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Ramesh Sir

Ramesh Sir

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Published by Ramesh Gaddamwar

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Published by: Ramesh Gaddamwar on Jun 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Design Stipulations:
1)Minimum compressive strength in the field at 28 days : 30Mpa2)Minimum flexural strenght reqierd in the field at 28 days : 3.80 Mpa3)Miximum size of aggregate :25mm4)Degree of workabillty : 30mm slump5)Degree of quality control : good6)Accepted tolerance level : 1 in 20B)
Test Date for Materials :
1)Type of cement , OCP-43 Grade2)Compressive strength of cement at 7 days : 41.6 Mpa3)Specitic gravity of cement :3:154)Specific gravity of I) coarse aggregate : 2.721II) fine aggregate : 2.605)Water absorption of I) coarse aggregate : 0.54%II) fine aggregate : 1.20%6) Type of I) coarse aggragate : Crushed, angular II) fine aggregate : Natural river and7)
Sieve analysis:
Coarse aggregate fractionsFine aggregateIS sievePercent passingIS sieve Percent CumulativeFinenesssize20mm10mmsizepassing% retained modolus26.5mm1001009.50mm100019mm55.621004.75mm93.56.59.5mm1.7980.782.36mm76.823.24.75mm0.131.961.18mm51.848.23.45600micron--600micron26.773.375micron--150micron4.395.7300micron29875micron1.4
( Note : Sand conform to Zone 1. )
Target Strenhth for concrete:
Target compressive strength of concrete at 28 days=30+1.65X6 =39.9 Mpa=40Mpa (say)Equivalent targate flexural strenght of concrete at 28days, S = 4.43 MpaD)
Selection of water and sand contents:
From Table4 of IRC44,for water-cement ratio of 0.50 , Slump of 25mm, F.M of Sand of 2.60and angular aggregate, of 25mm maximum size, water content per cum. of concrete=177.5 kgand sand content as percent of total aggregate by absolute voluma =38%For changes in the values of water-cement ratio, fineness modolus of sand & slump, the adjustmentsrequired in the mix are:-Changes in conditionAdjustment required inWater content (kg)sand content (%)I) decrease in w/c (0.5-0.45)=0.050-1%II) increase in FM of sand (3.45-2.60)=0.8504.25%III) slump (30mm-25mm)=5mm0.80%Total0.80%3.25%
Therefore, required water content per cum. of concrete =179 kg and sand content aspercent of total aggregate by absolute volume = (38+3.25)=41.25% say 42%E)
Combined grading of coarse and fine aggregate (As per Table 1500.1 of MORD:)
SleveCumulative %^ Passing.sizeCoarse aggregateFins aggr.20mm10mmSandTotal20mm10mmSand29.0%29.0%42%aggregates26.5mm10010010029294210010019mm55.6210010016.13294287.1350-1009.5mm1.7980.781000.5223.434265.9588-804.75mm0.131.9693.50.040.5739.2739.8836-60600micron-26.7--11.2111.2110.-3575micron-1.4--0.590.590-8Note: Copmbined grading of total aggregates conforms to specified limits.F)
Deternination of Cement Content:
Water-cement ratio=W/C= 0.42Water content= 179 kgTherefore, cement content,C=426kg=425 kg (say)G)
Determination of Aggregate- Cement Ratio:
For the specified maximum size of aggregate of 25mm, the amount of entrapped air in the wet concreteis 1.50%. Taking this factor into account,0.985cum.=(179+425/3.15+1/0.42xS/2.60)x1/1000Therefor, S=733 kg0985 cum=(179+425/3.15+1/0.58xA/2.721)x1/1000Therefore A=1059 kg
The mix proportios are therefore:
WaterCement SandCoarse aggregate Total aggregate
179 kg :425 kg :7331069 kg1792 kgor 0.42 :1:001.722.494.21
Therefore, Aggregate-Cement ratio= 4.21:1Note: The aggregates weights (coarse & fine) derived are dry weights. During site batching suitablecorrections for water absorption and surface moisture (If any) in aggregate shall be considered andadjustments in water content be made to maintain the free W/C ratio at its specified value .H)
Trial Mixes:
Trial mixes were carried out the above propotion of various ingredients and the compressive strenghtand slump values observed. The details of trial mix test results are tabulated below:Limts %passing bywt.
Trial MixGrade of Cube Mass of AgeComp.Av.Comp.SlumpRemarksNo. Concrete.Id Mark.cube (Kg)daysStret.MpaStret.Mpa(mm)123456789
TM-1B8110726.127.647 daysTM-1C8090727.03TM-1D81141431.39TM-1E82321431.6931.0314 daysTM-1F82221430.08TM-1G81012843.16TM-1H82442843.643.428 daysTM-1I82042843.38
Remark :- The mix proportions recommended above should be trried in the field usingthe proposed materials and finalised by observing the actual performance of the concrete mix.Sutaible modifications may be necessary to suit field conditions in the light of experience aswell as for the particular materials used at the site in each case.

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