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Notes from Correspondence with Philip K. Dick

Notes from Correspondence with Philip K. Dick

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Published by 7thDirection
Author's Note: Had the privilege of viewing Dick's correspondence in my final semester at CSUF. Took notes on what jumped out at me in approximately 300 pages of letters sent to Claudia Krenz Bush, who was writing her thesis paper on Illusion & Reality in his novels. This was around the time of his "pink beam" experiences, and he was willing to share with her very personal insights into his dramatic experience. Enjoy these deep ponderings from a very uniquely rational mind.
Author's Note: Had the privilege of viewing Dick's correspondence in my final semester at CSUF. Took notes on what jumped out at me in approximately 300 pages of letters sent to Claudia Krenz Bush, who was writing her thesis paper on Illusion & Reality in his novels. This was around the time of his "pink beam" experiences, and he was willing to share with her very personal insights into his dramatic experience. Enjoy these deep ponderings from a very uniquely rational mind.

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Published by: 7thDirection on Jun 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Collection of Notes from Philip K. Dick's Correspondence with Claudia Krenz Bush(personal notes occasionally contained in parentheses)
Cyclops retina did not have a pupil or retina and not light gathering. It saw in another way, not bymeans of light. Vertical slots or bands which expanded sideways like spectroscopic bands at theextreme ends. (later on, PKD likens the cyclops to his third eye)(PKD admits being retroactively influenced by Zoroastrian Logos doctrine; Light God and Masters of the Lie - unbeknown until later reflection, his story The Cosmic Puppets reflected this theme)"You pull back so that you're not extended out all the way to the very tips of your fingers and toes, andthen you keep drawing back. The chronic pains in your extremities go away because you are not inthem any longer; they feel fine without you, too. Finally you're down into your heart and then you cantravel around inside your body all night.""Christian dualism is unsuccessful because your choice is between (one) innocent being done in and(two) guilty survival. If you live here you die there, if you die here you are raised up there. But youcan't have both; you must choose. However, this anti-world doctrine, which must of necessity lead usaway from this world and onto the next in preference, is not found in Zoroastrianism. There, one servesthe Lord of Light by defeating the Lie, and one of the lies, a basic lie, is that this world is not fit to livein and should be despised.""The peculiar power that people have exercised over me, which I could not comprehend nor cope with,was based on (one) their willingness and capacity to tell the Lie and (two) my willingness and capacityto accept it: a compact between us, in which we jointly and in unison, as if we were one party on oneside of the table, admired and nodded in agreement at the goddam thing.""The greatest thing in the Persian system of course was its affirmation of life, the value of life, the joyof life, the justice possible in this world and not the next, the value of trying. It put down passivity,resignation, despair and I'm glad to say once released from the power of the Lie I saw passivity,resignation and despair as intended byproducts of the Lie, and any system of thought or religion whichtaught those as virtues (Christianity included) as a manifestation of the Lie."(Was a friend of Bishop Jim Pike and believed his spirit helped him decipher his dream symbols during1974)(Books/Stories mentioned - If This Be Heresy - Jim Pike, Wordsworth "Ode", Apollonius of Tyana, TheEssenes, Qumran Scrolls/Dead Sea Scrolls, Asklepios, Ouspensky, John Allegro's The SacredMushroom and the Cross, Paul Williams' Turning Upward)(Believes that ancient knowledge was seeded 2600 years ago when the Age of Pisces began to philosophers such as Pythagoras. His theory is that they had to spread the knowledge before it wassubsequently suppressed starting around 50 AD during the time of Nero)"I don't think we're punished for sins, but I do feel that we can veer from assisting in and performingour role in The Plan, at which point we're not punished; we're reprimanded in the sense of being blocked in that path and maneuvered back into The Plan."
"We are not permitted simply to sink back to what we were. Evolution is the rule of life; grow. It is noteven grow or perish; it is grow. The goad, the pressure, the outright physical pain, forces us to becomewhat we weren't, more than that."(Tessa was his current wife)"Tessa's theory is the best I've heard, better than mine: this alternate reality is being or will besuperimposed on ours, not in the future but from outside time so that the superimposition takes placethroughout our entire time, throughout our total history, past present and future."(had to include this)Fourth Eclogue of Virgil Now comes the final age announced in the Cumean Sibyl's chant;The great succession of epochs is born anew. Now the Virgin (Astrae, or Justice, the last immortal to leave the Earth in the legend of the Saturnianage) returns; the reign of Saturn returns; Now a new race descends from heaven on high.O chaste Lucina (goddess of birth)! Smile upon the boyJust born,In whose time the race of iron shall first cease,And a race of gold shall arise throughout the world.Thine own Apollo is now king.
Psychology Today (today meaning ~1974) - New Testament Decoded "Jesus taught a self-realization beyond classical physics." - "Knowledge of the code was lost during the persecutions."It is a matter of utmost importance, absolutely so, to discern why - or how - we happen to see FormTwo (Yang), this reflected mirror opposite universe, which is reversed or backward? Why this total bounce-back of signals which give rise to mere phenomena (lets try out this: a green object is actuallyevery color but green, etc.). We are bouncing signals off objects and receiving these radar-like blips inour head (eyes, ears). What we experience is what is bounced off, so to correctly apprehend our universe we must correct by totally reversing the totality of incoming signals (left is right, forward isactually backward, big is little, inner is outer, and time good heavens, time is moving backward inrelationship to our bounced-off Form Two reflected experience of it. We are sounding the depths withmany cat whiskers - and taking the whiskers for what they sound or plumb) (the whiskers are actuallyart of the plumber, the sounder, not the what-is-sounded, the true Other; we merely encounter ourself over and over again: the physiognomic ****up)We are like children watching a merry-go-round and imagining that every single horse is a totally newhorse, rather than the same ones repeating themselves. If one takes a merry-go-round as paradigm for the universe, then what is our mental age as we see only lineal time? And not the eternal repetitions?However, it should also be realized that any person who viewed the merry-go-round for such a shortinterval, was jerked away before he saw any element reoccur, could hardly be blamed for not noticingthe eternal reoccurrences. His time-span, range of attention, his life time, whatever, was too short. Also,
if some elements changed and did not repeat themselves (flux is real, in lineal time) he might fail tonote that beyond or behind them, others did reappear.The left brain perceives lineal time. The right brain perceives rotary or cyclic or orthogonal time.(patterns)((Plotinus, Neoplatonism))The Brit 3 says, I read in the article "Jesus Christ, His Message" in the macro, that it shouldn't read"Kingdom of God," it should read Kingship; that is, a transformation in which we don't go anywhereelse, but God somehow assumes a different role than he assumes now.The two categories of a priori, and empirical - they mislead us; they are Aristotle's "A or not A", a two-value system view of the contents of man's mind. Throw it out.All things begin from outside (a posteriori). They enter the mind through the senses.Our mind soon subtracts qualities (eg. Time, space, geometric shape like "square,", number, etc.) Andsubtracts them from every and all incoming sense-objects. These we know not to be the properties of any given sense object, and these are the a priori categories.We feel they are more real, but in fact they are just real about more things (more things are square thanare brown, for instance). Now, here the error begins. We posit the one knowledge against the other, but the latter (a priori) istaken from the former. What is more important, though, is that all sense objects (we do Gestalt, intoobjects) go through an intermediate period as they pass from a posteriori (empirical) to a priori, totallyabstracted of particularity. This is a process of necessary introjecting of each sense object for the purpose of identifying the sense-object when it is encountered again, because what must be keptcardinal here (and has been overlooked) is that each sense-object arrives within the preview of our  percept system but then is gone. We must remember it because it may return. This requires that weidentify it when it so does. (hence memory and time, incorrect time are woven together) we mustrecognize it in comparison to merely identifying it, which is to say, memory is to tie together senseobject A via the introjected idea-object which resembles it, to sense object B which is properlyidentified as the same sense object as A; both are the same, but a little space has come between.BUT EACH TIME ANY INTERRUPTION TAKES PLACE IN WHICH ANY SENSE OBJECT ISWITHDRAWN FROM DIRECT PERCEPTION, AND MUST BE THOUGHT TO HAVE "GONEAWAY" BUT ALSO THOUGHT "TO MAYBE SOMEDAY RETURN" THEN I MUST MAINTAINTHIS MENTAL IMAGO (which is memory of form, etc.) AND THIS IS A THIRD CATEGORY OFKNOWLEDGE: NO ABSTRACTING AS IN THE A PRIORI HAS TAKEN PLACE, BUT THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE SENSE OBJECT OF WHICH IT IS THE IMAGO.The last - "that it is not the same" - gets forgotten due to the automization of this process. We link thesense object through a myriad of these imagi of itself, in our head, and never know it.[The imago] is maintained by my mind through the utility horizontal time axis, and during that periodthat imago is vulnerable to what I do with it; if I do not recognize this, then I may abstract and do other other wrong processes with the imago whose purpose is to serve as a surrogate until the actual sense

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