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House Rules for Djapana

House Rules for Djapana

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Published by: Simon Hugh Villiers Maynard on Jun 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Rent is due and payable in full on your respective pension days and is$100 per fortnight .plus bills. This will not change, and if it is not paidwhen it is due, you have 7 days to take all of your belongings andanimals, and leave. Any suggestions regarding my house, property or  belongings need to be brought to me first for discussion, and I have theright to say no.2. Clean up your cats shit when it appears, don’t wait until I have torepeatedly ask you because the floor is half covered in it. Empty litter tray before it gets unusable or NO Cats.3. Bill costs (electricity, water etc) will have to be contributed to, I can’tafford to, and
will not
pay it all. Split 3 ways, it’s $30 a fortnight each.4. Washing machine and dryer to be used and emptied the same day youdo it. If you want to wash all the bags of clothes you must put extramoney towards bill or you can have to do that washing at a laundromat atyour own cost.5. Dirty dishes to be stacked in dishwasher not sink, and if they can’t goin the dishwasher (i.e.. Saucepans, frypans), to be washed after use notleft til you want to use them again.6. Don’t leave food lying around in saucepans on benches and stoves, andthen punish my cats for eating food that is left on top of the stove in opencontainers. That’s not fair to them, and is teaching them to go on the benches and stoves because they can smell the food there.7. Leftovers not used within 24 hours need to be put in the bin, not left inthe fridge.8. Check fridge before making shopping list.9. Please wash and return borrowed clothes.10.
Remember that this is my home
, and I have the right to respect, andto live in my home the way I chose. If you don’t like the way I live, noone is forcing you to live here11 Lounge room is room for shared living not spare bedroom.12. All of the above must be followed
and your case workers notifiedthat you need alternative housing as soon as possible
My mentalhealth will not allow the current levels of stress to continue
.Rent $100Bills $30Petrol $20TOTAL $150 each, payable on your pension day each fortnight

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