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Published by ladiikool

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Published by: ladiikool on Jun 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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twilight breaking dawn sequelfirst i did not write all of this i give credit to Ingeborg who i think you guysshould email and tell that this is a great story.IM only adding on the story but tell me what you thinkPROLOGUE - BellaThe sun was shining when we leaved Forks. It’s actually too bad that we couldn’tlive her anylonge, because I – I have to admit – love Forks. I will always love Forks, and he’d promisedme that wesomeday will go back. I can’t wait.The skin sparkeled like it was covered with diamonds. I liftet my arm so that Icould take acloser look. It was beautiful. No, I was beautiful. I was the most beautiful woman in the .. er,car. Lucky me, Rosalie was not in this car. I snorted.And then Forks was behind us.Chapter 1 - BellaI can’t believe I’m doing this again. Ten year after my first day at Forks HighSchool – I’mhere. I’m really here. And it feels great.“Hello, I’m Edward Cullen, and this is my family. We are going to start classeshere.”The woman looked up and her heart stopped. Jasper chuckled under his breath. Thelady’sheart started again, and it hammered fast. Of course, I knew that Edward was – extremely –attractive, but still, I was annoyed.“Yes, the Cullen family. I believe I spoke to your father, Carlisle Cullen, am Iright?”“Yes,” Edward answered.I looked around in the room. The sofa I sat on was green – ugh – and worn. On the wall therewas a poster with the University of Alaska Southeast logo. It was freezing coldhere – well,not forus, but still.“Rosalie Hale, Emmet Cullen and Jasper Hale – here is your schedule. And there is yourclassrooms,” she said and pointed. “Any questions?” Rosalie shook her head.“Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Cullen here is your schedule.” I smiled to her,and shesmiled back.“Edward, you have music in your seventh period, and you,” she turned to me, “have art,okay?” She didn’t wait for our responses. “Alice, here is your schedule.”We thanked her and left the room. “Good luck,” she said before the door closed.“So, I guess I see you in..” she looked down at her schedule. “In English, second period.”“See ‘ya,” she said and hugged me. I kissed her cheeck.Edward took my hand, and we walked to P.E. He chuckled“What?” I whispered.“Can’t wait to see you in the gym,” he asnwered, still chuckled.“Aw, come on. I’m a vampire now. I’m suppose to be elegant, you know.”“Yeah, right,” he snorted.“Shhhh,” I answered and kissed him. “See you, Edward.” I winked.The gym was .. awful. I tripped over like then times, and Edward just laughed. Every time helaughed the girls looked at him. They looked if they were to melt anytime. Annoying.
I glared at them and Edward wasstil l laughing.“Shut it,” I said.Chapter 2 – EdwardAs we walked down the corridor to the cafeteria, I heard their thoughts.Wow, that boy is really handsome. Maybe that girl is not his boyfriend? Maybe itis hersister? They are similar to each other. But ... she is beautiful.I really wanted to say ‘I now’ to that.That’s the new girl. She’s hot. And there is the new boy. Ugh! Dereck said he drove an AstonMartin Vanquish to school today. Wow, he must be rich.W-o-w. Look at her!The same as always. It’s quite annoying and I somethimes wish there was an off-button. Thegirls stared at me, and the boys stared at Bella. My Bella.I wished they don’t stared, becauseBella wasmine. Ten years since I met her. The best ten years of my life. She isthe person Ilive for.We sat down around a table in the cafeteria. Alice Rosalie, Jasper and Emmet wasalreadyhere, and the girls – or should I say thev a m p iregirls – were babbling aboutsomething.Clothes, I guess. Emmet and Jasper was speaking about sports. Emmet interruptedmythoughts.“Well, Bella?” he said, grinning. I know I’m not supposed to say anything abouther-“Emmet, I heard you.” He frowned. Rosalie smiled and kissed his cheeck.“How are you feeling?” Jasper asked Bella. She looked confused.“I mean, being back on school.” He smiled.“I don’t know,” she said. “I’m quite excited.”“Really?” Emmet snorted. This woman is damn crazy.“Emmet,” I moaned. ”Just shut it.”“Right,” he said and frowned again. Bella just smiled – she looked like an angel.She kissed me on my cheeck, and smiled again. Aw, come on! Jeez, Edward! I glared atEmmet. “I told you toshut it.” He grinned at me, and I rolled my eyes.“Which sport can I do this year?” Emmet asked, and Jasper elbowed him. “I mean,we,” hecorrected himself. Rosalie laughed under her breath.“What about tracking, honey?” Rosalie answered.“Ugh! Don’t call me honey, please.” Alice laughed out loud.I tried to shut out the thoughts, but it wasn’t easy.Her laugh is like ringing bells. Strange.“Hey, baby,” someone said behind us. She is hot, I heard. I turned and saw a boylooking atRosalie.He looked interested,she looked annoyed. And bored.“Hey,” she answered. Oh, God. It’s the same every year. It sucks.“I’m Dave,” he said, and reached out a hand. Rosalie didn’t take it. He droppedhis arm.“Hey,” she said again. Bella, Alice, Jasper and I pressed our lips together to not laugh.Emmet looked irritated.“Want to hang out tonight?” Dave asked. I am what you want, baby. Just say yes.“No,” Rosalie answered.Hah! She thought.“Okay, maybe some other time,” he muttered and walked away. It’s something strange with
her. Well, she is hot, though.“Emmet, relax,” Alice laughed.“Yeah, right,” he almost growled.Chapter 3 – Bella“Seriously, Alice?” I asked her. Surprisingly, I wanted to hit something.“Yeah,” she answered, grinning. She had a pair of high heeled shoes in her righthand.“Ugh! Edward!” I shouted.“What?” he asked me.“Please, please tell your sister that I don’t wearkil lheels!”“Killheels? I think they are pretty nice.” He answered, grinning.“Ugh!” I moaned.“Thanks, brother,” Alice chuckled happily. “Come on, Bells! Get those on!”I grabbed them and throwed them out the window, and then I found my sneakers. Alice was inshock. “Bella,” she moaned. “They were expencive!”“I don’t care,” I snapped.“Bella,” Rosalie said.“What?” I demanded. Edward sent her a look that make her close her moth. She shook herhead. I raised an eyebrow, but she just smiled.I found my schoolbag, and my jacket.“I’m ready,” I said.“You two,” Rosalie said and pointed at me and Edward.“Drive my Porsche,” Alice finished.“Why?” Edward complained. “I have my own car.”“It matches your outfit, Edward,” Emmet shouted from the kitchen. Jasper chuckled.“Ugh!” he moaned.“Oh!” Alice said. “Carlisle and Esme will be back tonight. We’ll celebrate!”Edward rolled his eyes at her. Carlisle and Esme had been gone for three months.They havebeen married for over 85 years, and they were now on their honeymoon on Isle Esme – again.“Oh, no.” Rosalie growled. “The mongrel is here.”“Hey, guys!” Jake shouted.“Hey, guys!” Nessie shouted. I ran to Renesmee and hugged her. Edward followed,andkissed her on her cheecks.“Aw, come on,” she said. “Please, mom and dad; don’t do that! I’m almost 15!”“No, you are six years old, Nessie,” Emmet said, grinning.“Aw, come on!” she said again. “Someone who wants to play baseball tonight?”“Now, you’re speaking, girl!” Jasper and Emmet shouted. Nessie and Jacob grinned.“Let’s go, let’s go! We’ll be late for school!” Alice said.We drove to school in the yellow Porsche, and when we arrived everybody was staring at thecar. The boys on the school pointed and gasped. They had starts in their eyes.“Is that a ...?” a boy asked Edward.Edward nodded and grinned.“Wow,” he said. “A Porsche.”“Do you want to try it?” Edward asked? The boy looked shocked. “What?”“I said; do you want to try it?” The boy just nodded, and Edward handed him thekeys. Theboys sat carefully down into the carseat, and sighed happily as he started the engine. Edwardchuckled, and wrapped his arm around my waist. He kissed me on the top of my head.“This car is ...awesome!” The boy said. “Oh, I’m Jeb, by the way.”“I’m Edward Cullen, and this is my wi-“ I interrupted him. “I’m hisgirlfri end I

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