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2010-06-02 Concept EFQUEL Forum 2010

2010-06-02 Concept EFQUEL Forum 2010

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Published by James O'Reilly

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Published by: James O'Reilly on Jun 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-EFQUEL’s yearly Innovation Forum takes place in the venue of INA, Oeiras, Portugal.Part of the venue is a very beautiful and big garden.-EFQUEL has proved in two past events its ability to innovate the conferences ofEuropean networks by showing benchmarks: Live-broadcast of the plenary in 2010 incombination with a Twitter backchannel and first steps towards community buildingon Adult Learning in combination with an event. Also here, ICT has been widely usedto facilitate discussion and enable participation.-EFQUEL wants to show leadership in the field of quality in E-Learning. By this, the missionof dialogue and inclusiveness plays a central role.-The EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2010 is an official event of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Inclusion. That shall be outlined during the EFQUELInnovation Forum 2010.-In recent high-potential projects such as OPAL and CONCEDE, Opening Educationplays an important role. The paradigms of the traditional roles between organization(e.g. university), teacher (e.g. professors) and learners (e.g. students) might bechanged dramatically in the future.-The way how learning takes place will move more and more towards informalgathering, sharing and aggregating of content. Quality is here one of the major issuesthat has to be solved – and the learning community will overtake here responsibility.
European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL)35, Rue des deux EglisesB-1000 Brussels
Note on the recent program.
By paying attention to the outgoing situation, one can see that the recent program of theEFQUEL Innovation Forum 2010 in terms of the keynote speakers good comparable with theEDEN conference because the same organizations (e.g. OUUK) and even the same speakers(Marujah) are announced in the program. Further, there is nothing really new to the lastEFQUEL Forum 2010.Provocative keynote speakers like Muneo or Nnenna in the last years are completely missing.Beside the Twitter backchannel, it has been taken in consideration to use Cloudworks – however, one can see at the recent public consultation, the targeted result could not bereached for several reasons.The different strands in the EFQUEL Innovation Forum are less attractive since they are notallowing multiple participations. Experts have to decide either or, and can’t choose bothoptions.It is on the time to overcome stiff and conservative ideas. A new approach is needed thatcombines the way a conference of the future might look like and base it on EFQUEL’s brand:Dialogue and Inclusiveness.
The garden metaphor 
Metaphors with gardens and plants are already used in education, from the territories ofHEXTLEARN till the fertile soil for creativity and innovation that has been used in many pressreleases of EFQUEL so far.The success of the garden metaphor is probably based on the easy understanding of thegardener’s role: He has the overview about the whole environment, enables sustainablegrowing and is nurturing his plants on an individual basis.One can say that the gardens of INA are providing an excellent example for successfullytaking care of plants – but how to use them for the conference? How to enable learningprocesses in a free space?
European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL)35, Rue des deux EglisesB-1000 Brussels
First of all, the idea of having different strands might be thought over. Why only 5 strands, ifthere are probably at least 20 experts who could present their organization, their project or their initiative? Why clustering the educational spheres in organizational boxes, when thereare common interest in a topic at itself (e.g. Serious Games and Opening Education in allparts of organizational level)?The answer on such questions can be found in the structure of INA’s garden. The topics aredistributed widely in the garden. Conference participants are walking around, may join adiscussion and also drop out. They can search the dialogue on their own or with the facilitator of the topics. The rapporteurs are gathering the progress on pin-boards or another way ofdocumentation that has to be defined.Ambassadors are walking around as well, however, they are giving a special task in form ofquestions to the facilitators. By this, the facilitators have to answer 4 questions of theambassadors (if there are 4 different ambassadors). In addition, they shall giverecommendations that are related to EFQUEL’s basic profile: Quality in E-Learning – inparticular under the focus on innovation.
European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning (EFQUEL)35, Rue des deux EglisesB-1000 Brussels
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