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Frankenstein Volume III Quiz

Frankenstein Volume III Quiz

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Published by Mrs. P

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Published by: Mrs. P on Jun 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Frankenstein Volume III Ch. 1-7Quiz
Remember that you can work with another student but EACH student must turn in THEIR OWN HANDOUT!
1.Volume III has plenty of examples of foreshadowing—list one example fromthe text below and include a quote:2.Why does Victor decide to go about the task of creating a female alone andfar away from his family?3.What are the reasons that Victor decides to destroy his female creation? Listat least 5.4.When Victor believes that he is about to die while floating aimlessly in theocean, he states: “How mutable are our feelings, and how strange is thatclinging love we have of life even in the excess of misery!” (pg. 212) Whatdeeper meaning might this quote hold, for both Victor and the monster?5.For what reason(s) does Elizabeth believe that Victor has been away andpostponing their wedding day?6.What has Victor promised to reveal to Elizabeth once they are married?7.Victor states that “those were the last moments of my life during which Ienjoyed the feeling of happiness.” What moments are being referred to?8.Shelley writes of the peaceful and calm landscape at the end of ch. III—whydoes she write about the landscape and the feelings that it evokes in suchdetail? What might she be attempting to do to the reader?
9.Victor sees the monster at the window as he is crying over the corpse of Elizabeth, and what does the monster do? Why do you think he does this?10.Victor states that following the death of Elizabeth, “mine has been a tale of horrors; I have reached their acme…” (pg. 244). Why do you think that thedeath of Elizabeth is the climax of the novel?11.Victor relates his story to a judge in hopes of accomplishing what? How doesthe Judge react to his story? What does the Judge tell Victor?12.Victor has lost everything dear to him—but one thing keeps him going. Whatis it? INCLUDE A QUOTE FROM THE TEXT!13.Victor wishes to die, but instead swears at the graveyard to do what?14.As Victor and the Monster chase each other all over Europe, what does theMonster do to Victor? Why might he do this?15.When Victor is near death, he feels that he is given aid “by the spirits that Ihad invoked to aid me” (pg. 252). Why might Victor feel that he is beingassisted by a higher power in his pursuit of the Monster?16.In his pursuit of the Monster, Victor is able to feel joy when he does what?17.Victor tells Walton: “He is eloquent and persuasive; and once his words hadeven power over my heart: but trust him not. His soul is as hellish as hisform, full of treachery and fiendish malice” (pg. 258). What is interesting orironic about that statement (think about what the Monster was originally andwhat he has now become)? What is Victor asking Walton to do?

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