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Published by: api-27159321 on Jun 04, 2010
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a manual orthe secondinternetrevolution
mobile mania1
mobile mania
When computers were rst invented, they were the sizeo a room.By 1970, they had shrunk to the size o a car.By 1982, they would sit on a desk.By 1995, they were portable.Today we have reached the age where a big,powerul computer ts neatly inside a cellphone.
Small enough
This latest stage is the most important.For the past ty years, using a computer has alwaysmeant sitting down in ront o that computer.Followed by a start up process.And then launching applications.This desk-centric process has been so undamentalto computing, it has dened the way people think othem.The rst menu command in 80% o computer sotwaretoday is still the desky word ‘File’.
always on.always with you.alwaysconnected.the world ischanging asthe cellphonebecomes thecomputer.
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mobile mania3
Computing has always been done at desks.But baristas don’t have desks.Nor do teens.And no one takes a desktop computer shopping.
And when you delete a le, you move it rom a‘desktop’ to a ‘trashcan’.
This is a problem
The deskiness o computers has stopped them gettinginto every corner o our lives.They aren’t there when we socialize.They aren’t there when we shop.Or travel.Or go to bed.And they are just not designed or the 80% o humanswho don’t sit at a desk all day.
Not so with the phone
A cellphone is a very dierent device.It’s always on.It’s always connected.And it’s always with you.
It’s a paradigm shit
Putting computing power into such a small device islikely to change computing out o all recognition.And our lives with it.Thirty years ater the invention o the personalcomputer, computing is about to get intimate.
65 million mainlydesk-boundinormation workersuse Google everyday.6 billion otherpeople don’t.

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