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C-10 Anointed Meditation

C-10 Anointed Meditation

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Published by Andre Niemand
Anointed meditation is exercised when you fix your attention on the person of Christ while you are using those images you have created through visualization to shoot your mental movie concerning your destiny in God - the will of God for your life.
Anointed meditation is exercised when you fix your attention on the person of Christ while you are using those images you have created through visualization to shoot your mental movie concerning your destiny in God - the will of God for your life.

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Published by: Andre Niemand on Jun 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anointed Meditation
He will fulfill the desire of those that who fear Him
(Psalm 145:19a).What is the difference between anointedvisualization and anointed meditation? Anointedvisualization is forming images in the imaginationof your mind while focusing on the Lord. It is likegazing at a photo. Though you see only thedifferent objects and subjects in the mental picture,does not mean the Unseen God is not present.Focusing on the Lord is not an attempt to hold twodifferent focuses but it is sharing and submittingyour mental pictures to the Lord for His correctionand approval. Anointed meditation is exercisedwhen you fix your attention on the person of Christwhile you are using those images you have createdthrough visualization to shoot your mental movieconcerning your destiny in God - the will of God foryour life.God placed in every person, coming into the world,a
natural plan
for his or her life. It is normally thethings that you want to do and in which you showaptitude and have potential. When you get born-again, God extend that
by showing you howyou should serve His kingdom on earth. The plan of God for your life is the things that function in youaccording to the working of the anointing.If the anointing is absent in your activities, youmust know it is not part of the plan of God for yourlife. It is your responsibility to discover God’s planfor your life on earth. When God’s people do notdiscover their calling but pursue something outsideof God’s will they are destroyed because of a lackof understanding of God’s will.
Many years ago a woman dreamed how Godordered her birth and how she lived a Christian life.She knew it was her responsibility to discover God’splan for her life and obediently fulfill her purpose onearth. She saw two scenarios. In the first scenarioshe saw herself as a born-again believer thatsucceeded in discovering her purpose on earth andshe was fulfilling it obediently. She knew God waswell pleased with her life and He crowned her anovercomer. In the second scenario she saw her as aborn-again believer that lived indifferently. She didnot backslide into sin but neither did she seekGod’s purpose for her life on earth to obedientlyfulfill it. God did not condemn her to hell but sheknew He was not pleased with her as she waswasting her life. Though her end was perfection inChrist, an exhibition of God’s grace, she was one of those called least in the kingdom of heaven.Where will you be in ten years time? If you do notconstantly search out God’s will for your life to stayon the path of life you will reach your destiny onthe way you travel now. Futility is when a persondoes the same erroneous thing repeatedly, alwaysheading in the wrong direction but expectingpositive outcomes. If a man thinks he is a failure ineverything, he will end up being a failure. If a manis afraid of every decease and calamity and think itis not God’s will for him to prosper he will attractpoverty, calamity and decease to himself. Thethings that a man fear shall come upon him(Proverbs 10:24a). As a man thinks within himself,so is he. The law of return determines thatwhatever you sow you will reap. Everything bringsforth after its own kind.
Can a fig tree, my brethren,bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs?
(James3:12a).When a person alters his ways to diligently obeythe voice of the Lord, God’s blessings shall comeupon him and overtake him, because he positions
himself in the place of his anointing. When you areobedient the anointing works in you. The anointingbreaks the yoke of bondage that the blessing of God may come upon you.In the beginning God positioned man in the garden,the place of his anointing, that the Lord may blesshim. Since the fall it is man’s responsibility tosearch for his garden, the place of his anointing,that God may bless him. The only change since thefall is that man must,
through faith,
positionhimself in the place of his anointing. God neverchanged. If man is in the place of his anointing, Godwill bless him.It is wise to search out God’s purpose for your lifeon earth. God might have called you as an anointedengineer, husband, father, and intercessor and hasalso anointed you in every other area of your life. You should search out your anointed areas that youmay function in it and fulfill the will of God for yourlife. Avoid all areas in which you have no anointing,which prevent the blessing of God.How do you walk in what God has for you? Wheredo you start?
compile your own identity profile per areaof your life. Use what you know about yourself,prophecies, words of wisdom and dreams andvisions concerning your life. For example, I had adream when God called me to be an intercessor. Ido not over emphasize dreams but I felt in my spiritat the time that this was from God.
, sift, sort and evaluate the contents of your profile to discern between carnal input andwhat was from the Holy Spirit. Go through thisexercise over and over, year in and year out.Record your profile on a word processing program.It leaves you with the opportunity to come back toit and to change it as often as you wish. I have

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