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IES OBJ Electrical Engineering 2004 Paper II

IES OBJ Electrical Engineering 2004 Paper II

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Published by jiten

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Published by: jiten on Jun 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The diagram given below shows theconnection of a four–wire delta bank forobtaining a 3–phase 4–wire distributionsystem. The secondary voltages betweenthe terminals are as indicated, aWhat is the voltage between the terminalsb and d in the above system when theprimary side is energized from anappropriate symmetrical 3–phase system?a.
230 / 
230 / 3 Vc.
If per unit impedances of two transformersconnected in parallel are not equal, thenwhich one of the following statements iscorrect?a.
The power factor of the twotransformers will be different from thatof the connected loadb.
Transformers will get overloadedc.
Dead short circuit occursd.
The transformer with higher per unitimpedance will share more load3.
Match List I (Machine) with List II(Performance) and select the correctanswer using the codes given below :
List I
Three phase induction motorB.
Synchronous motorC.
D. C. series motorD.
D. C. shunt motor
List II
Adjustable speed2.
High starting torque3.
Not self–starting4.
Self–startingA B C Da.
3 4 1 2b.
4 3 1 2c.
3 4 2 1d.
4 3 2 14.
In a d.c. machine, for the same values of 
,Z and N; which one of the followingstatements is correct ?a.
Armature e.m.f. is more with wavewinding than with lap windingb.
Armature e.m.f. is less with wavewinding than with lap windingc.
Armature e.m.f. depends on whetherthe machine is running as a motor or ageneratord.
Armature e.m.f. is the same as long asthe flux density in the air gap remainsthe same5.
Match List I (Constructional Components)with List II (Machines) and select thecorrect answer using the codes givenbelow :
List I
Damper barsB.
Equalizer ringsC.
Skewed slotsD.
Water–cooling ducts
List II
Cylindrical – rotor synchronousgenerator2.
Salient pole synchronous motor3.
Squirrel–cage induction motor4.
Direct current generatorA B C Da.
2 4 3 1b.
1 3 4 2c.
1 4 3 2d.
2 3 4 16.
A d.c. shunt motor is excited from analternating power frequency voltage
I.E.S-(OBJ) 2004
 2 of 16source. Its brush–axis is rotated by an.angle
from the geometrical neutral axis.The torque developed will be proportionalto which one of the following?a.
cos 2
Four types of d.c. generators of constantspeed are considered (List I). Theirexternal characteristics at constant speedare given in List II. Match List I (Type of d.c. generator) with List II (Externalcharacteristics) and select the correctanswer using the codes given below :
List I (Type of d.c. generator)
Separately excitedB.
Series excitedC.
Shunt excitedD.
Over–compound excited
List II (External characteristics)
A B C Da.
2 3 1 4b.
1 4 2 3c.
1 3 2 4d.
2 4 1 38.
Consider the following statements: Thespeed of a d.c. motor can be controlled bythe variation of 1.
armature voltage2.
field current3.
armature circuit resistance4.
angle of brush shiftWhich of the statements given above arecorrect ?a.
1, 2 and 3b.
2, 3 and 4c.
1, 3 and 4d.
1, 2 and 49.
What is the increase in the torqueexpressed as percentage of initial torque, if the current drawn by a d.c. motor isincreased from 10 A to 12 A (Neglectsaturation)?a.
Consider the following statementsIn a d.c. machine, iron loss occurs in1.
armature core2.
pole cores4.
pole shoesWhich of the statements given above arecorrect?a.
1 and 4b.
1 and 2c.
1 and 3d.
2 and 311.
Four important parameters of alternatorshave comparatively larger or smallervalues. In comparison to a steam turbinedriven alternator, a hydraulically drivenmachine will have which one of thefollowing combinations?
Number of armatureconductorsAxiallength of armatureconductorsNumberof polesOperatingspeed
Smaller larger smaller higherb.
Larger smaller larger lowerc.
Larger larger smaller lowerd.
Smaller smaller larger higher12.
Which one of the following is the primaryreason for placing field on rotor in analternator?a.
Small power .in field circuitb.
Insulation of high voltage is made easyon stator than on rotorc.
Large power in statord.
Large current in the stator13.
Consider the following:1.
Supply voltage2.
Excitation current3.
Maximum value of load angle
 3 of 16The maximum power developed by asynchronous motor is a function of whichof the above?a.
1 and 2b.
1 and 3c.
2 and 3d.
1, 2 and 314.
When a 3–phase alternator is suddenlyshort–circuited at its terminals, the initialvalue of the short–circuit current is limitedby which one of the following ?a.
Subtransient reactance x”
Transient reactance x’
Synchronous reactance x
Sum of x”
, x’
and x
Which one of the following methods givesmore accurate result for determination of voltage regulation of an alternator?a.
m.m.f. methodb.
Synchronous impedance methodc.
Potier triangle methodd.
American Institution Standard method16.
Which one of the following statements iscorrect?In a salient pole synchronous machine theair gap isa.
uniform under the whole pole shoeb.
least under the middle of the pole shoeand increases outwardsc.
largest under the middle of the poleshoe and decreases outwardsd.
least at one end of the pole shoe andincreases to the maximum Value at theother end17.
Which one of the following is not anecessary condition to be satisfied forsynchronising an incoming alternator to analready operating alternator?a.
Same voltage magnitudeb.
Same frequencyc.
Same prime mover speedd.
Same phase sequence18.
Which one of the following statements iscorrect?A smaller air gap in a polyphase inductionmotor helps toa.
reduce the chances of crawlingb.
increase the starting torquec.
reduce the chance of coggingd.
reduce the magnetizing current19.
Which one of the following statements iscorrect?In an induction motor, if the air gap isincreased,a.
its speed will reduceb.
its efficiency will improvec.
its power factor will reduce itsbreakdown torque will reduce20.
Which one of the following statements iscorrect?In a 3–phase induction motor, the torquedeveloped is maximum when the rotorcircuit resistance per phase is equal toa.
rotor leakage reactance per phase atstandstillb.
slip times the rotor leakage reactanceper phase at standstillc.
stator resistance per phased.
stator leakage reactance per phase21.
The supply voltage to an induction motoris reduced by 10%. By what percentage,approximately, will the maximum torquedecrease?a.
Consider the following curveWhich of the following characteristics of the induction represented by the abovecurve?x—axis y—axisa.
Output p.f.b.
Speed p.f.c.
Load efficiencyd.
Speed torque23.
A squirrel–cage induction motor having arated slip of 4% on full load has a startingtorque same as the full load torque. Whichone of the following statements is correct?

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