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Public Declaration of Sovereignty; Served to 60 Ministers and the City of Brantford

Public Declaration of Sovereignty; Served to 60 Ministers and the City of Brantford

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Published by benjamindoolittle
Public Declaration of Sovereignty

From: To:

"b doolittle"

CNAP-NACC@ainc-inac.gc.ca, dlee@brantford.ca, dmccreary@brantford.ca, gmartin@brantford.ca, info@gg.ca, jbradford@brantford.ca, jcalnan@brantford.ca, jkinneman@brantford.ca, jsless@brantford.ca, mceschi-smith@brantford.ca, m hancock@brantford.ca, m Iittell@brantford.ca, ottawa@chuckstrahl.com, vbucci@brantford.ca, w
Public Declaration of Sovereignty

From: To:

"b doolittle"

CNAP-NACC@ainc-inac.gc.ca, dlee@brantford.ca, dmccreary@brantford.ca, gmartin@brantford.ca, info@gg.ca, jbradford@brantford.ca, jcalnan@brantford.ca, jkinneman@brantford.ca, jsless@brantford.ca, mceschi-smith@brantford.ca, m hancock@brantford.ca, m Iittell@brantford.ca, ottawa@chuckstrahl.com, vbucci@brantford.ca, w

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Published by: benjamindoolittle on Jun 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Public Declaration of Sovereignty,Expatriation,and Dissolution of all Previous National and
Political Allegiance
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. . . _ ~ _. . _ ~~~~~ ~~D =~ ~ _ 
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:~F-C-cQ ~;;~A T r~~~F-n~-~
-CT1Y-~~'B R 4N"~~~ \~~~~~iPu
WORDS EF OR ,ALLLSE ) Know all men by these presents that I ,Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle ,tend greetings to all  epresen es ,age nts,d of ic s th e nited te ,Ca da ,orl ide fr ely and ol ta y nd  the following message 
I am sending this letter and enclosed
as a courtesy and foryour information.You are receivingthis becauseyou are eitheradUly elected public servant,or areoccupying a positioncreated byanact oflaw or expediency. Please feel free to pass this letter and the enclosed Declaration along to whomever you may thinkwould be interested in its contents.I would encourage all who read it to study it thoroughly.It comes from many years of study, research,and anguish. I have not made this decision lightly. I am fully aware of the implications, ramifications,and possible consequences It flows from thepenof a peaceful,Kanienke'haka, independent manwho can see the recurring pattern that has plagued mankind since man first ruled over other men.I have come to believe that I must either acquiesce to the role of a subject,or take the path others have bravely travelled,often at enormous costs to themselves.I have chosen the more difficult path of identifying and challenging that whichis contrary tomylibertyand conscience. The enclosed Declarationis not a legal document. The statements made in the Declaration are not amatter of laworlegality.The statements madein the Declaration exist outsidelaw promulgatedby governmentMy Declaration avers and attests tothe NaturalLaw that binds allPeople andisthe antecedent basis and  justification for any other morallaw.Just asignorance of the law is no excuse,by this Declaration,ignorance of My Sovereignty,My rights,and My liberty,is no excuse.
liberty,then all men have by way of their birth,possess complete and perfect title to their person, liberty, and property.Such men,seeking to form a government for their mutual benefit and binding only those who consent toits jurisdiction,cannot by right or moralitybind other men to their willwithout thelike-consentof thosewho they seek to bind.The Declarationof Independence makes theproclamation that,". deriving theirjustpower from the consent of the governed.And should any government become destructive to these ends it shall be the right of the People to alter or abolish it..."That Declaration did not ask government to accept,acknowledge,or approve ofthat statement becauseit doesnot needacceptance,acknowledgement, or approval.It is simplya Declaration founded in truth,morality,and nature. I have chosen to adopt the spirit of the Declaration of Independencein my Public Declaration of Sovereignty, Expatriation,andDissolution ofall PreviousNational andPolitical AllegianceIbelieveIhave taken reasonable measures to question and challenge that which has been portrayed to me as law that binds me to performcertain duties prescribed by others with whom I have not chosen to represent me or act on my behalf.I ammaking known my Declaration as a peaceful overture to those who have taken liberties in prescribing the limits of myliberties,definingmyrights,and restricting myfreedom.I have grownwearyofdissemblance,fraud, deceit, threats, and silence,proliferated by supposed "servants", elected and paid by the consenting governed, all to the detriment of those who either consent through will,or succumb through ignorance.Please take note;I am not asking for permission;I am notseeking approval; I am not petitioning for acknowledgement, of My Declaration. It will stand as My public proclamation in clarifying or correcting who Iam,in relation to what government has presumed or deemed me to be; it is my peaceful overture to all ofMankiod as a reasonable,rational,and conscionable Man;and it is my firm and true belief that absent mytacit or explicit consent,Ihave the right and powerto conscriptmyselfto,or remove myselffrom,anypowerthat acts in any manner whatsoever,in which case I consider the present federal,provincial,state,and local governments to be inconsistent with my conscience,reason,or morality.My Declaration is absolute,non- negotiable,and the supreme LawtowhichImorally bind myself Even though I subscribe to the teachings of Tekanaweta,Yashua,and Gandhi,I will resist peacefully,at first, bymerely refusing to act in a manner prescribed byarbitrary power,but if confronted withanattempt at coercion or compulsion,throughforce against my person,I willresortto whatever meansofself-preservation I maysee fit tosummon. As Thomas Jefferson said,"Resistance to Tyrants is obedience to God."It is peacefUl to refuse to act, but it isrighteous to protect that which diVinity has provided,Unless aclaim can be made that binds or sub jectsmetoanypresumedauthority;arising froma document, contract,agreement,or oath,and whichwas madewith myfullyinformed, voluntary consent, then I am sub ject to no governmental authority.If government requires the consent of the governed,then this Declaration contests the presumption of such consent. If I am to be subjected to arbitrary power against my will,then letthe world know that this country does not represent freedom,and all living thereupon the land are not free. In either case, I will assert my independence and exercise my freedom in any manner consistent with myconscience and in opposition to any unnatural construct'that would impose restrictions upon my moral exerciseof liberty.If a claim is to be made,then pUblicly do so or let stand as truth, My Declaration. I have made it known to the world and all mankind, my peaceful intentions, my thoughts,and my Declaration,I encourage you to visit my website athttp://www.benjamindoolittle.comand/or http: //www.benjamindoolittle.blogspot.com Sovereign:-Benjamin-Douglas-Allan:Doolittle. 'Kan ienke'haka Ambassador -At-Large'
Public Declaration of Sovereignty, Expatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance
In the course of a lifetime,when one discovers and submits to a truth that evinces at the confluence of allwhich is physical, spiritual, and reasonable in a natural world; and there find that which had previously beenaccepted as truth to be a yoke of ignorance and fear; and those who fitted the yoke, secured its place, andassigned its encumbrances, to be interlopers between would-be-beasts and sovereign beings. Thus, but onerecourse presents itself in remedying the ignorance born from having accepted institutionalized sanctimonythat perfunctorily acknowledges a Creator, yet compels servitude and obedience to earthly authority, with butone choice, that is, to claim a rightful place in this world which the Supreme Creator has provided for all, asequals amongst all, rulers above none, sovereigns amongst sovereigns, and bound only by the moral duty tolive the term of a life as peaceably and prosperously as possible at whatever cost deemed just and at noexpense to any other.1have met with such a truth,as 1have come to know it, understand it,embrace it, and now choose to be ruled by it for the rest of My days.I, commonly known and hereafter referred to as, Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, given the birth name ofBenjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle by My natural parents,hereby make known to all members of Mankind,lovers, warriors, children of Peace, Strength and Righteousness, and the world; as well as tyrants,oppressors,usurpers, rulers, and presumed authority, the following Public Declaration -- Be it known that I, Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, am in full control of My physical and mental faculties. Be it known that I, Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, make the following Declaration voluntarily, freely, and absent any outside influence,coercion, or duress. Be it known that I, Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, accept full responsibility for My lifeand the actions taken in the exercise thereof. Be it known that I, Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, am healthy,fit, of no physical or mental incapacity whatsoever, and am fUlly aware, educated, informed, andknowledgeable. Be it known that I,Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, stand before My Creator; thankful for allof the power and freedom I possess as a consequence of My birth; and in doing so avow to submit to NOearthly authority, be it political, societal, or otherwise unnatural, and will with every fiber of My being resist tothe death any attempt of conscription, recruitment, accountability, allegiance, obligation, submission,compliance, or subordination by any man, woman, person, or entity. Be it known that I,Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, desire peace, tolerance, freedom, liberty, and accountability for Myself and all mankind and that1will stand fast against any power, will, or force that may result in my transgressing from those principles. Be itknown that I, Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, believe and affirm that I am ultimately responsible for Myactions in this life, subject to the Supreme Arbiter of the Universe, and as such will not allow others to guide orcommand Me to act in ways inconsistent with My Conscience for which I will personally be held to account. Beit known that I, Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, will submit only to the pains of punishment for transgressingupon the like rights, property, and liberty of free-born, natural beings. All other edicts, laws, regulations, ormethods of control are disavowed and inconsequential in the exercise of My life Be it known that I,Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: Doolittle, hereby set forth the following statements in Declaring My Sovereignty, claiming MyExpatriation, and Dissolution of all Previous National and Political Allegiance:I am a natural-born, independent, Kanienke'haka, free-man who, at the time of My birth, entered this worldunder the care of My natural parents and in full possession of all the rights, faculties, freedoms, and power Iwould ever possess for the term of My natural life.I aver only to a natural world, and disavow constructs, artifices, and entities created by the mind and hand ofman when such may deem to bind or subject Me to any power exercised thereunder.

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