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Chapter 2 (Questions 2008-2009 Compiled)

Chapter 2 (Questions 2008-2009 Compiled)

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Published by vetpathforum

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Published by: vetpathforum on Jun 03, 2010
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General pathology 2008-2009Compiled by Bhupinder BawaQ1. Formation of endothelial gaps in venules is elicited by all of the following except?A.HistamineB.BradykininC.LeukotrinesD.Nitric oxideE.Neuropeptide substanceQ2. TNF and IL-1 induce endothelial expression of the following molecules? A.E-SelectinsB.P-SelectinsC.ICAM -1D.VCAM -1E.Integrinsa.1,2,3 b.1,4,5c.2,4,5d.1,3,4e.2,3,4Q3. Extravasted leukocytes are able to bind to ECM by virtue of?A.
1 integrinsB.β2 integrinsC.CD44D.CD31E.A and CQ4. In leukocytes adhesion deficiency type 2 the leukocytes are unable to bind to?A.ICAM-1B.VCAM-1C.E-selectinD.P-selectinE.Both C and DQ5. The surface proteins that mediate homing of lymphocytes in lymph node and peripheral site of inflammation are respectively? A.L-selectin and VLA-4B.L-selectin and MAC-1C.E-selectin and VLA-4D.P-selectin and LFA-1E. L-selectin and LFA-1
General pathology 2008-2009Compiled by Bhupinder BawaQ6. The sequence of events during leukocyte adhesion cascade is?1.Rolling2.Activation3.Tethering4.Migration5.Firm adhesionA.1,2,3,4,5B.2,3,1,5,4C.3,1,2,4,5D.2,1,3,4,5E.3,2,1,4,5Q7. Which of the following is not a hallmark of acute inflammation?A.PainB.HeatC.SwellingD.NecrosisE.Loss of functionQ8. The changes in vascular flow and caliber during acute inflammation occur in whatorder?1.Blood stasis2.Vasodilation3.Exudation of plasma proteins4.Transient arteriolar vasoconstriction5.Increased microvascular permeabilityA.1, 2, 3, 4, 5B.2, 1, 4, 5, 3C.2, 4, 5, 3, 1D.4, 2, 5, 3, 1E.4, 2, 1, 5, 3Q9. The net accumulation of fluid (edema) in tissues due to inflammation is caused bywhich of the following mechanisms?1) Increased oncotic pressure gradient between the tissues and the plasma2) Decreased oncotic pressure gradient between the tissues and the plasma3) Increased leakage of plasma water due to increased vascular permeability4) Increased hydrostatic pressure gradient between the vasculature and the tissues
General pathology 2008-2009Compiled by Bhupinder Bawa5) Decreased hydrostatic pressure gradient between the tissues and the vasculatureA.1, 3, 5B.1, 4C.2, 3, 4D.2, 5E.2, 4Q10. Active hyperemia occurs as a result of the action of all of the following chemicalmediators except:A.BradykininB.Nitric oxideC.ProstaglandinsD.Leukotriene B4E.A and DQ11. Which of the following is not a chemotactic mediator?A.C3aB.C5aC.PeptidoglycanD.Leukotriene B4E.LipopolysaccharideQ12. Increased blood flow to a tissue in inflammation is due to which of the following?A.Opening of new capillary bedsB.Mast cell degranulationC.Production of NOD.Arteriolar dilationE.all of the aboveQ13. Which of the following substances acts on venules 20-60 um in diameter to producelarger intercellular gaps?A.HistamineB.BradykininC.Substance PD.LeukotrienesE.All of the aboveQ14. Which of the following is found pre-made in granules in platelets and endothelialcells?A.P-selectin

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