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Occult Anatomy

Occult Anatomy

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Published by Diana Bleimeyer

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Published by: Diana Bleimeyer on Jun 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kulapati E. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.). Occult Anatomyhttp://ftp1.dns-systems.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat.htm1 of 341/31/2008 6:11 PM
Kulapathi E. Krishnamacharya
We are on the threshold of a New Era which is dominated by the Aquarian forces. It is characterised by diffusion of all dogma in every field — science, philosophy, spiritualism etc. The basic cause for the existence of dogma in anyfield is lack of balance between analysis and synthesis. The tremendous force of Aquarian influence has its negativeaspect which is lack of balance. Unless it is balanced and controlled by a synthesised Master-mind, it may drag intodangerous extremities. We have experienced this effect with the discovery of nuclear force. In the field of medicinealso we can observe the intense analytical approach which lead to materialistic understanding and loss of holisticsense. This resulted in too much of specialisation and lack of synthetic understanding of human constitution. TheMasters of wisdom are working out the way to put an end to this confusion by enforcing strong positive approachusing the power of synthesis. Their prophecy is that the new generation which is going to lead the 21st century willbe able to synthesise science and philosophy through spiritualism so that the humanity can be free from allnegativism and dogma before it can make a step towards higher evolution.Master E.K. is one such Master who are working for this goal. A strong and positive aquarian force can beexperienced in his teachings. He trained the younger generation and paved the path for the operation of New Era withall synthetic understanding. He unlocked the universal sciences in the Vedic scriptures and brought out the treasureof Divine wisdom which is the need of this age. In 1984, he conducted a special course for a bunch of his disciples,in which he has given the essence of his teachings in various subjects which forms a syllabus for the study of occultsciences applied to the human life. "Occult Anatomy" is one such subject taught by him which unlocks the mysteriesof the hidden forces in the human constitution. To the luck of humanity, all these lessons were recorded by ourbrothers and preserved in the cassettes. Thanks to their efforts in this holy work. Now with the blessings of theMaster, we are able to transcribe the lessons from the cassettes and bring them in the form of this book. This work was pioneered by our brother Punniah who was assisted by Ramachandra Rao, Raghava Rao and SubrahmanyaSastry. May the Master bless us all by enabling us to bring all the lessons from his cassettes into book form so that itcan be passed to next generations. Also on behalf of the publishers I thank those brothers who silently extendedfinancial help in making this effort fruitful.31-07-1996,SVETA DWEEPAM.E. ANANTA KRISHNA
At the very outset "Occult Anatomy" sounds to be a new and awe-evoking subject. But, in fact, it is as old as man. Itis an eye-opener to the inner constitution of the human being. The structure of the hidden and subtler vehicles in manforms the scope of the subject. These vehicles are not visible to the physical eye. They cannot even be found in thelaboratories, just like the lines of force of a magnet. The so called physical body is only a phantom, when comparedto the inner man who is in essence the "I AM" in all. The physical body is just like a chariot in which the traveller isseated. He has the driver's guiding assistance. In fact, before the traveller has come out of the driver, both are one.The former has falsely identified himself with his vehicle and gets bondage. Thereby again he has to realise that he isone with the driver. The process is called yoga. The goal is the experience or Ananda, also called liberation. Inbetween, there is the ascent of the false "I AM", i.e., Jiva and the descent of the Lord, the real I AM, which meet with
Kulapati E. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.). Occult Anatomyhttp://ftp1.dns-systems.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat.htm2 of 341/31/2008 6:11 PM
each other in the heart centre. This occurs during the pilgrim's journey via many other centres. All this essentialsubject has been in detail explained in the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Puranas. The Bhagavadgita and Patanjali'sYoga Sutras present the core of the subject in a systematised form. However, both of these two sacred works do nottouch the theoretical and technical part of the subject. On the other hand, they dive deep into the practical steps to befollowed, in a non-technical and lucid procedure. Some Tantra books, Sankaracharya's Soundarya Lahari, books likeShatchakra Nirupanam deal with both the theory and the practice related to this science. However, even these bookshave this subject "Occult Anatomy" jumbled with many more other things connected with it.Further, for the Occident, this science is entirely a new one. Far the last so many centuries, due to groping in thedarkness of materialism, the light of Occult Anatomy is not present there. Now the time has come, to bring this lightagain. In this connection, we should not ignore the historical fact that the Oaken's rod of Moses is nothing other thanthe Brahma Danda or Yoga Danda in the yoga science of the Orient. The pattern of organising twelve disciples byJesus Christ also has the occult message of this subject along the pairs of six centres in man. Even in the Orient, forthe last few centuries, the science of Occult Anatomy has been lost except to the eyes of a few. Again the Masterswho are the custodians of ageless wisdom, have dawned this subject on the present world through the works of theosophists like Madame H.P. Blavatsky and the staunch Occidental devotee to the Mother-Goddess, Sir JohnWoodrof. Now the time has come, Master E.K. has presented the subject in his usual, non-technical, lucid, artisticand heart-touching way orderly, for the first time in the history of the world. He has opened many, many gates at thethreshold of our true existence i.e., "Real I AM". With due reverence to a chain of exponents of yoga and theosophyMaster pays homage to them during the course of his teaching. To the fortune of the modern aspirants and thestudents of yoga, in February, 1984, Master E.K. taught this subject at Mothugudem where yoga classes were heldduring his last sojourn in physical frame. His way of presentation was like neither conference nor philosophy. Theabstract science was brought into light and moulded as an art by the Aquarian sculptor of ancient wisdom, ourrevered Master E.K.In the very opening chapter, he deals with Jiva and Deha, the three gunas, the birth of sense-organs etc. Later hetakes us from the false I AM to the real I AM. He has enlightened to us the presence of I AM in all, through lifeactivity filled with nectareous love. Thus we can become Iswara, the Lord of senses and the environment, instead of being a slave to them. This is possible only in the presence of an enlightened soul, who has already become 'Iswara'.We are very fortunate, been drawn to the presence of such a magnet like Master. Let us utilise this fortune properlyand fulfil his cherished wish "You all must become I AM" He exhorts us by referring to his guru C.V.V.'s promiseand instructions regarding Prayer.Master's is a creative, conversational and inimitable style. His speeches are extempore. They are polished with poeticgestures. Sometimes he narrates. At times, he describes and elucidates also. At other times, he illustrates. Some othertimes, he demonstrates. He extracts the participation of the students and keep them alive to what he is teaching. Hispauses too are meaningful. His every action and word in the course of his teaching the subject are pregnant with acertain, definite, esoteric and divine motive. His technique of teaching an abstract and technical subject like OccultAnatomy is unique. His approach, even while teaching, is parental. He thus gets access into the inner corridors of thehearts of the listeners like a mother and absorbs their consciousnesses into Himself. Their presence is neutralised andHis presence illumines with a thousand — sunned splendour. The present renderence of the science of OccultAnatomy by Master is, truly to say, only a nutshell of the subject and it will become a concise physics text book of the twenty first century. Perhaps, he should have reserved the details, to be supplemented, for his next birth, to suitfor the coming generations....the real pranayama, as propounded by the Vedic seers, no other than Lord Krishna Himself and the Master of yoga,Patanjali. In the tight of Master E.K.'s teaching, the darkness of nasty methods under the name of Pranayama is shedout. Further, Master presents the very core of yoga practice, viz., surrender of false I am to the real I AM, who is theindweller of all, through the utterance of OM and listening to our own voice therein. He also deals with the eightsteps of yoga. In his description of Samadhi, he illustrates colourfully. He throws light on Kundalini, which isnothing but a coiled coil of our own awareness. He works out the details of the six centres of intelligent energy in theinner body, along the bore of vertebral column, their workings, their governance, their relation with the Panchabhutasin our body, the sounds, colours and meditations connected to these centres and further the manifestation of Divinequalities in the yoga practitioner during his journey via each centre, in a systematised and lucid manner. Threeessential Nadis Ida, Pingala and Sushumna i.e., the lunar, the solar and the fiery., their activities, their bestowing the
Kulapati E. Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.). Occult Anatomyhttp://ftp1.dns-systems.net/~hpb/books/occ_anat.htm3 of 341/31/2008 6:11 PM
yogic qualities etc., are focussed on the students' eyes. The subject may look like a science, at the outset. When wego through the book, we find it, an art. By the time we come to the end, we are graced with the wisdom of the highestspiritualism enclaved in the fullest blossom of life. Master has given us the divine message thus. Respond to theenvironment and do not react to it. The how of response and when to respond must come out of the inner most shelf of consciousness i.e., our true existence viz., real I AM and not from the mind. The mind and senses, when properlyutilised become sacred instruments to reach the goal. They are neither to be discarded, nor we to be subdued to them.Instead of being drawn and swayed over by the environment, we can magnetise it, when we live always in...In framing this book, care has been taken in keeping Master's words, remarks, grand and subtle humour, wit,examples, short stories, pause, his rich experiences with noble souls, his little responses to students' queries,colourful incidents, in toto, with the pious motto that the readers must be benefitted by the presence of Master. Thereaders wilt include those who have been in physical contact with him, besides those who have not at all seen him.The former will be thrown into the sweet memoirs of their being in his presence when in physical frame. The latterwill be magnetised by his umbrosious presence. But for all the above things, the content of this book becomes verydry and abstract. No lay man dares to open its pages. Now the rocky hill has been melted into a honey-fall. Theimpersonal Divinity manifested through the personal element of Master is engrafted on the hearts of the readers of this book, as it is taken now. It is hoped, the readers would appreciate the structure of the book which is undoubtedlya masterpiece in the field of its kind.Lastly to say, this book is very, very sacred as it is graced with the invocation of the parents of the cosmos, Siva andSakti, by Master. Finally he says, "May these Parents bless you all in every way, before we meet again and evenafter". In these words choked with immensely burning compassion for us all, he esoterically prophecises that we willbe blessed with meeting him again and again. Before we do it physically, let us receive his blessings and live in him.4th August, 1996,Master C.V.V's birthday.Malladi Punnaiah.
We have the Modern Anatomy of understanding the human constitution. We know many things relating to the same.Most advanced things are taught in Modern Anatomy. Much more advanced things are taught in Ancient Anatomy.But we do not know them. The ancients taught many more things which the moderns never taught and they are yet toknow. We need not spend much time on Modern Anatomy because any preliminary text book will give it. Forexample, in Modern Anatomy, we have bony system, muscular system, cutaneous system, circulatory system,respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, excretory system and lymphatic system. A substance calledlymph is produced. Its existence is in the circulatory system and protects the system against many evils. In fact, thisis not glandular system. Glandular system is connected with lymphatic system. Both are considered the same.Glandular system is otherwise called the endocrine system. These glands are called the ductless glands. This is only alittle example of the divisions of modern teaching of anatomy. Each division has its own details much to teach. Thisis a separate branch of science in itself. For this, you can approach any doctor who can teach you carefully. You canfollow this subject with his help, carefully read and make yourself sufficient within two or three years, otherwise,you may become a qualified practitioner without knowing. Either way, you can go.Now what is the Anatomy of the ancients? Everybody has two parts, Jiva and Deha. This is the first division. Jivameans the indweller and Deha means the subsistence or the vehicle. The indweller and his vehicle are just like thechariot and the person who is travelling, the traveller. We can say they are like the traveller and the van or theindweller and his horse. This is a two-fold division. The driver and the traveller are one before the traveller comesout of the driver, because the whole creation was only one space before it came out. Before the solar system comeout, there was only space. But after solar system comes out, there is space and solar system. Like that, there is onlyone indweller at first. From indweller, there will be a bifurcation again, the driver and the traveller. The traveller isthe Jiva and the driver is the Lord-consciousness inside. And the indweller or Jiva is also called purusha or person.

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