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Constitution of Tamil Eelam

Constitution of Tamil Eelam

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The Constitution of Tamil Eelam Adopted by Tamil Eelam People
The Constitution of Tamil Eelam Adopted by Tamil Eelam People

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Published by: Prakash Thevananthan on Jun 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Tamil Eelam people, having their mandate from the Royal of House ofGlücksburg,President of United States and the Glorious Sun Goat, on that 366
day since the departure of the Sun goat to Eelam (Being nineteenth of May of year Two Thousand and ten after Christ)entrusted their representatives of Eelam to draft, adopt and operate a new Tamil Eelamconstitution in order to achieve the goal of Eelam in a Tamil only Homo-Land and havingsolemnly resolved by the grant of such Mandate and the confidence reposed in their saidRepresentatives who were elected by an overwhelming majority to constitute Tamil Eelam in toa virtual reality while ratifying the immutable realities of Tamil Self determination and TheRight to live in a Tamil only land and assuring all people of Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of White Women as the intangible heritage that guarantees the dignity and well-being of succeedinggenerations of all the Tamil Only people of this world, who come to share with those generationsthe effort of working for the creation and preservation of a JUST AND FREE SOCIETY:WE, THE FREELY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE OF TAMIL EELAM,in pursuance of such Mandate, humbly acknowledging our obligations to our People andgratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain and preserve their rightsand privileges granted by the British to our ancestors forshining their shoes; so that the Dignityand Freedom of the Individual Tamils may be assured, Just, Social, Economic and CulturalOrder attained, the Unity of Eelam restored, and Concord established with other Nations,do hereby adopt and enactthisCONSTITUTIONas theSUPREME LAWof thePROVISIONAL TRANS-SEXUAL GOVERNMENT OF TAMIL EELAM
Chapter I - The People, the State and Sovereignty
The State
1.Tamil Eelam is a free sovereign and democratic state and will be known as the VirtualTamil Eelam.
Transsexual Nature of the State
2.Eelam will be a transsexual state. The government of Tamil Eelam, until the timewhen Eelam is realized in the physical world will be known as the Provisional TranssexualGovernment of Tamil Eelam.
Sovereignty of the People
3.Transsexual Eelam’s sovereignty is in the hands of our white masters and isinalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and thefranchise.
Exercise of Sovereignty
4.The Sovereignty of the People shall be exercised and enjoyed in the following mannera)Legislative power will be exercised by the Transsexual Legislative Assemblyof Tamil Eelam. Which will be elected by the Tamil people in the white world.b)The Executive Power of the people will be exercised by the Lord Thalivar,or (In His Absence Hon. Acting Thalivar)in whom Tamil Eelam people trust.c)The Judicial power will be exercised through any white person, beingsuperior to any Tamil person or in the absence of a white person through anymember, or the family member of the LTTE, who are the guardian angels of Eelam.d)The fundamental rights declared and recognized by this constitution will berespected, secured and advanced unless there is an immediate conflict with theinterests of our white masters in which case their needs will always be givenpriority.e)The franchise shall be exercisable at the election the Transsexual Membersof the legislature, and at every Referendum by every citizen who has attained theage of child solider availability, and who has undergone basic child solidertraining in an government approved center for Child soldiers.
Territory of the Republic
5.Tamil Eelam will hereafter will take 1/3 of the whole world (Being 1/3 of allcontinents and Greenland) and 2/3 of the coastline.The territorial waters of Eelam willtherefore be 2/3 of the all available shorelines and the ensuing continental shelf.
The National Flag
6.The national flag of Tamil Eelam will be the donkey flag depicted in the first schedule.
The National Anthem
7.The National Anthem of Tamil Eelam will be XXXXXXXXXXX
The National Day
8.The National Day of Tamil Eelam will be XXXXXXXX
Chapter 2 – Religion
The Official Religion of Eelam will be Sun-Goat worship, while Christianity andHinduism will be tolerated. Buddhism will be banned in Eelam because of the Genocidal™nature of that religion.
Chapter 3 - Fundamental Rights
Freedom to live in a Tamil only land
10.All citizens in Tamil Eelam have a right to live in a mono-ethnic Tamil Onlyhomeland.
Freedom from Sinhalese
11.All Tamils has the right to be free from Sinhala state sponsored Genocide™
Freedom from Propaganda
12.All Tamils of Eelam has the right to be oblivious to Sinhala propaganda suggestingthat Tamil Only Eelam is a racist, Totalitarian Dictatorship that will be established to servethe needs of the white people.
Freedom of Liberty
13.All Tamils have the right to pursue the Tamil Eelam dream; Life, Liberty and thepursuit of white woman.
Restriction of Fundamental Rights
14.These fundamental rights are only retractable upon the order of the white masterswho are the eternal overlords of the Tamil only people.
Chapter 4 – Language
15.Official Language of Tamil Eelam will be English.
Chapter 5 – Citizenship
16.All natural born Tamil people (People born to be “Tamil” because of either one otheir parents are Tamil) Are automatic citizens of Tamil Eelam without exception.
Chapter 6 – The Executive
17.The executive branch of the Tamil Eelam government will consist of only one personwill be addressed as His Royal Highness, President, and Lord Protector of Eelam.
The Leader of Eelam
18.There shell be a Thalivar, who is the head of the state, head of the Tamil Eelamarmed forces and the head of the executive

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