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The Gulf Oil Spill by Dr. A. True Ott PhD

The Gulf Oil Spill by Dr. A. True Ott PhD

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Published by kingofswords
more papers at www.atrueott.com
more papers at www.atrueott.com

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Published by: kingofswords on Jun 06, 2010
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The Gulf Oil Spill
Should the World be Concerned?
By A. True Ott, PhD
We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one. If we go on the way wehave, the fault is our greed and if we are not willing to change, we will disappear from the faceof the globe, to be replaced by the insect.
----- Jacques Yves Cousteau
“And the second angel sounded, and
as it were 
a great mountain BURNING WITH FIRE wascast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became BLOOD; and the third part of thecrea
tures which were in the sea, and had life, died.”
-- Holy Bible, KJV, Revelations, 8:8-9
Is the “Gulf Oil Spill” truly a catastrophe “of Biblical Proportions” –
or is the so-
called “MacondoWell Blowout” just a small “speed
bump” –a minute inconvenience to the world’s overall eco
-system? I submit that it could well be both. It all depends on the chain of events during the next30-60 days. Will the ruptured hole be repaired and sealed, or will it expand and grow?
The situation in the Gulf is extremely dire and complex with many unseen variables. A “greatanalysis” of the situation has been posted onJeff Rense’s websiteby a writer named “SHR” –
who accurately sums the problem up very well. There is perhaps, a
“50/50” chance at best that
the relief well efforts will be successful. Of course, we should all hope and pray for the best. Awise man, however, needs
to seriously ask “What if?” What if this beast refuses to beharnessed, and the “hole into hell” expands
geometrically? As
“SHR” writes
It's beyond our control as regular citizens really...we ALL should be screaming at our leaders that we do realize theconsequences and to take this seriously...and I mean like War footing seriously, because it could get that bad....we can and should be aware of the historic nature of this thing because it IS being downplayed inthe media...it could create mass panic if people really knew..and it still might if it does blow apart because there won't be any booms, any sucker hats or tubes or anything else that is going to do jack shit to stop it...it'll be like trying to blow a tidal wave away with a soda straw and everyone become well aware of just how weak and puny Man is compared to the forces of nature. If the well does cut loose? we
are talking thousands and thousands of square miles of toxic crud....I'm not even sure the well drillingrigs would even be able to operate in the area...a massive rush of gas can sink ships...the gas is not breathable and it's Explosive too...One thunder storm comes by and a lightning strike?....BOOM...I'm surethe men working there realize they are probably in one the most hazardous work zones they have ever been in...I don't think it's an ELE or something of that order, but we don't need to be wiped out to bestuck enjoying a giant bowl of SUCK...for a very long time...
Ok, do you understand the implications now? This is no ordinary “oil spill”. It truly has the
potential to impact the entire world in a VERY NEGATIVE WAY! As the venerable JacquesCousteau warned, we cannot destroy the ocean, because if we do
 –we destroy the very “lifecycles” of the planet itself. Cousteau should know –he was the world’s pre
oceanographer! Folks, the “water cycle” of the oceans and the life cycle of this amazing planet
are truly one. It is like a gigantic chain of dominoes. As an uncontrolled deep plume of toxic oil
and gas enters the warm “loop current” stream, it is highly possible that “1/3 of the world’soceans” could be rendered void of all life –
beginning with the plankton that travels
the “loopcurrent”.This 1943 map accurately depicts the major ocean “loop current” and its ebbs and flows (shown
on the map as orange lines, fittingly enough). Much like the blood flow of the human body, the
world’s oceans are constantly circulati
ng the globe. Cousteau understood and warnedconstantly that once a massive content of contaminants (such as crude oil or gas) ever entered
the “loop”, life as we know it could change dramatically. It all begins with the lowly “plankton”
stream that flows
and grows with the “loop”.
Plankton, as Cousteau and other scientists have verified, is literally the basis of all life on this
planet. It is literally the most critical link on the world’s food chain. Even the largest mammal on
the planet
the whale
depends entirely on healthy blooms of plankton to survive. Moreover,plankton bloom cycles, combined with healthy ocean currents (and pH factors) determine the
planet’s weather patterns such as “El Nino” as well.
Just as a healthy human body depends on correct and balanced pH levels, so too does the
world’s oceans depend on a balanced and healthy pH reading. The phyto and zooplankton
follows the pH levels in a balanced ecosystem scale. It is not hard to imagine what havoc amassive oil spill, entering
into and circulating the ocean’s “loop current” could wreak on thefragile pH balance scale of the world’s oceans.
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has been studying the acidity of the sea fordecades, and produced this map. The acid/alkaline balance of the ocean is not constant as itchanges from place to place, from a low of 7.8 to a high of 8.2 (just like human blood as amatter of fact). Low pH (but still alkaline) is associated with upwelling areas of high productivity.In a given place, it is not constant either as it is higher at the end of the day compared with theend of the night
(sunlight affects Hydrogen processes and photosynthesis in “healthy” sea
water). When human blood is contaminated with poison, it causes the pH balance to dropbelow critical levels, oxygen ceases to be carried in the lifeblood, and if not corrected soon,DEATH (i.e. the lack of oxygen) is the inevitable result. (Try injecting a mixture of crude oil and
natural gas directly into the human bloodstream’s primary arteries (the human “loop current”)
and see how quickly death occurs.)So, how does all this affect land ecosystems, one may ask? It is simply because the relativehealth of the oceans ultimately will determine the amount of rain and snow precipitation thatblesses the land with food crops. Can you see how important healthy oceans are to all life onplanet earth?
Could oil spills make hurricanes more destructive, rains more torrential, and droughtsmore pronounced?
What an outrageous thought, and most
establishment “scientists” would
likely scoff at the idea! However, let's follow the logic stream. In recent years, there have indeedbeen more hurricanes and stronger ones too. There have also been more torrential rains andmassive flooding in America an
d the world, despite the concerted efforts of the “Army Corp of Engineers”.
We know that all storms (low pressure ridges) hurricanes and typhoons are formed because the
ocean water warms, and moves with the “currents” which in turn
allows more water volume toevaporate more quickly,
(causing “low pressure ridges” to form). When plankton dies, for 
whatever reason, the water becomes much warmer, resulting in much greater water beingevaporated, thus feeding storms such as hurricanes with more intense thermal energy.

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