the voice over the girl walks in the college area.Moves in the corridor and then next shot she is sitting atthe same place still thinking.Distracted by the voice of Reid which says”coffee”.And she says ” no I don feel like”.
Scene 3
Location: streetReid and rhea walking on the street together and Reid tellssays”listen I guess we need to break the silence”The girl hugs him and starts crying a line flicks out in thesubtitle which says“truth is grief ,life is despair”reid starts“I just want you to forget the pains and live for themoment.”Rhea smiles and looks at himSays thank uAnd they both start moving in different directionsReid takes out his stick out of his pocket and starts walkingAs he moves forward gets a shoulder push from a guy and Reidin return says sorry.As he moves ahead hears a voice of a begger“ande ko bheekh do besahara huh bhagwan ke liye 1 rupaya dedo”Reid takes a coin out of his pocket and tosses it in theplate of the beggerThe coin falls in the plate and a voice over startsV.O“when Reid was seven year old he was subjected to mood swingsHe was subjected to electric shocks
times a week”visuals
Scene 4
1)small boy playing in school and trying to catchother boys and one of the boy shouts”abe yeh toh andha hai yeh kya pakdega”or a boy being harassed &pushed and embarrassed by theother boys.
Scene 5
2)Boy standing behind his mom and his mom asks herdaughter

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