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One of the stories I contributed to Menage-a-20.
Adult Content:

One of the stories I contributed to Menage-a-20.

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Published by: Renee Miller-Johnston on Jun 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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About 2000 wordsLonelyBy Renee Miller 1
As Caleb rushes through the house, he breezes past Carly without a glance. Sheyawns, shuffles over to the coffee pot and lifts it up. Not even enough for a cup.“Sorry hon,” Caleb says, grabbing his keys from the hook by the door. “I filled mythermos. You can make another pot.”“Sure,” it comes out as a growl. “When will you be home?”Caleb flushes and pauses. He will tell her something he thinks she doesn’t want tohear.“I’m not sure,” his hand is on the door, ready for a quick escape. “Maybe in time for dinner; could be a bit later.”“Fine,” she dumps the coffee filter into the garbage and avoids his eyes. “Jacob has agame tonight. You said you’d be there.”“Shit,” he leans on the doorjamb. He’ll try to pacify her with more promises he can’tkeep. “Listen, I know I said I would, but I didn’t know we’d be so busy, and I’ve got practiceat five.”“I’ll tell him something.” She always does. Apparently a bunch of middle aged men2
struggling around with sticks and pucks was more important than his son’s game. When theysigned him up, hadn’t he said he’d do it?“I’m sorry Carly.”He’s mad. Of course he is. What does she do all day anyway? She knows how hethinks. It’s not like she does anything except clean and cook. Why can’t she take Jacob to hisgame? “Don’t be.” She runs water to pour into the coffee maker, still not looking his way.“You’ll be late.”“Yeah,” he opens the door and stops.Finally she looks up. Caleb lowers his gaze and steps outside without a word.Carly pushes the start button and soon the soothing noise of coffee percolating fillsthe kitchen. They used to kiss before he left, hating that they would be apart. She doesn’tremember the last time he kissed her good-bye, or the last time he approached her at all. Sure,if she gave him the right signals, he’d humor her, though making it clear how tired he was.Often she wondered if there was someone else. Could a man really have no desire left?She worries it might be her. Since Mallory, their daughter, came along, he no longer seems interested. It’s not Carly’s fault her body isn’t as attractive as it used to be. Caleb hasforced her to do what she swore she never would; to keep secrets, to lie and to cheat. If he’dlook at her like he used to; a touch, a word, something to show he still cared, wanted her. Shewouldn’t need Marc if her husband gave her what she needed.
Smiling she fills her cup. She has an entire day alone with Marc. If Caleb ever found out…no, he would never do. Carly planned each encounter meticulously. She doesn’tlike cheating, but her body has needs. She has needs.Carly closes her eyes and thinks of Marc, his hard body, his undying devotion to pleasing her. Marc places Carly above all else. She likes when he nuzzles her ear andmurmurs sweet nothings, and purrs against that sensitive spot just below.3

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