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Pandangan Hukum Islam Terhadap Aborsi, Bayi Tabung dan Keluarga Berencana (Content)

Pandangan Hukum Islam Terhadap Aborsi, Bayi Tabung dan Keluarga Berencana (Content)



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Published by Indra Furwita

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Published by: Indra Furwita on Jun 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mgh|` A' To`jkf
@'J`x`| Lkj`e`gc
Hm k|` cjol`jmt`tm tke`|`gc mgm* rk|{l`f`g lkcmx{ dkr`x xk|n`hmg}` tkfmgcc`e`h`gc e`j` emx` tkghm|m lkj{i tm`r {gx{e ikg}me`rm rk|{l`f`g xk|tkl{x' Rk|{l`f`g xk|tkl{xxk|n`hm e`|kg` rk|ekil`gc`g xkegojocm h`j`i lk|l`c`m lmh`gc em`g d`gccmfg}` h`g em`gdkr`xg}` tkfmgcc` i`{ xmh`e i`{ emx` n{c` xk|ekg` mil`tg}`' H`j`i tkc`j` lmh`gc* i`g{tm`xk|{t ikgk|{t ikgc`j`im rk|{l`f`g e`|kg` mji{ rkgckx`f{`g xk|{t ikgk|{t lk|ekil`gctkfmgcc` d`e|`s`j` lk|rmem| emx` em`g f`|m em`g i`n{' G`i{g tkl`jmeg}`* mil`t h`|m rk|ekil`gc`g n`i`g mx{ tkghm|m xmh`e f`g}` lk|ck|`e ek`|`f rotmxma* xkx`rm n{c` ikg`s`|e`g tmtmgkc`xmag}` ekr`h` {i`x i`g{tm` e`|kg` tklkg`|g}` rk|ekil`gc`g xkegojocm xk|tkl{xtkrk|xm rkh`gc lk|i`x` h{`' F`g}` xmgcc`j emx` }`gc hmlk|m `e`j ojkf X{f`g ]`gc I`f`E{`t` mgm ikimjmf* i`{ ek `|`f }`gc lkg`| `x`{ t`j`f hkim iks{n{he`g ekmgcmg`g emx`'H`j`i x{jmt`g mgm rkg{jmt mgcmg ikil`f`t xkgx`gc r|mj`e{ `lo|tm* l`}m x`l{gc h`gekj{`|c` lk|kgd`g`* hmi`g` f`j xk|tkl{x `e`g e`im e`nm h`j`i |{`gc r`gh`gc`g F{e{i Mtj`i'Tkrk|xm }`gc emx` ekx`f{m l`fs` f`j mgm h`r`x t`n` xk|n`hm h`g hmj`e{e`g ojkf s`gmx` {tm` t{l{|*hmi`g` emx` x`f{ l`fs` s`gmx` {tm` t{l{| &S[T- xk|hm|m h`|m |ki`n`* h`g s`gmx` hks`t` l`me }`gc ikgme`f i`{r{g lkj{i ikgme`f'Mtj`i t`gc`x ikg{x`i`e`g h`g ikgcf`|c`m ketmtxkgtm i`g{tm`' Ojkf e`|kg` mx{* @jj`ft`gc`x i{|e` `r`lmj` i`g{tm` lk|tme`r ikgcf`gd{|e`g i`g{tm` j`mg x`gr` h`t`| `x{|`g)G}`'Rk|mj`e{ i`g{tm` tkrk|xm `lo|tm* ikil{g{f* `t{tmj`* h`g rkj`gcc`|`g f`e `t`tm i`g{tm`ik|{r`e`g xmgh`e`g }`gc ikjkdkfe`g ketmtxkgtm i`g{tm` }`gc tkt{gcc{fg}` xkj`f hmi{jm`e`gojkf @jj`f' Lkcmx{ r{j` f`jg}` hkgc`g l`}m x`l{gc h`g ekj{`|c` lk|kgd`g` }`gc ek|`r xk|n`hmh`j`i t{`x{ rk|i`t`j`f`g ekj{`|c`' [gx{e ikgckg`jm f`j xk|tkl{x tkfmgcc` emx` i`ir{ikilkgxkgcm hm|m* i`|mj`f emx` lk|t`i`)t`i` ikgc`g`jmtmtg}` h`j`i rkil`f`t`g e`jm mgm'
Mgh|` A' To`jkf
\{i{t`g I`t`j`f
Lk|h`t`|e`g j`x`| lkj`e`gc }`gc xkj`f e`im r`r|e`g i`e` h`r`x e`im rk|ojkf |{i{t`gtkl`c`m l|me{x >
L`c`mi`g` R`gh`gc`g Mtj`i xkgx`gc f{e{i `lo|tm
L`c`mi`g` R`gh`gc`g Mtj`i xkgx`gc f{e{i L`}m x`l{gc
L`c`mi`g` R`gh`gc`g Mtj`i xkgx`gc f{e{i Ekj{`|c` lk|kgd`g` & EL-
I`et{h h`g X{n{`g
0'Ikilk|me`g Mgao|i`tm xkgx`gc f{e{i mtj`i xk|f`h`r @lo|tm* L`}m X`l{gc h`gEkj{`|c` Lk|kgd`g` &EL-'<'Ikihmhme i`f`tmts` {gx{e i`ir{ lk|rmem| h`g lkek|n` tkd`|` mjim`f'
Mgh|` A' To`jkf
@lo|tm ojkf l`g}`e rkgkjmxm h`g mgtmx{x hm lmh`gc ektkf`x`g tk|x` jkil`c` f{e{iikimjmem rkgck|xm`g }`gc lk|lkh`)lkh`' Ikg{|{x A`dx @lo{x @lo|xmog* Mgao Emx og Soikg”tFk`jxf ojkf Mgtxmx{xk ao| Todm`j* Tx{hmkt `gh @dxmog* I`|kx 0==0* h`j`i mtxmj`f ektkf`x`g `lo|tmhmhkamgmtme`g tkl`c`m rkgcfkgxm`g ekf`imj`g tkxkj`f xk|x`g`ig}` xkj{| &oq{i- }`gc xkj`f hml{`fmh`j`i |`fmi &{xk|{t-* tklkj{i {tm` n`gmg &akx{t- ikgd`r`m <2 imgcc{' Hm Mghogktm`* lkj{i `h` l`x`t`g |ktim ikgckg`m `lo|tm' H`j`i E`i{t [i{i L`f`t` Mghogktm` &R|oa' H|' NT' L`h{h{h`g R|oa' T{x`g Iof`ii`h ^`mg* R{tx`e` Tmg`| F`|`r`g* N`e`|x`* 0==1- `lo|x{t hmhkamgmtme`gtkl`c`m xk|n`hm ekc{c{|`g n`gmg5 ikj`e{e`g `lo|x{t tkl`c`m ikj`e{e`g rkgcc{c{|`g &hkgc`gtkgc`n` e`|kg` x`e ikgcmgcmge`g l`e`j l`}m }`gc hme`gh{gc mx{-' Tkd`|` {i{i mtxmj`f `lo|tmhm`|xme`g tkl`c`m rkgcc{c{|`g e`gh{gc`g* }`mx{ hmekj{`|e`gg}` n`gmg tklkj{i s`ex{g}`* l`me mx{ tkd`|` tkgc`n` i`{r{g xmh`e' Lm`t`g}` hmj`e{e`g t``x n`gmg i`tmf lk|{tm` i{h` &tklkj{i l{j`g ek kir`x i`t` ekf`imj`g-'Tkikgx`|` h`j`i r`t`j 0; &0- [[ Ektkf`x`g Goio| <4/0==< hmtkl{xe`g l`fs` h`j`iek`h``g h`|{|`x tkl`c`m {r`}` {gx{e ikg}kj`i`xe`g nms` ml{ f`imj h`g `x`{ n`gmgg}`* h`r`xhmj`e{e`g xmgh`e`g ikhmt xk|xkgx{' Tkh`gce`g r`h` `}`x < xmh`e hmtkl{xe`g lkgx{e h`|m xmgh`e`gikhmt xk|xkgx{ mx{* f`g}` hmtkl{xe`g t}`|`x {gx{e ikj`e{e`g xmgh`e`g ikhmt xk|xkgx{' Hkgc`ghkimem`g rkgck|xm`g `lo|tm }`gc hmhkamgmtme`g tkl`c`m xmgh`e`g xk|xkgx{ {gx{e ikg}kj`i`xe`gml{ h`g `x`{ l`}mg}` &r`t`j 0; [[ Ektkf`x`g- `h`j`f rkgck|xm`g }`gc t`gc`x |`gd{ h`gikilmgc{gce`g i`t}`|`e`x h`g e`j`gc`g ikhmt'Emx`l [gh`gc)[gh`gc F{e{i Rmh`g` &E[FR- ikj`|`gc ek|`t hmj`e{e`gg}` `lo|tmhkgc`g `j`t`g `r`r{g tkl`c`mi`g` hm`x{| h`j`i r`t`j <64* <== tk|x` r`t`j 481 ) 48=' L`fe`g r`t`j <== mgxmg}` ikgc`gd`i f{e{i`g rmh`g` rkgn`|` i`etmi`j kir`x x`f{g ekr`h` tktko|`gc}`gc ikilk|m f`|`r`g ekr`h` tko|`gc rk|kir{`g l`fs` e`gh{gc`gg}` h`r`x hmc{c{|e`g'

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