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Saving Bree Tanner Part Two.

Saving Bree Tanner Part Two.

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Published by :DD
second part of saving bree tanner. i plan to have a few more chapters of this...
share it on faceboook, please. (: & comment.
second part of saving bree tanner. i plan to have a few more chapters of this...
share it on faceboook, please. (: & comment.

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Published by: :DD on Jun 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saving Bree Tanner.Part Two.
I stopped also, and Rosalie — almost hesitantly
took my hand andled me into the ginormous white house. My mouth was open, my expressiongaping. The house as one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.I walked into the house with Rosalie, and we entered the front room. Itwas bright and almost . . . cheerful. If the house could smile, this one wouldbe laughing like a happy child."You can watch television," Esme suggested.I shrugged. "I'm more of a book reader." I smiled sheepishly.Rosalie cracked a smile at me. "The room upstairs have tons of books—like a miniature library." She laughed. The corner of my mouth twitched. "You care if I go up and look?""No," Esme murmured abesntly."'Kay," I muttered, darting up the stairs.I entered a big room with golden carpet and a leather couch pushed tothe side of the room, next to a window.In the middle, there was a huge bed that matched the carpet. Nottrying to get all preoccupied, I scanned the bookshelves for anything Ienjoyed.I took about half the books on the shelf and smiled, wondering if theperson who owned this room would care. It smelled strongly of the mindreading vampire, and the human who was clinging to him. My throat burneddully at the scent. I knew if I wanted a chance at actually living, I couldn'thurt that human girl.I almost screamed in frustration.But them I remembered the vampires downstairs, and shut my mouth.With the books in hand, I flew down the stairs and forced a tight smilefor my babysitters. They just stared at me, no humor on their beautiful faces.I tried to lighten the mood."These should last at least a week," I laughed.When I spoke, it was like ice that's beginning to melt, breaking thesurface.Rosalie and Esme smiled at me. But their expressions were weird.Acting on newborn-driven instinct, I dropped the books from my arms andtensed to defend myself."Is everything okay?" I whispered urgently."Yes," they answered simultaneously. Then Esme spoke alone. "But theothers are bringing Bella back here . . ."With the thought of the human, my throat began to burn. I swallowed."Shouldn't we go hunting before, you know, I see her up close?""Yes," Rosalie answered. I slipped out of my crouch easily. "But you

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