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History #9

History #9

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Published by elianabatya

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Published by: elianabatya on Jun 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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History #9- Final
How did the zealots lead the Jews to revolt against Rome?
Wanted the Jews to be independent
Q: Did the Jews think they could win?If so, how could the Jews believe they could win?
A.Tensions develop
Romans resent Jews
Economically- Most Jews were struggling economically
Tzidukim were successful
Mostly merchants
Stereotype develops that all Jews were rich because those were the Jewsthat were most visible to the society.
Religiously- Most of Rome were pagans
However, the Romans’ gods had become a symbol of patriotism rather thanreligious figureheads- the only religion they came in contact with was Judaism.
The Romans who did not convert accused the Jews of proselytizing(forciblyconverting people).
Jews were exempt from the Roman pagan festivals
Conquered people(especially Egyptians) saw the Jews being treatedfavorably and resented them for it
Jews were allowed to have their own communities with Jewish institutions andfunction somewhat freely
The Romans thought the Jews were strange
B. Rule of the procurators
Jews resent Romans
Procurators- very cruel and uncaring
Ex. Pontius Pilate
It is not clear if the procurators realized that they were antagonizing theJews
Wanted to build an aqueduct to bring water to Jerusalem but usedthe money from Beit HaMikdash
Result: riots and violence between Jews and Romans
String of procurators: v, bad
Romans appoint Agrippa
Son of Aristobulous
Raised in Rome
Good friend of Caligula
As soon as he is appointed, he is so honored to be leader of Jews that he isvery careful with halacha and is a very good ruler to Jews.
Rules for 7 years and dies suddenly
It is assumed that Rome murders him but it has not been proven
Agrippa the Second
Very assimilated
Romans give him very small portion of Judea
C. Zealot position
Zealots begin to come together, gain weapons, and plan in the time of Herod
As tension mounts, more and more Jews become zealots
Prushim/Sanhedrin try to placate the zealotsD. Events that led to revolt- 66 C.E.1. Florus(procurator)- takes money from Beit HaMikdash for his own use
Groups gather at Beit HaMikdash and collect money on behalf of Florus
They are mocking him
Florus sends in an army and about 3,600 Jews are massacred
Jewish leaders are beaten publically
This was the beginning of real violence
Many Jews realize that the only way to fight Rome is through violence

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