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The Dreamer Chapter One

The Dreamer Chapter One

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Published by Garreth Flynn
This is the first chapter in my new story the Dreamer. read, comment, enjoy
This is the first chapter in my new story the Dreamer. read, comment, enjoy

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Published by: Garreth Flynn on Jun 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dreamer-Chapter One
I looked at my phone disappointed. Nobody had text me on aFriday. I sighed and threw my phone on to my desk. I wasstanding in my room waiting for one of my friends to call.I had a pile of homework to do but I wasn’t going to bother even looking at it until Sunday. I decided to take a quick nap. Ilay down on my bed and drifted of into sleep.It was a swirl of colours for a few minutes before returning tonormal. My dream was of a boy around my age, about fifteen or sixteen. He had dark crimson eyes and dark brown hair. Hewore a red T-shirt and jeans.He was standing in the middle of a beach. Holding a largehunting knife. The sun was setting and the sky was a brightorange. The warm air blew sand towards the boy. He seemed to be waiting for someone.Suddenly a young girl appeared out of nowhere. She was thesame age as the boy. She had bright red hair and deep blue eyes.She was wearing a white T-shirt and camouflage trouser. Icouldn’t take my eyes off her.“We need to get out of here” she hissed at the boy “Theothers are waiting for us”“Be patient, Alice we have to take care off our guest” said the boy in reply.“There is one of them here?” she asked staring at the boy. The boy simply nodded in reply. The girl reached into her back  pocket and took out a knife and looked at it.“When will it be here?” She asked looking away from hereknife for a second.“Right about… now” he said and as he did another personappeared in front of the others. He was carrying a knife andwhen he saw the other he started to slash at them. They quicklydodged him and started to circle around him.They started to fight. Knife to knife. But obviously two is better than one. The boy and girl pinned the man down to theground. He started to scream angrily and than started to thrashabout.
The boy looked at me and winked. Stared back shocked couldhe see me? Could me dream really see me? Before I could seewhat happened next, a loud ringing shattered the dreamI sprang out of bed in a cold sweat. My phone had rung. Iwalked over to it. It was from my Mam. She was away on business and she wanted to know how I was doing. I wrote aquick sentence to her, saying I was OK.I sat at the foot of my bed. The image of the boy still playingthrough my mind. I wiped sweat of my brow and walked downstairs. I had been asleep for about an hour. It was already dark out.I sighed glumly. I put some popcorn in the microwave and satdown to watch a movie. I got about halfway through the movie before I fell asleep again.Like the last time, it started with a swirl of colours, whichlasted a few minutes before returning to normal. I was standingin a room with six other people in it. I recognised the boy in thered T-shirt and the girl called Alice.They were all talking quietly. I tried to move closer to hear well. As soon as I took my first step they all turned to face me.Alice reacted the quickest. In one move she had me pinedagainst the wall with a knife at my neck.“Who are you, are you one of them?” she shouted in my face.“Peace Alice, he is our newest member” said the boy. Alicegrunted but let me down any way. I rubbed my neck to check for any cuts.“What’s going on?” I asked. I sounded scared even though Iwas trying so hard not to.“This is the “Dreamers” HQ,” said Alice sitting down at atable.“Please, take a seat,” said the boy. I walked cautiously over tothe table. I sat down on the closest chair. I kept my guard up, Ididn’t know what was going on and I had a million and onequestions running through my head.“Wait what is the dreamers?”“We are people who in are dreams we fight off nightmares” saidthe boy.

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