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Bella's taking controll

Bella's taking controll



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Published by Ana Karen
Bella takes contoll of her and Edward relationship and gets a little frustrated taking matters in her own hands with the help of the Cullens.
Bella takes contoll of her and Edward relationship and gets a little frustrated taking matters in her own hands with the help of the Cullens.

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Published by: Ana Karen on Jun 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella’s taking controll
Bella's pov
"Bella…" Edward warns, "what is it Edward cant you see im busy at themoment" I said. "I can see that but if your hand goes any lower we will havea problem". "Really what's that?" I asked. "You know exactly what I mean Idon't want to hurt you Bella." (Grrr) "FINE" I said. "Did you just growl atme?" "Yes I did do you have a problem with that?" He just looked at me likeI was crazy. "Well I have never herd you do that before." "Yes well imsexually frustrated Edward and when girls get sexually frustrated we getcranky." He just smiled and that was it, I had it I was going to get into hispants one way or another whether he liked it or not. I smiled and kissed himhe was just happy I wasn't mad anymore. "Bella I have to go hunting ill begone for a few days." "I will be back by Friday so we can do somethinganything you want." "Ok" I said and I went to sleep in the arms of the man Ilove. with his soft voice singing my lullaby.I woke up to my cell going off. "Hello Alice" I said, "hi Bella get dressed ill betheir in ten ok." "Ok". I got up and had a quick shower by the time I got outAlice was sitting on my bed. "Here put this on." She handed me some nice jeans and a nice blue top I looked at it. It was not what she would pick outon a regular day it was much more me. "Well don't look so surprised I doknow what you like to ware" "I just don't like what you like to ware." She just grinned at me and started on my make up it was nice not dark just rightfor a day of shopping. We got into the car and she looked at me "Well whatstore first" she said and grinned. That's when I saw a glint in her eye and Iwas positive she new what I was up to so I said lets go to the hardwarestore.We got to the store and headed to the back I was vary nervous "Alice" Isaid."What Bella?" "Do you think this will work?" "Of course it will Bella don'tworry every thing will be fine." We went a round the store grabbing the stuff we needed but I was not to sure that this would hold, I asked Alice. "so whatdo we do now?" "We go back to my place and test this out." "Ok" I said wedrove like their was no tomorrow so we got to the house within ten minutes.We walked in and everyone was their but Edward thank god I don't knowwhat I would do if Edward saw what I had planed."Hello Bella," Carlisle said from his chair. "What are you up to todayanything interesting?" "Well I have a plane to make your son take off hischastely belt." "Ok well wait what?" Everyone stared at me like I had twoheads and Alice looked proud. "Well its like this Edward wont take arerelationship to the next level because he says he doesn't want to hurt me
and I say were ready". "So I have decided to take the choice out of hishands.""How are you going to do that said Emmett?" "Well im glad you askedEmmett because I need your help you and jasper." At this Jasper looked up"what do you need me for" he asked. "Well I need help testing these" andwith that Alice pulled the chains out Emmett started laughing and I turnedred. "That's a good Idea" said Carlisle. "How do you want us to test them?""I can think of way" said Rosalie. "Well I was thinking we could have a gameof tug of war.""Ok" they said and we went to the backyard."Ok now this chain is supposed to be the strongest in the world its made of titanium its tempered to make it even stronger so what I need to know iscan it hold a vampire down." "So you better pull on it like your life dependson it because mine does." I handed one end to Jasper and the other end toEmmett."Ok now pull." They started to pull as hard as they could and it didn't brake Icould see they weren't holding back the yard had dents from their feet. So Iknew it would hold."Ok you can stop pulling now" they did and I was so happy that I jumpedinto Emmett's arms and gave him a hug than walked over to Jasper andthanked him with a quick peck on the cheek and tried to send him as muchgratitude as I could. I hope he felt how much this meant to me."Now all we have to do is get them installed and find a way to get Edwardinto them." "I can install them" Rosalie said. "Cool thanks Rosalie" "I wasthinking we could bolt them into the steel support under the floor." "Ok illget on it now." "Thanks Rosalie." "Now I have that taken care of what's nextright getting him in to them any ideas?" Emmett looked at Jasper and said"why don't we put him in them for you." "What?" "No wait hear me out wewont undress him just get him in the chains." "Ok but you know he will fightyou." They just looked at me and smiled "we hope so."Alice came down the stares and sat beside me. "Guess what I just calledCharlie and asked him if you could spend the weekend he says yes of course.""Now you have already skipped one day so why not two we will need all daytomorrow to get you ready Edward will be home at 7:30pm so you betterget a good nights rest." "Ok I will now who's taking me home?" "I will" saidAlice.Today was a busy day I was not sure how this was going to tern out but Iwas tired of waiting for Edward to make up his mind so he will just have todeal with it
I was vary excited all I could think about was that I was going to lose myvirginity tomorrow night that thought is what made me sleep with a smile onmy face."Bella wake up Bella" I could hear a soft voice trying to get me to get up butI didn't want to I was having the most wonderful dream about Edward andour meadow. "Bella wake up Bella" crap why won't the voice go away"BELLA WAKE UP NOW." "What! im up you crazy pixie."Alice was on my bed shaking like a leaf she was so excited I laughed at her"Come on Bella we only have a short time to get you ready ok" "ok wherewe are going?" "Well it's this little place I like to call spa Cullen" she grinnedand I put on some sweets "ok im ready." I was White as a ghost by the timewe got to her house she was driving so fast I almost ripped the holy shithandle off the carThe car came to a stop out side the house and Esme was their to let me outshe had to hold me up I was so traumatized the minute I got in the houseJasper was their trying to calm me down even with his gift it was hard to getme to relax. "What did you do to her" said Emmett? "Nothing she'soverreacting." "I am not you crazy pixie no one should drive that fast youcould have killed me." "Come on it was not that bad" said Alice. "How fastwas she driving" asked Jasper? "Let's just say the needle would not go anyfarther" I said"Well you're still alive so let's get this show on the road." With that the girlsdescended on me and dragged me upstairs. "First things first you need to bewaxed lay back." I had never had wax dun so I was vary freaked out I herdit hurt a lot. They grabbed my legs and spread them. "First we start withyour bikini line and then we do the rest." "Ok" I said then I felt the wax itwas hot but not to bad I could handle itThen I felt her put little strips of fabric on the wax. "Ok Bella take a deepbreath." I did as she asked and then she pulled. "FUCK" I screamed it hurtso much I almost cried. I new it wasn't over I don't know how anyone didthis regularly. All I could think is im in hell this is hell and the devil is a pixie!"Ok we are dun the first step now we have to do the rest." "What you're notdun. How much more is there to do?" "Well we did the top, you have a niceLanding strip, but now we have to do the bottom half." "Ok" I said with fearin my voice. Alice told Esme to grab my legs and I felt them pull themalmost over my head. "Ok Rose it's your turn." "Holy crap why is Rosalieholding my butt cheeks apart?" "Well we need to get the rest, its better if wedo it all at once" said Alice. "It's ok Bella it's almost over said Esme." Then Ifelt the wax being put all over my lower regains and almost to my but thishad me terrified. "Ok Bella ready 1..2..3…." "ahhhhhhh OH MY GOD." "Its okBella all dun you did well." "Now what?" "Now you take this cream and put it

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