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Saints in Art, By Clara Irskine Clement

Saints in Art, By Clara Irskine Clement

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Published by SaintsSQPNcom
Clara Irskine Clement's study of how saints of the Church have been depicted in art, and of the development of symbols and emblems for them. 35 illustrations. From SQPN Books.
Clara Irskine Clement's study of how saints of the Church have been depicted in art, and of the development of symbols and emblems for them. 35 illustrations. From SQPN Books.

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Published by: SaintsSQPNcom on Jun 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saints in Art
by Clara Irskine Clement
with 35 illustrations
Saints in Art, by Clara Irskine Clement1Saints.SQPN.co
 Concerning the Representations of Saints in Art The Evangelists The Apostles The Fathers of the Church Patron Saints The Virgin Patronesses and the Great Virgins of the LatinChurch Other Saints Important in Art An Explanation of the Symbolism Proper to Representationof the Saints List of Illustrations About the Book 
Chapter I: Concerning the Representations of Saints in Art
n the study of Art, the pictures and statues of saints are sonumerous and so important, that if one adds to thecontemplation and enjoyment of their effigies they study otheir lives, historical and legendary, he acquires a sense of acquaintance with a great number of holy and intrepid menand women.An interest is also added to one's thought and study, thatgreatly contributes to the comprehension of the age in whichreligious art was the chief art, and of the men who lived andworked in that age; while the increased enjoyment of thelegacies of that epoch abundantly repays the student for anyeffort he has made.
Saints in Art, by Clara Irskine Clement2Saints.SQPN.co
The history of the world, from the time of the Exodus to the present day, constantly emphasizes the truth that freedom,civil or religious, is only secured at a costly price. A large proportion of those whom we call saints - the most exalted titlethat is conferred on human beings - sacrificed their lives rather than renounce Christianity, while history warrants us inestimating a great number of these as heroes and heroines of super-human courage and loyalty to their convictions, both asChristians and patriots.Supplementing history, tradition and legendary chronicles havecontributed generously to their honour and glory, all of whichhas been exalted and spiritualised by poets and artists, until the phrase, stories of the saints, calls up to the imagination a worldof heroism, romance, religious enthusiasm, profound faith, andliving spirituality, in which every one may find a personalitywhich appeals to his own nature, and excites both hissympathy with the saint, and a spirit of emulation of the saintlyvirtues.It is impossible to intelligently judge the religion and thoughtof a people, without a knowledge of the atmosphere in whichthey existed, and though but a few centuries separate us fromthe Middle Ages, it is only by persistent investigation that wecan so understand the life of that period as to - even in animperfect degree - bring ourselves into harmony with the spiritand purpose of the great masters, to whom we owe the earliestrepresentations of saints, and other religious pictures.In regard to many saints, it is true that the incidents in their lives, which seized upon the imagination of the artists, andwere pictured by them, rested on legendary, rather thanhistorical, authority. But even the most improbable legendshad some slight basis in truth.We must remember that the saints who had died for their faithin Christ were brought close to the people through oraltradition and legendary chronicles at a period when Christians- with the exception of the very learned - had not the Gospel
Saints in Art, by Clara Irskine Clement3Saints.SQPN.co

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