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Assignment SMU (Marketing) MBA IV sem 2010

Assignment SMU (Marketing) MBA IV sem 2010

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Published by abhishekchit

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Published by: abhishekchit on Jun 06, 2010
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Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester IV
MB0036 – Strategic Management & Business Policy
Assignment Set- 2
Q.1 List and explain the objectives of a Bankruptcy Law ?Ans : A Bankruptcy case is the Process that is set into motion by the filing of a petition seekingrelief under the Bankruptcy Code. Petitions may be filed voluntarily or involuntarily ( byCreditor). Generally Speaking there are two types of relief available through bankruptcy :1.Liquidation2.RehabilitationA Case Filed under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy code is a Liquidation case. A bankruptcy trusteeis appointed in every chapter 7 case to take or aquire possession of all property in which thedebtor has a legal or equitable interst as of the time the petition was filed. The debtor is permittedto exempt certain property under a mix of state and federal law in order to facilitate the debtor  post bankruptcy “ Fresh Start” . The trustee may avoid invalid liens that encumber or set asidecertain pre filling transfer of the debtor property. On the other hand when property is fullysecured by valid liens it will usually be abandoned by the trustee as of no value to the estate.After collecting all of the assets comprising the bankruptcy estate, the trustee willliquidate the non exempt and unemcumbered property and after paying valid liens exemption andthe proceeds of sale to non priority unsecured creditor on a prodata basis.Corporation and other entities do not receive a discharge in a chapter 7 case and partly for that reason do not typically file for relief under chapter 7. A chapter 11 re organizationis a type of rehabilisation proceeding. A business debtor will ordinarily file a voluntary chapter 11 case in an effort to the pressure some portionof the going concern value of the business for itsowners which value would otherwise be lost through piece meal liquidation of the firms productive assests.Creditors are rapid in a chapter 11 case by means of a plan of re organizationinitially only the debtor can file the re organization plan. The typical plan of re organization provides for the repayment over an extended period of time of the entire value of fully securedclaims and a ratable portion of the aggregate claims of unsecured creditors.Q.2 If you are made the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a Company what would you consider to be the KRAs (Key Result Areas) of your job?Ans : As a CFO I would consider the following KRA s
1.Establish systems controls for and procedure for financial and accounting systems toachieve corporate objectives.
Directs installation & maintenance of accounting timekeeping ,payroll , inventory , property & related procedure & controls.
Designs , manages & reporting systems to all departments and to aid managementdecision in achievement of stated objectives regarding revenue , profitability & marketshare.4.Prepare reports & Statements of estimated future cost & revenue.
Direct internal audit involving review of accounting & administrative controls. Coordinate preparation for external audit & External financial reporting.6.Oversee bank work regarding document inward / outward remittances etc.
Direct the preparation and filing of returns for sales tax , income tax , Excise & other form of taxes & charges.Q.3 What is a Decision Support System? Name one example of critical Reporting for each of theProduction, Marketing and Finance departments of the Company.?Ans : A decision Support system is a class of information system that support business andorganizational decision making activities. A properly designed DSS is an interactive software based system intended to help decision makers compile useful information from a combinationof raw data, documents , personal knowledge or business models to identify and solve problemsand make decision. DSS are usually computer application along with a human component thatcan shift through large amounts of data & pick between the many choices.It is important to note that although computers and artificial intelligence is atwork or in play with data it is ultimately up to humans to execute these strategies or comprehandthe data into a usable hypothesis.It is important to note that the field of DSS does not have a universally acceptedmodel , meaning that there are many theories vying for supremacy in this broad field. A cooperative decision support system is when data is collected , analyzed & then is provided to ahuman component which then can help the system revise or refine it.While the above DSS model takes the relationship of the user in mind & another  popular DSS model takes into consideration the mode of assistance as the underlying basis of theDSS model. It includes the following models :
Model Driven DSS : It is when decision makers use statistical , simulation or financialmodels to come up with a solution or strategy. Keep in mind that these decisions are based on models however they do not have to be overwhelming data intensive.
Communication Driven DSS : It is when many collaboration work together to come upwith a series of decision to set in motion a solution or strategy. This communicationdriven DSS model can ba in an office environment or on the web.
Data Driven DSS : It put its emphasis on collected data that is then manipulated to fit thedecision makers need. This data can be internal , external and in a variety of formats.
Knowledge Driven DSS : It uses special rules stored in a computer or used by a human todetermine whether a decision should be made.Typical information that a decision support application might gather & present arean inventory of all of your current data sourse , cubes, data wherehouse and datamarts.Benefits of DSS :1.Improves Personal Efficiency2.Expedites Problem solving3.Facilitates interpersonal communication
Promotes learning or traning5.Increases organizational control6.Creates a competitive advantage over competition7.Helps automate the managerial processesQ : 4 Trace the sequence of operations involved in a credit card system. What is the advantage toeach participant in the system?Ans : The following sequence of events is, thus, fairly common:1. The cardholder presents his card to a merchant (aka: an acceptor of  payment system cards).2. The merchant may request an authorization for the transaction, either  by electronic means (a Point of Sale / Electronic Fund Transfer apparatus) or by phone (voice authorization). A merchant is obliged todo so if the value of the transaction exceeds predefined thresholds.But there are other cases in which this might be either a required or arecommended policy.3. If the transaction is authorized, the merchant notes down the

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