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A Very Victorian Asylum Challenge - Part 1

A Very Victorian Asylum Challenge - Part 1

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Published by DiMeeeee
Part 1 of my asylum challenge, also known as the Punishment of Marielle Hutchins.
Part 1 of my asylum challenge, also known as the Punishment of Marielle Hutchins.

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Published by: DiMeeeee on Jun 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello and welcome one and all to a Very Victorian Asylum Challenge, also known as the Punishment ofMarielle Hutchins. This is tied to my Victorian Legacy, so I suggest that if you are not familiar with it, youmay like to acquaint yourself with chapters 15-21 of that and read the prologue for this challenge too.The prologue ended with a list of the lucky inhabitants of the Simdon-Leys Home for Irrational and InsaneWomen, but as a reminder, they are Marielle, ex-wife of my fourth generation heir Eddie, BrittanyUpsnott, Sim State playable as characterised by Marina (Smoothiequeen87) in gen 1 of
the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy 
, Katherine Schehl from Lea (Thls0)’s
Barsoom Legacy 
, Lisa Bauchman from Gin(GintasticNecat)’s
the Science of a Legacy 
, Meadow Munster-Enriquez from Katy (Hurrikaty)’s
Munster Legacy 
, Melody Tinker, Bluewater teen as characterised by Gin in the second generation of
the Boolprop Round Robin Legacy 
, and Meredith Kimbrell from Jamie (DocGirlP)’s
Bohemian Legacy.
Finally thecontrollable sim is Aristide Xenobia, founder of LauriEmpress’s
Legacy of Jubilee.
She is a fortune simwith the LTW to become the law.I hope you have your popcorn ready (you’ll need it), so let’s crack on.
Diary of Marielle Legacy, day 1.I have been told to keep a diary of my experiences by Dr Gaviganas part of my treatment, but I really donot see what good it will do, after all it is not as if I
to be here. Here is an insane asylum, but Iam not insane, far from it. My lifestyle may have crumbled around me, but I was starting to build it upagain, when I was taken from my...cottage and thrown in here.Damn, now I’ve blotted the page through pressing too hard.I suppose rather than ranting and raving I should write about myfirst day and my first impressions ofthose I will be staying with. The first person I spoke to introduced herself as Aristide Xenobia. She saidthat she would be acting as caretaker and I immediately decided it would be prudent to befriend her, assuch I did not ask her
she was here, even though I was itching to. She seemed to be very nice, buthad the most unusual eyes I have ever seen: they looked almost purple. Those coupled with her verypale skin, made her seem almost other worldly.
While I was speaking to Aristide, several of the lunatics were getting to know each other. Brittany andMeadow were standing nearest to us, and seemed to find somethingvery funny. I shot them a look, butcould not help but wonder if they were talking about me.I have found that society is not very forgiving of my actions and stares and accusations follow me whereever I go. I try not to let it bother me, after all other people do not understand, and there is nothing wrongwith the way in which I acted, so I have nothing to be ashamed of.And yet...No, I will not think on it, back to my thoughts on the day.

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