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45. Samuel, The Priest Who Replaced Eli

45. Samuel, The Priest Who Replaced Eli



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Published by lifechurch

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Published by: lifechurch on Jun 06, 2008
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Children Bible Overview 45
Teachers to read bible scripture: <1Sam 2-4>
Children to memorize bible scripture: <1Pet 2:9>

Last week, we saw that because Hannah understood God\u2019s will to save the Israelites, God listened to her prayer and Samuel was conceived through her. Since young, Samuel grew up hearing God\u2019s words. His whole life was used as the prophet of the Israelites, by God


From young, Samuel grew up in the holy temple. At that time, Eli the priest led the Israelites. He was a very weak priest. He could not hear God\u2019s words and therefore did not know how to teach the Israelites properly regarding God\u2019s words. As a great priest, not only did he not do his job well in praying for the Israelite people, he often oppressed them. He also allowed his sons to oppress the Israelite people. Because of that, the Israelites could not hear God\u2019s voice and continued to worship idols. Eventually they continued to be weak and did not have the strength to defeat the enemies. One day, when God\u2019s time was ready, the enemies of the Israelites, the Philistine soldiers came to attack the Israelites. The Israelite army did not have the power to defend and so they asked Eli\u2019s two sons to bring the ark of the Lord\u2019s covenant to the battleground. They thought that God would protect them with the ark of God. However, God was not with them and therefore the Israelites fought a losing battle, where Eli\u2019s two sons were killed by the enemies and the Philistines also captured the ark of God. When Eli the great priest heard the news, he was shocked and died suddenly. God allowed that to happen, to raise Samuel to replace Eli as the great priest of Israel.

1. The Israelite people continued to be weak because Eli the Priest could not hear
God\u2019s words

1) When Eli became Israel\u2019s priest, he did not have the promise of the 4 Gospelization in his heart. He did not know that he and the Israelite people were God\u2019s royal people and that God\u2019s power was with them and He loved them.

2) Because he did not love God, he could not hear God\u2019s voice and did not know how to teach the Israelite people properly. Because he did not love God\u2019s people, not only did he not do a good job in praying for the Israelites, he also allowed his two sons to continue to sin and oppress the Israelites. Eli only loved this world, loved to eat, and sleep and loved comfort. Therefore, he was very heavy in weight. [Are we like that?

Do we only love to eat and play but dislike God or the parents and friends whom God
has placed beside us?]

3) As a result, when God\u2019s time was ready, Eli\u2019s two sons were killed by the enemies. Eli himself also fell backward off his chair and died. God therefore used a small child, Samuel to replace Eli\u2019s role and eventually Samuel became the Great Priest of Israel.

2. To save the Israelite people, God raised Samuel who was set apart for God (a
Nazarite who was different from the others)

1) Why did God choose Samuel to lead Israel? It was because Samuel was set apart for God. When everybody else was worshipping idols, loving the world and loving themselves, Samuel\u2019s concern was in loving God and loving God\u2019s people.

2) Because Samuel was set apart for God, the method he used to lead the Israelite people was also different. A typical priest (like Eli) would use his own wisdom to lead. However, Samuel loved to pray. Therefore, Samuel could often hear God\u2019s voice and understood God\u2019s will to lead the Israelites.

3) Because Samuel was set apart for God, his purpose when leading the Israelite people
was different. A typical priest (like Eli) would only be concerned if the Israelites were

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