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Charles F. Haanel - You

Charles F. Haanel - You

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Published by teddy_ted

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Published by: teddy_ted on Jun 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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each other, and the first step in organization takes place. The electron is then no longer a point mass, but a mass having an axis of rotation, an arc orbit. The rapidity of motion, the size and shape of electrons involved, determine the nature of the atom which is eventually evolved. As long as the electrons continue to move indefinitely, they remain electrons. But when they are grouped in a definite system, revolving about a central nucleus like a miniature solar system, they then constitute an atom of matter. These units, aggregated into different systems, form the elements. From the elements, in more complex combination, the chemical substances are made. The inorganic substances are relatively simple combinations of bases and acids. The organic substances are more complexly compounded, and these substances, or some of them when arranged in a mechanism called a cell, are capable of certain processes: assimilation, excretion, growth, sensation, reproduction. When an organism works in a self-sustaining system, we say that it is alive.
Form is the result of the concentration of matter, and the concentration of matter implies the dissipation of motion. Wherever there is an aggregation of matter, there must be an equal absorption of motion. Involution and evolution alternate indefinitely. Both processes are going on every instant, the ebb and flow of the forces of nature are ceaseless. All form, organic or inorganic, is the result of the combination of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and each of these in turn are derived directly or indirectly from the Sun. Without the energizing rays from the Sun, there could be no possible motion. The Solar fluid is the Ether, which holds in the solution every possible form of matter. This ether in a state of high vibration is the breath of life, in its lower vibration it is inorganic form, or matter. All form is then a vibratory activity.

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