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CBCPMonitor vol11-n17

CBCPMonitor vol11-n17

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Published by: cbcpmonitor on Jun 06, 2008
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Church rejects military
Church rejects military
Church rejects military
Church rejects military
Church rejects military
offensive in Mindanao
offensive in Mindanao
offensive in Mindanao
offensive in Mindanao
offensive in Mindanao
Protagonist of Truth, Promoter of Peace
Vol. 11 No. 17
August 20 - September 2, 2007
Php 20.00
Prelate fears another
people power
IF a Catholic bishop would have his way, he
would not let another people power happen
again, fearing a possible \u201cbloody\u201d uprising.
Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz
instead urged the people to keep praying for
change in the country\u2019s government system.
\u201cI hope it (People Power 1) will not happen
again this time because it might already be-
come bloody,\u201d he said.
Cruz said that if time and situation really
demands another people power revolt, it
Prelate / A6
PNP chided for failure to
stop jueteng
AN anti-gambling bishop chided the Philippine
National Police (PNP) over its inability to end
jueteng operations in the country especially in
Luzon provinces.
Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz
made the comment after PNP chief Oscar
Calderon admitted the return of jueteng but said
they are in the stage of adjustment in their cam-
paign against the numbers racket.
Calderon said there has been change of ad-
ministration in jueteng operations after the May
PNP / A6
By Roy Lagarde
THE Catholic Bishops\u2019 Confer-
ence of the Philippines (CBCP)
called for continued search for
peace in the face of increasing
violence in Southern Philippines.
CBCP President Archbishop
Angel Lagdameo said he would
like to see \u201cnegotiated\u201d solution
to Mindanao conflict to avert fur-
ther escalation of violence.
Thousands of government
troopers were deployed in Sulu
and Basilan hunting down Abu
Sayyaf extremists accused of kill-
ing 14 marines in Basilan last July
10 while searching for kidnapped
Italian priest Giancarlo Bossi.
President Gloria Macapagal-
Arroyo ordered the military to
track down the perpetrators.
\u201cThe (government) must not
make violent moves especially
that they don\u2019t know who the per-
petrators are,\u201d said Lagdameo.
The CBCP head expressed
fears innocent civilians could be-
come involuntary victims of the
\u201cIt was bad enough that Ma-
rines suffered. How much more
if civilians will suffer?\u201d he asked.
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Car-
dinal Vidal also expressed strong
opposition to the increasing ten-
sion in Mindanao particularly in
Basilan and Sulu provinces.
\u201cWe are definitely against any
form of violence,\u201d he said.
The government, Vidal said,
must make every effort to work
towards peace, beginning with
Pueblos reiterates call to probe killings, respect human life
BUTUAN Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos reit-
erated his call for the government to investi-
gate all killings commonly described as \u201cex-
trajudicial killings,\u201d so that its perpetrators
be brought to justice.
In an interview with CBCPNews, Bishop
Pueblos who also serves Commissioner to
the Melo Commission, said the killings have
been perpetrated by \u201cvigilantes,\u201d by people
out to get even, persons involved in land dis-
putes, partisan politics and groups out to si-
lence political activists.
He said while AFP Chief of Staff General
Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. created five courts
martial to attend to soldiers accused of vio-
lating Human Rights, they may not have
cases to hear as \u201cpeople may not be able to
launch or file complaints.\u201d
He said even his fellow Melo Commis-
sioner Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuno
agreed with his suggestion to improve the
government\u2019s witness protection program.
\u201cHowever, Commissioner Zuno said im-
proving the Witness Protection program
would mean additional funds as one has to
deal with not just with a witness to case but
his entire family during the court proceed-
ings,\u201d Pueblos said.
There is no \u2018cure\u2019 for
priest w ith child,
archbishop says
Review s
Cardinal Bertone w ill bring \u2018Excellent
Report\u2019 back to Holy Father after
attending KC convention
From abstinence to
love: A question of
Ancestral domain,

development will help Mindano not war, says bishop

SPEAKING over the Catholic Me-
dia Network\u2019s nationwide program
Veritas Pilipinas at Catholic-run
Veritas 846, Bishop Dinualdo
Gutierrez said the situation in
Mindanao, particularly in Basilan
and Sulu provinces \u201cis a very com-
plicated matter.\u201d He firmly said
\u201cwar will not solve anything\u201d for
if you wipe out the Abu Sayyaf,
other groups would surface.\u201d
Asked whether development
would end armed conflict, Bishop
Gutierrez said economic devel-
opment is \u201conly one part (of the
solution).\u201d He added one will
have to \u201cput in justice and respect
for human rights.\u201d Another is to
consider the existing culture and
the need for education, he said
The issues relative to ancestral
domain should be carefully stud-
ied because \u201csome people do not
understand its meaning,\u201d added.
The indigenous people came way
ahead of Muslims and Christians
in settling in Mindanao.
\u201cThe B\u2019laans, T\u2019bolis have been
in Mindanao a long, long time
ago,\u201d Bishop Gutierrez said. The
Philippine constitution recognizes
ancestral domain \u201cthat is why we
Pope extends term
of Cardinal Rosales
\u201cAs a Church, and as a teacher, we have to
respect the rights of every person because
each one of us is made according to the im-
age of God,\u201d he also said.
The bishop added \u201cevery person has that
right from God so we have to respect that to
the point nobody is allowed to get the life of
the other, everybody is encouraged to pro-
tect the life of each other.\u201d
He said the 6th commandment is clear,
\u201cThou shall not kill.\u201d He concluded the
Church would continue to play an important
role in bringing justice to the afflicted.(Melo
the rejection of violence.
At the height of the military
operation, dozens of soldiers
were either killed or wounded
when clashes erupted again in at
least three tows in Sulu.
Caloocan Bishop Deogracias
I\u00f1iguez earlier said that instead
of attacking the rebels, the gov-
ernment should find ways to ease
the tension in Mindanao.
Appeal for prayer for peace
Bishop Prelate of Isabela de
Basilan Martin Jumoad appealed
to every Filipino to pray that
peace may once again reign in his
\u201cWe have to keep in our hearts
the suffering, those who died in
the confrontations, the soldiers,
their immediate families and the
armed groups belonging to the
MILF so that they\u2019ll realize that the
more we see violence, the more
pain and suffering these would
bring to everyone,\u201d he said.
The prelate downplayed news
reports of former Marine com-
mandant, Major General Renato
Miranda, that, he knows who or-
dered the soldiers to the fatal
ambush that claimed 14 lives.
Jumoad said he doesn\u2019t believe
the information \u201cbecause life is
precious and I know the com-
manders are all God-fearing men
and very religious and I don\u2019t
think they would do such for they
all believe in the sanctity of life,\u201d
the prelate explained.
NASSA and DA sign
pact on agri program
Bishop Manuel dies at 69
BISHOP Vicente Manuel of the
Society of the Divine Word
(SVD), died at 2:25 PM on Au-
gust 18, at the Lourdes Hospi-
tal in Mandaluyong.
Early this year, Bishop
Manuel was diagnosed with
cancer of the pancreas.
For three days, the body
was laid in state at Christ the King Seminary in
Quezon City.

His remains were flown to Cebu on the evening of August 21. Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal celebrated a funeral mass at the Metropoli- tan Cathedral together with the Cebu clergy.

After the mass the body was brought to Basak, Mandaue, his former parish, and stayed there until Friday.

He will be interred in San Jose, Occidental
Mindoro on Aug. 27 at 2 PM.

Elevated to the episcopacy in 1983, Bishop Manuel is the bishop emeritus of San Jose, Occi- dental Mindoro where he established a radio sta- tion and some socio-developmental projects. In 2000, he was transferred to the Archdiocese of Cebu.

When chairman of the CBCP Commission on Mission, Bishop Manuel organized the First Na- tional Mission Congress held in Cebu in October 2000, which inspired the creation of the National Mission Plan and the organization of the Philip- pine Association of Catholic Missiologists (PACM).

IN an unprecedented move, the
government\u2019s Department of Agri-
culture sought the assistance and co-
operation of the National Secretariat
for Social Action (CBCP-NASSA) in
promoting sustainable agriculture
despite the government\u2019s insistence
on hybrid production
and the maximum uti-
lization of chemicals.
Episcopal Commis-
sion on Social Action,
Justice and Peace Chair-
man and Marbel
Gutierrez said \u201cit is
about time the government makes
up its mind regarding the practice of
sustainable agriculture.\u201d
In a press statement sent to
CBCPNews, NASSA Executive Direc-
tor Sr. Rosanne Malillin, SPC said
three years ago, the government ag-
gressively campaigned for hybrid
rice then known as \u201cGloria rice\u201d as a
means to ensure the country\u2019s food
The Department of Agriculture un-
der Secretary Arthur C. Yap will as-
sist in the establishment of mini-or-
ganic fertilization plants in NASSA-
identified dioceses, provide technical
training and equipment, including 70
pieces of soil test kits for Sustainable
Agriculture Resource Centers and
funds for the propagation of tradi-
tional seeds such as rice, corn, veg-
etables and fruit trees to interested
farmers\u2019 groups.
The Memorandum
of Agreement will be
signed today in time
for the National
Launching of DA and
Social Action Net-
work joint program
on sustainable agriculture.
Secretary Arthur C. Yap and
Butuan Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos,
Butuan Auxiliary Zacarias Jimenez
and Surigao Bishop Antonieto
Cabajog will sign the agreement.
The direct beneficiaries are the 64
archdioceses and dioceses, agricul-
tural reform communities and
people\u2019s organizations under
NASSA\u2019s Sustainable Agriculture
Network.(CBCP News)
GAUDENCIO Cardinal Rosales
will continue serving as Arch-
bishop of Manila following an in-
vitation of Pope Benedict XVI for
him to continue his pastoral duty
even if he reached his retirement
The Apostolic Nunciature in the
Philippines, in a letter forwarded
to Rosales, said that the Holy Fa-
ther had received his resignation
letter but the Pope was inviting
him \u201cto continue his ministry.\u201d
The Pope\u2019s letter was read Au-
gust 8 at the Mass for the advance
celebration of Rosales\u2019 birthday
with the Manila clergy at the
Arzobispado de Manila.
In response, the Cardinal said
he will continue what he has been
doing and urged his priests and
the faithful to continue praying
for him.
\u201cI thank God for the strength
He has given me to continue serv-
ing for the Church and His people
despite my old age,\u201d said Rosales.
The Catholic Bishops\u2019 Confer-
ence of the Philippines (CBCP),
meanwhile, welcomed the Holy
Father\u2019s recent decision.
CBCP President and Jaro Arch-
bishop Angel Lagdameo said it\u2019s
really the prerogative of the Pope
whether to accept or not the filed
mandatory resignation of the
Manila archbishop.
\u201cWe are very happy with the
decision. Even if Archbishop
Rosales reached the age of 75, he
is still capable of leading the
Catholic Church in the Philip-
pines,\u201d he said.
Few months before his 75th
birthday on August 10, Rosales
sent his resignation letter to the
Pope in June 2007 as required by
the Church Law.
The Code of Canon Law re-
quires that Catholic bishops must
tender their resignation on their
75th birth anniversary.
In that letter, Rosales thanked
the Pope and \u201cthe Holy Mother
Church for having granted me the
privilege of serving the Church
as Bishop.\u201d
He said that his 33 years as prel-
ate \u201chave shown me the unfailing
grace of a loving God\u201d despite
\u201cdifficult moments\u201d but \u201creward-
ing times\u201d.
He told the Pope that he was
submitting his resignation earlier,
to \u201callow the proper selection of
the Archbishop who will succeed\u201d
Rosales said that his release
from \u201ctremendous responsibili-
ties (of being Archbishop) will
most likely be spent in much
prayer, reflections and probably
However, he said, \u201cThese are
personal plans and my obedience
to the laws and traditions of the
Church. I place my entire self ever
in God\u2019s will and Your Holiness\u2019
Celebrating, meanwhile, the
birthday of its Archbishop, the
Archdiocese of Manila designated
August 10, 2007 as a \u201cSpecial Day
Pope / A6
Ancestral / A6
Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales
Church / A6
Celebrating God\u2019s outpouring love.

Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal (extreme right) led the symbolic releasing of doves and balloons during the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Carmel of St. Joseph in Lucena City, August 10, 2007.

Vol. 11 No. 17
August 20 - September 2, 2007
CBCP Monitor
CBCP Monitor
World News
Abortion causes rift at Amnesty
International, Irish office opts out of
controversial policy
Benedict XVI urges struggle against evil, says this is
the secret to Christ\u2019s peace
Cardinal Bertone to bring Papal aid to Peru
Vatican denies tinkering with
Wikipedia spokesman
downplays BBC report
Pope appeals for aid for South
Asians affected by severe
Zambian bishops urge Catholics
to study statement on reforms
Australian Muslims to join in World Youth Day planning
DUBLIN, Ireland, August 17,
2007\u2014Ireland\u2019s branch of Am-
nesty International (AI) will not
promote the organization\u2019s new
policy of allowing abortion in
cases of rape, incest, or threats to
the mother\u2019s life.
Noeleen Hartigan, director at
Ireland\u2019s Amnesty International
office, confirmed that the Irish
branch is opting out of the con-
troversial new policy, the Irish
Times reported.
Catholic delegates attending an
Amnesty International conference
this week are likely to raise the
issue, which has already received
wide media attention.
A former member, Mary
Stewart, told the Irish Times that
she sent back her membership
card in protest to the executive
committee\u2019s decision to adopt the
abortion policy.
Stewart explained, \u201cI joined
Amnesty because of its strong
opposition to the death penalty
but now opposition to the death
penalty does not apply to unborn
Amnesty International was
started as a campaign for prison-
ers of conscience in 1961 by Brit-
ish lawyer and Catholic convert
Peter Benenson.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
in 1977, its membership has
swelled to 1.8 million members.
Kate Gilmore, Amnesty
International\u2019s deputy secretary-
general, said the decision from the
Irish branch and criticism from
U.S. bishops will not reverse the
organization\u2019s abortion policy
Cardinal Renato Martino, presi-
dent of the Pontifical Council for
Justice and Peace, recently told the
National Catholic Register that
Catholics would have to with-
draw support from the organiza-
tion if it continued to support abor-
\u201cBy pushing for the decriminal-
ization of abortion as part of their
platform, Amnesty International
has disqualified itself as a de-
fender of human rights,\u201d he said.
\u201cIf AI is no longer willing to stand
up for the most basic human
right\u2014the right to life\u2014then the
very integrity of the organization
is called into question.\u201d(Zenit)
gust 19, 2007\u2014The peace of Christ
is not \u201cthe absence of conflict\u201d but
the \u201cstruggle against evil,\u201d
Benedict XVI says.
The Pope said this today to those
gathered at the pontifical residence
at Castel Gandolfo to pray the An-
gelus. He added that being instru-
ments of Christ\u2019s peace means \u201cde-
feating evil with good.\u201d
Speaking about the words of
Jesus from today\u2019s Gospel \u00af \u201cDo
you think that I have come to es-
tablish peace on the earth? No, I
tell you, but rather division\u201d \u00af the
Holy Father clarified that this say-
ing \u201cmeans the peace that he came
to bring is not synonymous with
the simple absence of conflict.\u201d
\u201cOn the contrary, the peace of
Jesus is the fruit of a constant
struggle against evil. The battle
that Jesus has decided to fight is
not against men or human powers
but against the enemy of God and
man, Satan,\u201d the Pontiff empha-
He continued: \u201cThose who de-
sire to resist this enemy, remain-
ing faithful to God and the good,
must necessarily deal with mis-
understandings and sometimes
very real persecution.
\u201cThus, those who intend to fol-
low Jesus and commit them-
selves without compromises to
the truth must know that they
will face opposition and will be-
come, despite themselves, a sign
of division among persons, even
within their own families.\u201d
Benedict XVI said that love for
one\u2019s parents is \u201cindeed a sacred
commandment,\u201d but added that
it \u201ccannot be set in opposition to
the love of God and Christ.\u201d
\u201cIn such a way, in the footsteps
of the Lord Jesus, Christians must
become \u2018instruments of his
peace,\u2019 according to the celebrated
expression of St. Francis of
Assisi,\u201d the Pope said. \u201cThis is not
an inconsistent and superficial
peace but a real one, pursued
with courage and tenacity in the
daily commitment to defeat evil
with good, paying in person the
price that this carries with it.\u201d
Speaking in German, he added,
\u201cChrist is not looking for tired
conformists, but witnesses of
courageous faith, those who burn
in the fire of his love.\u201d(Zenit)
gust 19, 2007\u2014Benedict XVI is
sending Secretary of State Cardi-
nal Tarcisio Bertone to bring aid
to victims of the earthquake in
Peru and convey the Pope\u2019s per-
sonal concern for their situation.
In the Holy Father\u2019s greeting
to those gathered at the papal
summer residence of Castel
Gandolfo to pray the Angelus
today, he assured the victims of
the Peruvian earthquake that
\u201cthe Church is with you.\u201d
At least 540 people died in
Wednesday\u2019s magnitude-8 earth-
quake. More than double that
number were injured.
\u201cIn these days our thoughts
and our prayers are turned con-
stantly to the people of Peru, who
have been stricken by a devastat-
ing earthquake,\u201d the Pontiff said.
\u201cFor the many who have died, I
invoke the peace of the Lord, for
those who have been injured, I
ask for quick recovery, and for
those thrown into miserable cir-
cumstances I assure you that the
Church is with you, in spiritual
and material solidarity.\u201d
Benedict XVI added: \u201cMy sec-
retary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio
Bertone, who for some time had
planned a visit to Peru, in the next
few days, will, in person, bring
the testimony of my sentiments
and the concrete help of the Holy
VATICAN CITY, August 17,
2007\u2014The Holy See denied re-
ports that it made alterations to
the Internet encyclopedia
The Vatican spokesman, Jesuit
Father Federico Lombardi, clari-
fied today that accusations say-
ing the Holy See manipulated
the encyclopedia written in col-
laborative form by its readers,
\u201clack all seriousness and logic.\u201d
\u201cIt is absurd even to think that
such an initiative could have even
been considered,\u201d added the
spokesman in a note released by
Vatican Radio, of which Father
Lombardi is director.
The priest said that \u201ca simple
journalistic verification would
have been sufficient to realize
that the changes made in
Wikipedia didn\u2019t have anything
to do with the Holy See.\u201d
According to a Thursday re-
port by the BBC, some organi-
zations, such as the CIA and the
Vatican, have altered the content
of Wikipedia.
The changes have supposedly
been verified by a new tool,
called Wikipedia Scanner, that
shows the identity of the organi-
zations that modify content of the
virtual encyclopedia, which is
written and edited by its own
users in more than 100 languages.
According to the BBC, some-
one used computers in the
Vatican to edit the page on Gerry
Adams, leader of the Irish politi-
cal party Sinn Fein.
The anonymous user alleg-
edly took out links to articles
that reported the supposed find-
ing of Adams\u2019 fingerprints in a
car used in a double homicide in
1971, according to the BBC.
Another section, titled \u201cFresh
Murder Question Raised,\u201d disap-
peared from the page on the
leader of Sinn Fein.
Father Lombardi noted that
the accusations received wide
coverage in many media orga-
nizations, but called this type of
reporting \u201ctypical\u201d for slow
news days, prevalent while the
Northern Hemisphere enjoys
The director of the Vatican
press office explained that, even
if the BBC verifies the story, one
still has to take into account that
there are many computers in the
Vatican, and that anyone could
have access to Wikipedia on any
one of them.( Z e n i t )
gust 20, 2007\u2014Pope Benedict XVI
appealed to the international
community to quickly come to
the aid of millions of people af-
fected by severe flooding in
South Asia.
After praying the Aug. 12
noonday Angelus, the pope ex-
pressed his concern for the \u201cnu-
merous victims and millions of
homeless\u201d caused by the \u201cseri-
ous floods\u201d in Pakistan, India,
Bangladesh, Nepal and China.
More than 20 million people
have been made homeless by the
floods and hundreds more have
Relief workers said the
region\u2019s seasonal monsoons and
rains this year brought the worst
flooding they have seen in
nearly a decade. Flooding de-
stroyed housing, cut off roads,
food and medical supplies, and
contaminated potable water
sources for millions of people.
The pope urged the world\u2019s
Catholics \u201cto pray for the vic-
tims and to support initiatives
of solidarity aimed at alleviat-
ing the suffering of so many
people so harshly tried.\u201d
\u201cMay there not lack immedi-
ate and generous support from
the international community for
these brothers and sisters of
ours,\u201d he said.
The pope\u2019s appeal came after
he asked the faithful to live pru-
dently and wisely, reminding
them that \u201con this earth, we are
only passing through.\u201d
Before reciting the Angelus,
the pope said Christians should
keep their hearts and eyes on
heaven in anticipation of the
eternal life to come.
He said Abraham lived \u201cin the
Promised Land as in a foreign
country,\u201d living in tents, recog-
nizing he was a stranger on
earth, \u201cseeking a homeland\u201d in
The pope reminded people to
think of \u201cthe life of the world to
come\u201d and invited everyone to
live \u201cwisely and with foresight,
to carefully consider our des-
tiny\u201d and the final realities of
\u201cdeath, the last judgment, eter-
nity, hell and paradise.\u201d(CNS)
LUSAKA, Zambia, August 14,
2007\u2014Zambia\u2019s Catholic bishops
have urged all Zambian Catho-
lics to get together in small com-
munity groups to study their
statement on constitutional re-
form, calling the current time a
\u201ccritical moment in the demo-
cratic life\u201d of the southern Afri-
can country.
In the pastoral statement read
in churches across the country
Aug. 12 and scheduled to be
broadcast daily for two weeks on
church-sponsored community
radio stations, the Zambian bish-
ops\u2019 conference said group study
will enable people \u201cto under-
stand what is at stake.\u201d The bish-
ops encouraged Catholics \u201cto call
on their local members of parlia-
ment to fully explain to them how
(they) will represent them on
these constitutional issues.\u201d
The bishops said they told
President Levy Mwanawasa at
their July 12 meeting with him
that Zambia will never have a le-
gitimate constitution unless it is
\u201cgenuinely a product of national
consensus, that is, inclusive of all
social groups in this country: po-
litical, religious, civil society,
government\u201d and others. A Brit-
ish-drafted constitution has been
used since the former colony\u2019s in-
dependence in 1964.
\u201cAccording to our traditional
Zambian wisdom and practice,
all serious issues are to be
thrashed out in a wide group, rep-
resentative of different opinions
and viewpoints; otherwise there
is the danger that a wise decision
will not be reached and that the
decision will not be accepted by
the people,\u201d the bishops said in
the statement signed by their
conference president, Archbishop
Telesphore Mpundu of Lusaka.
The bishops support recom-
mendations, which were made in
2005 by a constitutional review
committee, that the president be
elected by a \u201c50 plus 1 percent
majority\u201d instead of by simple
majority. The recommendations
also provide for reduced presi-
dential powers and an indepen-
dent judiciary.
A bill of rights and a constitu-
tional court \u201cwhich can handle
both human rights cases and elec-
toral issues\u201d need to be estab-
lished, the bishops said.
\u201cWe stand by the repeated de-
mand of the people of Zambia for a
new constitution, not an amended
old constitution,\u201d they said.
The church has been outspoken
in its insistence that the new con-
stitution be enacted by a constitu-
ent assembly instead of parlia-
ment, which is dominated by
Mwanawasa\u2019s party, the Move-
ment for Multiparty Democracy.
The bishops said they join their
voice \u201cto those who are calling
for patriotic sacrifice\u201d by partici-
pants in the constituent assembly,
\u201cwho should serve on the basis
of sponsorship by their own or-
ganizations so as to reduce over-
all costs.\u201d
Mwanawasa repeatedly has
said the country cannot afford the
recommended constitution-mak-
ing process.(CNS)
SYDNEY, Australia, August 16,
2007\u2014Islamic leaders in Austra-
lia may encourage participation
in the 2008 World Youth Day cel-
ebration, in exchange for a prom-
ise from Catholic leaders that
there will be no effort to convert
young people of other faiths, the
Sydney Morning Heraldreports.
The Australian Federation of
Islamic Councils is offering to
open school halls to accommo-
date the thousands of young
people who will converge on
Sydney for the July 2008 celebra-
tion. The Islamic group may also
help organize sporting events
involving both Christian and
Muslim participants, and wel-
come Christian pilgrims to visit
local mosques.
According to the Morning Her-
ald report, Church officials have
promised that Catholic leaders
\u201cwill not try to convert members
of other religious denominations
taking part in inter-faith forums
and volunteering facilities.\u201d
Organizers of World Youth
Day in Sydney had issued an in-
vitation for other religious
groups to join in the planning and
participate in the celebration. The
group re-
saying that
the event
could help
\u201c b r e a k
down bar-
riers\u201d in
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone
CBCP Monitor
CBCP Monitor
Vol. 11 No. 17
August 20 - September 2, 2007
News Features
Cardinal Bertone will bring \u2018Excellent
Report\u2019 back to Holy Father after
attending KC convention
Bishops-Ulama, AFP: Dialogue
is key to peace-making
AT a press conference on August 9 with mem-
bers of the international Catholic press, Car-
dinal Tarcisio Bertone said he will give \u201can
excellent report\u201d to Pope Benedict XVI on his
trip to the United States to attend the Knights
of Columbus 125th Supreme Council Meet-
ing in Nashville.
\u201dI am going to bring some of the documents
from the meeting, in particular the written
report of Mr. Carl Anderson that was pre-
sented to us yesterday,\u201d said Cardinal Bertone,
referring the Supreme Knight Carl A.
Anderson\u2019s annual report.Supreme Knight
Anderson hosted the press conference, which
was also attended by Archbishop Pietro Sambi,
the apostolic nuncio to the United States.
The oral presentation of the annual report
was given by the Supreme Knight on Tues-
day morning during the opening session of
the convention. In it he spoke about the proud
history of the Knights of Columbus, the
world\u2019s largest Catholic fraternal family or-
ganization, and he outlined the Order\u2019s con-
tinued growth in membership and charitable
works for the Church and society.At the press
conference, which included U.S. and overseas
journalists, Cardinal Bertone also spoke
about Father Michael J. McGivney.
\u201dI can only hope that his life truly be made
known to many more people throughout the
world as it has been made known to people
here in the United States,\u201d the cardinal said.
\u201dIt is not only the fact that his life revolved
around questions of social care of people, but
also that his life must be made known in its
fullness for what it really stood for\u2014his com-
mitment to catechesis and evangelization. It
can\u2019t be presented as a life that was only for
social needs but also must be told from the
perspective of a man of the Church.\u201d
At the convention\u2019s opening Mass the day
before, Cardinal Bertone preached on the life
and virtues of Father McGivney and said that
he takes a personal interest in the cause for
beatification of the founder of the Knights of
Cardinal Bertone
was the main cel-
ebrant of a Mass for
the Knights of Co-
lumbus in his first
trip to the United
States since being
named to his Vatican
position last year by
Pope Benedict XVI.
Cardinal Bertone
made the trip to
Nashville, Tenn., spe-
cifically to attend the
Order\u2019s convention
and to deliver a mes-
sage from the Holy
In his homily, Cardinal Bertone conveyed
Pope Benedict\u2019s best wishes. \u201cPlease be as-
sured of the Holy Father\u2019s spiritual closeness
[to the Knights] and of a special remem-
brance in his prayers at this time.\u201d
He also assured attendees of the Holy
Father\u2019s \u201cgratitude for the good works car-
ried out by the Knights of Columbus.\u201dHe
praised Knights of Columbus founder, the
Servant of God Father Michael J. McGivney,
calling him a \u201choly parish priest\u201d who \u201cmin-
istered to [parishioners] with Christ-like com-
He \u201cfound the faith and courage to walk
steadfastly toward Christ and to inspire oth-
ers by his leadership,\u201d said Cardinal Bertone.
The cardinal also commended the Order
for its works of mercy and charity, compar-
ing Knights to the Good Samaritan. \u201cYou
bind the wounds of those you discover lying
by the wayside and help restore them to
health and strength,\u201d he said. \u201cWe thank the
Lord for the good works that are carried out
in the Catholic community through the gen-
erosity of the Knights of Columbus.\u201d
The Aug. 7 Mass began with a hush of the
sacred filling the spacious convention center\u2019s
ballroom, as a Fourth Degree honor guard
passed down the center aisle. The sacred
strains of the hymn \u201cThe Heavens Are Tell-
ing\u201d was begun by the choir, and a long line
of priests, bishops and cardinals then pro-
cessed to the sanctuary and kissed the altar.
With chairs arranged from wall to wall,
more than 2,600 Knights, wives and family
members filled the ballroom for the Tues-
day morning liturgy.
The Mass was the new liturgy of the
Church offered in Latin, and Cardinal Bertone
delivered his homily in Italian, with simul-
taneous translation provided to the delegates
in their own language through the use of
Intentions for the Prayer of the Faithful
were read by brother Knights in English,
Spanish, Polish, French and the Filipino lan-
guage Tagalog.Cardinal Bertone imparted his
apostolic blessing at the close of Mass \u201cas a
gift of the abundant divine blessing.\u201d
After Mass, he joined fellow clergy mem-
bers for a lunch hosted by the Knights of Co-
lumbus.(Catholic Information Service)
Arguelles to launch Marian
Lawmaker hits Church on population, reproductive health
Criminal syndicates behind child pornography
THE newly-organized Catholic Bishops Con-
ference of the Philippines\u2019 Ad-Hoc Commit-
tee Against Child Pornography said minors
as young as three years old have been used
by criminal syndicates to pose nude for the
digital cameras and the Internet.
In a press briefing in time for the Feast of
Our Lady of the Assumption, former Ambas-
sador to the Holy See and PPCRV Chairper-
son Henrietta T. de Villa condemned the prac-
tice of nefarious businessmen who exploit
children for their own selfish motives.
\u201cWe condemn the violations committed
against helpless minors, asked to pose nude
and indulge in unthinkable activities,\u201d de
Villa said.
\u201cThe CBCP President, Archbishop Angel
N. Lagdameo has expressed support for our
advocacy as he encouraged the involved
CBCP Commissions to coordinate their re-
spective efforts for optimum results,\u201d de Villa
She said the Catholic Church through the
Catholic Bishops\u2019 Conference of the Philip-
pines and its respective Commissions on
Youth, Family and Life, Laity and the Offices
on Women and Media have begun its advo-
cacy campaign to call on government and the
citizens to prevent further child exploitation.
De Villa also said the ad-hoc committee
received reports some parents were even en-
couraging their children to participate in the
production of pornographic movies for cash
or gifts.
Asked how the committee will lead the
campaign, Ambassador de Villa said the
Church has its mandated organizations,
schools and colleges nationwide along with
parishes. \u201cWe will go heavy in information-
education-communication campaigns
through the help of the media,\u201d the former
Philippine envoy said.
Optical and Media Board Chair Edu
Manzano said he appreciates the support of
the Catholic Church as he revealed Filipino
minors have been seen in locally-produced
pornographic materials.
\u201cThe materials featured children engaged
in sexual activities too graphic to describe,\u201d
Manzano said.
He reported complaints have been filed
against several mall owners, retailers and
smugglers. \u201cWe also appreciate the reception
we got from government prosecutors who
assisted us in going after these legit business-
men, peddlers and wholesalers,\u201d he added.
A \u201clugawan\u201d with the country\u2019s legislators
has been scheduled next month to discuss
what additional laws are needed to put a stop
to child pornography.
The ad-hoc committee\u2019s research revealed
while there are enough laws, the penalties
are \u201ctoo light\u201d to serve as deterrent to crimi-
nal syndicates.
It was also noted that credit card compa-
nies have not cooperated with investigating
agencies to ferret child pornography sub-
scribers. A law is needed to penalize mere
possession of child pornographic materials.
It will be recalled government authorities
rescued around 70 minors aged 5 to 12 years
old from a syndicate involved in the produc-
tion of pornographic materials in Laguna
province during the second semester of 2004.
The incident caught international attention.
Former Ambassador de Villa said the
Catholic Bishops\u2019 Conference of the Philip-
pines issued its pastoral letter on the exploi-
tation of children as early as January 31, 1998
during the leadership of Lingayen-Dagupan
Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz.(CBCPNews)
REPRESENTATIVE Janet Garin of Iloilo
launched Wednesday an open attack on the
Catholic Church for its unswerving defense
of the right to life and its consistent opposi-
tion to proposed anti-life and anti-family
In a privilege speech on population and
reproductive health, Garin sought support for
House Bill No. 17, which seeks to establish a
national policy on reproductive health, re-
sponsible parenthood and population devel-
opment, even before the bill could be referred
to a committee, which has yet to be orga-
Oddly enough, the members on the floor
failed to point out that any discussion of the
bill was premature.
Garin claimed that having too many chil-
dren was inimical to women\u2019s health; that it
contributed to so much poverty; that it bur-
dened the government\u2019s development goals;
and that family planning was needed to im-
prove women\u2019s quality of life.
Garin blamed the Church for the failure of
Congress to enact population control and
reproductive health laws. She said the Church
habitually lobbied members of Congress to
deny support to population control and re-
productive health bills.
Garin accused the Church of violating the
principle of separation of Church and State,
without giving any indication of how this
principle was to be correctly understood.
Nobody reminded the congresswoman
that it is the State that needs to be prevented
from violating the rights of the people and
the Church whenever it attempts to control
the basic human rights of the individual or
the family concerning procreation.
Congressman Eduardo Zialcita of
Paranaque made a manifestation that he and
the recently organized Pro-life Caucus in
Congress will block all anti-life bills. Zialcita
said these bills have failed to pass in past
congresses because the majority did not think
they deserved to be supported.
Congressman Roilo Golez of Paranaque
stood to refute Garin\u2019s claims. He cited the
contribution to the nation\u2019s economy and to
global professional excellence by children of
big poor families who have made it to the
top because their parents invested everything
in their education.
By their regular remittances of 15 billion
dollars a year, these children of poor fami-
lies who are employed abroad continue to
contribute to the country\u2019s economic growth,
Golez said.
Golez proposed that instead of wasting
money on population control, the govern-
ment should invest on education to make the
country globally competitive in the labor
market. A good number of legislators were
seen nodding in agreement.
Despite the fact that Buhay Party, which
clearly stood on a pro-life platform, topped
the party list elections and has three repre-
sentatives now sitting in the House, House
Bill 17 in its explanatory note claims that 86%
of Filipinos approve of candidates advocat-
ing women\u2019s health programs while 82% sup-
port those advocating family planning pro-
The country\u2019s population growth rate has
been going down consistently despite the
corollary decline in the contraceptive preva-
lence rate. However, the government, with
the help of foreign funding agencies, seems
bent on pushing a sterilization program con-
sidered immoral by the Catholic Church.
Local governments are now poised to pass
Reproductive Health Codes in local legisla-
tures through local ordinances as a follow-
through of their success in passing Gender
and Development Codes without consulta-
tion with family and other sectors as man-
dated by the Constitution.
Pro-life and pro-family advocates in the
House are convinced the Church has an ac-
tive role to play in making sure that legisla-
tors are guided by the moral law in propos-
ing any legislation concerning the individual
and the family. (Ma. Fenny Tatad)
A MARIOLOGICAL Society to be
called Pueblo Amante de Maria
Mariological Society of the Philip-
pines (PAMMSPhil) will be
launched on September 12, in time
for the annual pilgrimage and cel-
ebration of the National Day of
Prayer for Peace and Sanctification
of the Clergy in honor of Mary,
Mediatrix of All Grace.
Mariological societies are estab-
lished in many countries around
the world, but not one yet is set up
in the Philippines.
According to Fr. Melvin Castro,
president and founder of the Con-
fraternity of Mary, Mediatrix of All
Grace, the choice of the name for
the society manifests the Filipinos\u2019
filial devotion to the Blessed
\u201cArchbishop Arguelles does
not want it [society] just to be
called Mariological society but
Pueblo de Amantewhich speaks of
the Marian spirit that essentially
describes us as a people and as a
country,\u201d he said.
PAMMSPhil will have theolo-
gians and Marian devotees as
members. Castro said the goal is to
make an in depth study of Marian
devotions and provide theological
foundation to guide devotees in
their devotional practices.
\u201cThere is a tendency among our
devotees to resort to fanaticism [in
their devotional practices, so the
need for] theological basis or foun-
dation,\u201d said Castro.
On September 11, an overnight
vigil and healing mass is scheduled
with Fr. Jerry Orbos as speaker.
Archbishop Ramon Arguelles
will celebrate the 6 am mass on
Church promotes breastfeeding
THE Catholic Church has backed
calls from health experts to push
breastfeeding instead of highly
advertised milk substitutes.
The Catholic Bishops\u2019 Confer-
ence of the Philippines, through its
Episcopal Commission on Health
Care (CBCP-ECHC) is promoting
ways to help mothers who find
breastfeeding a challenge.
The ECHC has recently distrib-
uted a 4-page handout to all the
parishes, Catholic schools and the
faithful about the advantages chil-
dren can get from mother\u2019s milk.
In the handout, the Church
group stressed the importance of
breast milk as a \u201cunique gift from
God\u201d that nobody can replace.
\u201cIt is really fascinating to see a
baby in the arms of a mother giv-
ing life through breastfeeding,\u201d
it said.
\u201cImagine our lives without her
caring arms and nurturing milk
in her breasts. You are really
blessed if your mother decided
to breastfeed you. You should be
thankful for she shared the
unique gift of God that nobody
can replace,\u201d the information
material added.
The ECHC encouraged all
mothers to breastfeed their ba-
bies as a way to share the \u201cgift
only a mother can give\u201d.
The group also lauded the
World Health Organization
(WHO), UNICEF and the Depart-
ment of Health (DOH) in under-
The WHO in Manila earlier
sought the help of the Catholic
Church in promoting natural feed-
ing rather than the artificial milk.
WHO director for Western Pa-
cific Dr. Shigeru Omi said the
Church has a significant role to
play in this advocacy.
\u201cThe Church is still very influ-
ential in many societies and it
could help our advocacy," he said.
Omi said the Church can use
the resources and opportunities
available to it to inform people
about the advantages of
The WHO official said the
Church, through its priests and
ministers, can inform everyone
in their congregation that
breastfeeding is the most effec-
tive intervention to promote the
healthy development of children.
(Roy Lagarde)
September 12 to be followed by a
Marian conference at 8 am. Fr.
Melvin Castro will talk on the Lipa
apparitions that happened 59 years
ago. In the afternoon, Archbishop
Arguelles will officially launch
PAMMSPhil following the talk of
Jesuit theologian Fr. Catalino
Arevalo, who will explain what
Pueblo de Amante meant. The day
will be capped with a
concelebrated mass with Cardinal
Ricardo Vidal as main celebrant
and Archbishop Angel Lagdameo
as homilist.
Pueblo Amante de Mariahas Arch-
bishop Arguelles as president and
Ambassador Howard Dee as vice
president. Current members are
composed of theologians from the
clergy and Marian groups Friends
of the Mediatrix and Magnificat
movements. The membership
committee is headed by Fr. Melvin
National Pilgrimage
Already in its fourth year, the
annual pilgrimage in honor of
Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace has
drawn thousands of Marian devo-
tees all over the country who
gather in Lipa Carmel to pay hom-
age to our Lady.
The annual pilgrimage is spear-
headed by the Archdiocese of Lipa
and National Movement for Mary,
Mediatrix of All Grace.
The National Movement is a
coalition of various Marian or-
ganizations in the country, one
of which is Friends of Mary the
Mediatrix. (Pinky Barrientos,
IN a statement released before
their August 9 meeting the BUC
convenors emphasized that de-
spite having the same goal of
promoting peace and order, both
religious leaders and law enforc-
ers vary in their methods of
implementing it.
\u201cHence there is a need of build-
ing lines and occasions of peace-
ful communication and dialogue
among them towards an effective
mutual collaboration,\u201d the state-
ment said.
Acknowledging the key role of
religious leaders and peacekeep-
ers in promoting peace through
respectful dialogue, both parties
agreed to strive to build bridges
of solidarity, reconciliation and
peace through dialogue calling
on each citizen to fulfill their role
in peace-making.
Officials of the Tripartite Com-
mission of the Bishops-Ulama
Conference (BUC) led by Davao
archbishop Fernando Capalla,
UCCP Bishop emeritus Hilario
Gomez and Ulama League Presi-
dent Dr. Mahid Mutilan met last
August 9 with representatives of
the Armed Forces of the Philip-
pines, (AFP) the Philippine Na-
tional Police (PNP) and the Mili-
tary Ordinariate to a dialogue for
peace in Mindanao.
National Security Adviser Sec-
retary Norberto Gonzales, Gen-
eral Hermogenes Esperon, and
Director General Oscar Calderon
represented the AFP and PNP.
Contentious situations \u201csuch as
land conflicts, misrepresentation
and inaccurate reporting, the
threat of hostilities breaking out
because of possible flash points,
provocations because of biases
and prejudices\u201d remain problem-
atic issues that call for an ongo-
ing dialogue.
Both parties agreed that dia-
logue should start from the
grassroots and work its way up
to the level of leadership.
Serving as a liaison between
the Bishop-Ulama and military
in the peace process is Military
Ordinariate Bishop Leopoldo
Tumulak, DD.
According to Fr. John
Brillantes, the bishop\u2019s secretary,
the Military Ordinariate\u2019s partici-
pation in the peace dialogue is
important because of the
military\u2019s involvement in the on-
going clashes.
\u201c[The bishop] wants to be in-
volved in the peace process be-
cause the men and women in uni-
form are at the center stage of the
ongoing conflict in Mindanao,\u201d
he said.
Tumulak has issued instruction
to all chaplaincies of AFP and
PNP throughout the country to
organized Holy hour and pray
for peace in violence-racked Sulu
and Basilan provinces.
The government deployed
more than 4,000 soldiers in Sulu
and Basilan last week in a mili-
tary offensive against Abu
Barrientos, FSP)
Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

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