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NX10 Technical Q and A

NX10 Technical Q and A

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Published by Samsung Camera
Samsung NX10 Technical Q&A
Samsung NX10 Technical Q&A

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Samsung Camera on Jun 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is the design concept for NX10? For example, OlympusPEN has adapted innovative design and color; white colorand not DLSR like design.
We believe our design concept manages to be both modern andclassic. The body of the NX10 is available in two colors; noble blackand titan silver. These colors make the camera look elegant andmodern, and blend well with our black lenses. Attractive and sleekbody lines create a premium feel, and the electronic view finder(EVF) and large 3.0” digital screen (AMOLED) integrate seamlesslyinto the compact body. An ergonomic grip and buttons help usersget a perfect shot without shaking.
What is the body made out of? And why is the NX made of that material?
 The Samsung NX10 body shell is made of glass fiber reinforcedplastics. This material was chosen for its balance of strength andlightweight properties, to deliver benefits that many people havenever experienced in a camera.
Camera size is always at the centre of designconsiderations. As a hybrid how did you decide on the sizeof the camera?
In terms of design, primarily a camera should be easy to carry andfit well into the user’s hand. Serious consideration was given todecide the perfect size for the NX10. Samsung undertook severalyears of consumer research to decide on the final body size. NX10was born as a result of a long process of weighing up the size of thecamera against other factors such as balance, technology andoperability. Our research showed that a light weight and easy tocarry a camera were high priorities for the camera buyer, we havelistened to these demands to produce the NX10.
What is the name of the mount of NX10? Is it new,developed by Samsung or another brands’ mount?
NX is a new form factor, so Samsung developed a new mount suitedfor the new NX camera line called the NX Mount
 The NX10 lens line-up will be enhanced over time and the NX Mount will also beenhanced comparably.
Will there be a Pentax lens adapter for NX?
We are currently planning to introduce an adapter. We think it is
important to support our existing GX camera users.
However we donot have an availability date for the adapter at the moment.
Is Samsung actually making the glass/lenses? If you are,why didn’t you use a Schneider- Krevznach lens on NX?
Every aspect of the NX10 has been designed and manufactured bySamsung, including the range of high quality detachable lenses.We are very proud of our lens making technologies and the NXlenses are the results of our core competences in this field.
How many lenses will be provided? Do you think will it beenough? What’s Samsung lens line-up plan?
For the launch Samsung has three lenses available, the 18-55mmstandard zoom lens which is the standard shipping set-up, plus atelephoto zoom lens at 50-200mm and a 30mm fixed focus lens. The line-up will be enhanced, as we believe that customers will wantmore lenses to make the best use of the camera’s functionality. There will an announcement about the lens road-map in Q2 thisyear.
What lens sells with the body?There are four lens options as follows:
1.body+18-552.body+30mm3.body+ 18-55+304.body+ 18-55+50-200
Does the NX10 use the same sensor as the GX20? What arespecial features of APS-C sensor of NX10?
No, the sensor in the NX10 is a new sensor designed specifically forthe new product. The new APS-C sensor has a faster Auto Focus toprovide better handling and responsiveness to capture any givenphotography moment. The new sensor provides a higher photoquality, on the same level as the quality you would expect from aDSLR.
What is the camera’s RAW format? Is it proprietary? Can itbe configured to a JPEG in camera?
 The RAW format provided by the NX10 is the original “SRW” file. Itis necessary to use software on a PC for JPEG conversion.
How about the movie recording function? Does the NX shoot720P HD video in 30fps supported HDMI cable? And what isthe file extension for the H.264 video?
 Yes, the NX10 supports 720P 30fps HDMI output. The file extensionis MP4. And the NX10 offers continuous Auto Focus for shootingvideo. Video recording functionality is more important than ever asconsumers demand products with the most advanced functionality,
so the most up to date recording functions are embedded in theNX10. Whether it’s pictures or videos, the NX10 can capture bothperfectly.
What is the actual resolution / horizontal x vertical pixelcount on the AMOLED display?
 The screen is 640x480 pixels. AMOLED delivers a brighter andsharper image than LCD and in our minds it was a natural choice forthe NX10 digital display. The result is that in bright sunlight and inless well lit environments; the consumer can see their pictures muchmore clearly.
What is the field of view of the NX10? 100% or less? And canthe proximity sensor on the NX’s EVF be turned off?
 The field of view is approximately 100%. The eye sensor controlsitself, smartly turning itself on and off in response to the userviewing their potential shots via the AMOLED screen or the EVF.
Why is Samsung entering into the Hybrid digital cameramarket?
Our detailed research over several years shows that whatconsumers want from their cameras is evolving, which we’vereflected in the development of the NX10. With specialist equipmentopen to everyone and no longer restricted solely to the professional,more and more people want to capture something creative and tella story using their camera – but they also want something compactthat they can carry around with them all day. The team believesthat we have a top class product that showcases the best inSamsung technology, its build quality, technology advances andmeeting the needs of the consumer, which we believe is the route tosuccess.
Many people say the NX10 is a new generation of camera.Do you consider it a Hybrid camera?
 The NX10 is the first of a new line of Samsung digital cameras whichwe believe represents the next generation of camera technology. The NX10 uses advanced technology, smart handling and answersthe needs of the consumer for a compact, lightweight and yet highquality camera. We believe that the NX10 is a progression of digitalcamera evolution. For this reason we are not using the term ‘hybrid’but we expect comparisons to other cameras in this category.
16.And what are your projections or ambitions for themarket share of this new camera market category?
Samsung aims to have 20 percent of the market share in digitalcameras by 2012. The NX10 is targeted to achieve 15 percent shareof its own category, the mid-market/ compact DSLR/ hybrid camera

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