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Published by Ravi Yalala

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Published by: Ravi Yalala on Jun 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sure. These are questions I also get asked at interviews (i'm a
 contractor)1.If mail isn't routing, what can you do?Step1: I will get a copy of delivery Failure from the sender Step 2:
Send a mail trace to that address
Step 3;
Mail routing topology maps
Mail routing topology maps are useful to track mail routing problems between servers.1.From the Domino Administrator, click the Messaging - Mail tab.2.Choose one:Mail routing topology by connectionsMail routing topology by named networks
Undelivered mail
From the Domino Administrator, click the Messaging - Mail tab, then select Mailrouting status. You can also check for undelivered mail in the mail routing eventsview in the log file (LOG.NSF).2. If replication between....isn't working, what can you do?
2. How to troubleshoot replication issues
Data base replication errors can be common, but can also be very frustrating to correct. Suggestionsfor troubleshooting replication problem include:
Make sure the DB's are sharing the same replica ID's.
Check the Domino Log database for possible errors that are occurring.
Check for the DB replication history to find last successfully replicated and to determine whenthe problem started.
Check the connection documents for the servers.
Make sure Replication task are enabled & also in the database properties.
Cross check replication scheduled is properly defined.
Check for the DB ACL's which allows replication between the DB's
Make sure sever has sufficient disk space to allow the DB's to add the documents.
3. Tell me about
User Authentication
: This is a process in which Notes client and domino serveruse tovalidate each other when a client tries to access the domino server 
Server Security
: This controls the access the domino server, server access is controlled bya server access list on the domino server 
Database Security:
controls the acess to the database on the domino server 4. What's in a
27.Notes ID file contain
User Name
Certifier Information
Certifier Duration
Public Key
Private Key
Secrete Key
administration server 
The server that you assign to apply Administration Process updates to a primary replica.5. What is a replication and Save conflict?
Save conflicts
A save conflict occurs when two or more users open and edit the same document at thesame time on the same server, even if they're editing different fields. When this situationoccurs, the first document saved becomes the main document
Replication conflicts
A replication conflict occurs when two or more users edit the same document and save thechanges in different replicas between replications
1.What is stored in a Notes ID
The Owner's name - A user ID File may also contain one alternative name
A Permanent license number- This number indicates that the owner is legal and specifieswhether the owner has a North American or International license to run Domino or Notes.
At least one Notes certificate from the certifier ID - which is a Digital signature added to auser ID or Server ID. This generates from the private key of the certifier ID.
A Private key- Notes uses private key to sign messages sent by the owner of the provate keyand to decrypt messages sent to its owner.
Internet certificates (optional) - An Internet certificate is used to secure SSL connections andencrypt and sign S/MIME mail messages.
One or more secret encryption keys (optional) - Encryption keys are created and distributed byusers to allow other users to encrypt and decrypt fields in a document.
3. Difference between North American and international certifiers
All Notes IDs contain two public/private key pairs. Prior to 5.0.4, key lengths were restricted for thepurposes of encrypting data, but not for authentication or signing. Anything over 512-bit RSA key and56-bit symmetric key was considered strong encryption and was not allowed for export by the U.S.Government. Customers were required to order and choose among kits of different cryptographicstrengths.With the relaxation of US government regulations on the export of cryptography, the Domino serverand the Domino Administrator, Domino Designer, and Lotus Notes client products have consolidated allprevious encryption strengths -- North American, International, and France -- into one strongencryption level resulting in a single "Global" release of the products. The Global release adopts theencryption characteristics previously known as North American. Strong encryption in Global productscan be used worldwide, except in countries whose import laws prohibit it, or except in those countriesto which the export of goods and services is prohibited by the U.S. government. Customers are nolonger required to order Notes software according to cryptographic strength.
4. Global Domain Doc, Foreign domain doc, Foreign SMTP Domino Doc
Domains are defined by creating Domain documents. Multiple documents types are available based onthe requirements needed to route mail. The Following types of documents are available.
Adjacent domain document
- this document is used to route mail between servers that are notin the same Notes named network.
Nonadjacent domain document
- This document servers three functions:
Supplies next-hop routing information to route mail
Prohibits mail from routing to the domain
Provides Calendar server synchronization between two domains
Foreign Domain Document
-This document is used for connections between external applications.A typical application used is a fax or pager gateway.
Foreign SMTP Domain Document
-This document is used to route Internet mail when the serverdoes not have explicit DNS access.

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