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BixCheck Software Notes and Version History

BixCheck Software Notes and Version History



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Published by Quark's Corner
BixCheck Software Notes and Version History
BixCheck Software Notes and Version History

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Published by: Quark's Corner on Jun 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BixCheck Software Version History
 ModelBixCheckVersionBixCheck FileBixCheckFile DateHex FileHex FileDateDatabaseVersionMonitorVersionCheckoutVersionDownloaderVersion
100 3.2 BixCheck32Test01.exe 10/5/2005 Bixby100_A120_Test_02 3 2.2 1110 3.2 BixCheck32Test01.exe 10/5/2005 Bixby110_A120_Test_02Final 2/24/2005 3 2.2 1Bixby110_A128_Final 8/24/2005 3 2.2 1Bixby110_C128_Final 9/12/2005 3 2.2 1115 3.2 BixCheck32Test01.exe 10/5/2005 Bixby115_A202_Final 4/11/2006 3 2.2 1Bixby115_C202_Final 1/5/2006 3 2.2 1115 4.2 BixCheck42.exe 1/5/2006 Bixby115_C202_Final 1/5/2006 4.2 4.2 1.1110/115 5.0.21 BixCheck_5021.exe 4/26/2007 Bixby_02060021_Downloader 4/25/2007 05 5 5 1.4110/115 5.5.00 BixCheck.exe 1/28/2008 02.70 na 07 5.5 5 2.70110/115 5.5.00 BixCheck_080206.exe 2/6/2008 02.70 na 07 5.5 5.0 2.70110/115 5.5.01 BixCheck_080315.exe 3/15/2008 02.71 na 07 5.5 5.0 2.71UBB/120 6.0.16 BixCheck_6016.exe 12/7/2006 na na na 6.0 6.0 naUBB/120 6.0.18 BixCheck_6018.exe 2/18/2007 Bixby_03000126_TinyBLD 2/27/2007 na 6.0 6.0 naUBB/120 6.0.21 BixCheck_6021.exe 7/11/2007 Bixby_03000132_TinyBLD 7/10/2007 na 6.0 6.0 naUBB/120 6.1.00 BixCheck_6000.exe 10/16/2007 Bixby_03010000_Downloader 10/16/2007 na 6.0 6.0 1.5
 Bixby Model 110 and Model 115 Software
Bixby115_202_Notes.txtFile Name: BixCheck42.exeReleased: 1/5/2006
Release notes for Bixby Model 115 version 2.02 software, January 5, 2006
This package is the first complete release of software for the Bixby Model 115 stove. It fixes a number of problemswith the previous versions of software, primarily with blocked flue shutdowns and the ash dump process.1) The blocked flue shutdown, error #2 and #3, is less likely to produce false shutdowns.2) The ash dump process happens at level 4, instead of level 5 to cool the clinker down to work more reliably.3) A thermocouple overtemp detected during startup shows error #3 and #4.4) A thermocouple overtemp detected during run mode shows error #3 and #5.5) In BixCheck, the Downloader was updated to load and send more reliably.6) In BixCheck, the Monitor was updated to prevent improper calibrations.
This package consists of:
Bixby115_202_Notes.txtBixCheck42.exeBixby115_A202_Final.hexBixCheckHowToV1_2.pdfUse the Downloader in BixCheck to update the stove software. Make sure the calibration data is correct after thesoftware is updated.Review the BixCheckHowTo file to understand the basics of the software.
Bixby_02060021_Notes.txtFile Name: BixCheck_5021.exeReleased: 4/26/2007
Release notes for Model 110 & 115 software ver. & BixCheck ver. 5.0.21
This package contains the preliminary testing release of software for the Bixby Model 110 and Model 115. It fixes anumber of problems and adds a number of features. This software is expected to supersede all previous versionsof software for the Model 110 and Model 115. However, because this is a preliminary release, expect that asubsequent update will be available soon.
This package consists of:
Bixby_02060021_Notes.txt Release notes and instructionsBixby_02060021_Downloader.hex The Model 110/ Model 115 software for use with the DownloaderBixby_02060021_PICkit.hex The Model 110/ Model 115 software for use with a PICkit programmerBixCheck_5021.exe BixCheck for the included software
Main changes and additions from Model 115 version 02.02 and Model 110 version 01.28:
1) Blocked flue (#2, #3) shutdown leaves the fans running on shutdown2) Blocked flue (#2, #3) shutdown process is adjusted to be more selective3) If an igniter is out (#1, #7; #2, #7) the burn drive motor is still allowed to run4) Spurious current detection (#1, #2, #3, #7) is more robust to prevent igniter problems5) Feed wheel error (#8) blinks starting with the second move attempt6) The heat level control table was adjusted to prevent overfilling on levels 7 and 87) The startup process control method was adjusted to prevent overfilling8) The time for ramping between heat levels is automatically extended to equalize temperatures9) The feed rate is automatically increased if the flame is detected to be running lean10) New calibrations for corn and wood pellets for better performance11) Added "Startup time %" fuel parameter12) Added "Ash dump time %" fuel parameter13) Added "Ash dump heat level" fuel parameter14) Added "Ash dump target %" fuel parameter15) Added "TC for 25% fan" fuel parameter16) Added "TC for 100% fan" fuel parameter17) In BixCheck, the Downloader has an option to use the built-in copy of stove software18) In BixCheck, the ability to log telemetry data to a file was added19) Added filtering of the thermocouple signal to prevent blocked flue shutdowns due to power noise20) The power LED blinks when in ash dump mode
Copy the files to your computer. I suggest placing them in a directory named "C:\BixbySoftware".
How to update the stove software:
1) Connect the computer to the stove. The connector on the stove is J3, which is a black 4 pin connector justbehind the tab that holds the exhaust fan and feed rate adjustment knobs.2) Start the BixCheck program. Select the COM port the stove is connected to.3) Select the "Downloader 1.4" button and follow the instructions in the "Status" box.4) Unplug the stove.5) If you select "Use internal firmware", then the internal copy will be used, this is the same as the oneincluded in this release.

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