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Mayan Chronicles

Mayan Chronicles

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How the Maya show Us, History can be made to repeat itself.
How the Maya show Us, History can be made to repeat itself.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: RevolutionizingAwareness on Jun 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"My name is Tutenakqua. I am a High Priest of the Sacred Maya. I speak withyou today to tell you the mission of my life that existed about 520 years (as youcount them) before your time of 1995 AD. I feel that it is appropriate to speak toyou now, as my contribution in my time frame is not unlike yours in your timeframe. Our spirit runs continuously through third dimensional time and space viathe unity of our sixth dimensional consciousness.OUR CHILDHOODS"I will begin the story with my early adulthood. I was specially chosen to fulfill adestiny for my people. The Priests had been awaiting the sign of my entrance intoembodiment for many years. Finally, the portents came to pass. The Home Shiphad come and the Sons of Heaven had chosen the Daughters of Earth to createbodies for my fellow travelers and me. When the women were all with child, theHome Ships returned to Arcturus."It is very difficult for a third dimensional woman to mate with and successfullycarry a child of a sixth dimensional man. The men had to take the great risk of lowering their vibrations, and the women had to stay very pure and meditate for 
many years in order to raise their vibrations. The result, if successful, would be achild who could easily exist on the third, fourth and even fifth dimensions at thesame moment. This was me and the other three who survived to adulthood."We lived most of our lives within the confines of the temple. This may seemlike a harsh life, but since we could so easily travel in the inner worlds, the sacrificewas minimal. Also, our fathers would come at regular intervals to take us to our Homeworld of Arcturus. Arcturian fathers were chosen for this mission becauseArcturus is a Star Gate planet. As a Star Gate world, many different dimensionalworlds can be accessed in the regions of the Bootes Constellation, where Arcturuslies in the heavens. Our fathers actually functioned on dimensions higher than thefifth while they were off the planet Earth."The four of us were always joyous when we received messages from our fathers, as they gave us many important lessons. We were very telepathic andempathic, and communicated with them in this fashion. We were actually quiteglad to live our lives separated from the third dimensionals, as their uncontrolledthoughts and feelings were a constant intrusion on our minds."There had been a fifth one of us, but she was so open to the higher planesthat she could not stay functional in her third dimensional shell. She became whatothers thought of as insane. Actually, she was quite sane in the higher planes.Finally, her third dimensional form became ill due to the turbulence of emotions.We begged the priests to release her from her clay prison so that she could be freeof its painful limitations, but they did not wish to terminate one of their "experiments." Our fathers intervened in her behalf. They released her to her higher form and took her with them to Arcturus."Our fathers often took us to Venus. Venus' life forms vibrate only at the fifthand sixth dimensions. We loved it there because we could be ourselves totallyand run freely around without the guards who constantly surrounded us on Earth.I actually thought of Venus as being my home more than anywhere else. Arcturuswas our fathers' home and when we went there, we stayed with them and their families. When I was there I felt somewhat like an "experiment"; I was a "hybrid."My Arcturian father had another mate and offspring from whom I felt somewhatexcluded. It is not that they were unkind to me, but rather, that their lives did notinclude me and I always felt like a visitor."On Venus, there were many "hybrids" and Earthlings who were resting andrestoring themselves there after their Earthly sojourn. Our fathers took us toVenus more often than Arcturus. They would come to Earth to take us to Venus,leave us with our many friends there, and return to Earth to complete their mission.Also, we soon learned to travel to Venus via our higher consciousness. Our friendscould see us in our higher bodies and we could visit and play freely."Earth was merely the location of our mission, but we did make some friends onyour planet, like Serenathenia. She was our mother figure and cared for all of uswith great love. We were only with our birth mothers the first two years of our lifeso that we could bond with our third dimensional shells. However, the priests wereconcerned that we would forget our powers if we became too bonded with the thirddimensional plane, so at two years of age, we were taken into the care of our dear Serenathenia. She was chosen to mother us since she could live in both worlds.
She was the one who taught us to travel to Venus in our minds. She was actuallyVenusian herself."We saw our Earth mothers on special holidays only, and since they had alltaken husbands and had other children, we began to feel as left out of their livesas we did from our fathers'. Hopenakaniah bonded deeply with her mother,Ashathkania, who never married or had other children. She became a specialfriend to all of us as well as a second mother. Hopenakaniah was very happy toshare her mother with us, as we all felt like one blood. We were constantlytogether from the time we were two years old. We were very close. Outside of thetwo women who cared for us, there was only one other Earthling with whom wewere close. His name was Sackatukeneon. He was supposed to be our servant,but his secret wisdom far surpassed that of the rigid, pompous priests. Wediscovered just before our transition that he was actually an ascended being whohad manifested a body so that he could serve us."Our fathers were also close to us, but we preferred to see them on Earth or onVenus, where we could feel more a part of their world. When our dear sister diedto her Earth shell, everyone was concerned that the same thing would happen tomore of us, so we became even more sheltered from the third dimensionals.Several of the priests had streaks of anger, greed and fear in their auras. Whenwe told our fathers this, they discreetly limited our exposure to only three priests.Our fathers were careful to give an acceptable reason so as not to make enemiesfor us among the third dimensional priests. It was known among the enlightenedmembers of the priesthood that there were many unenlightened souls amongthem. They also knew that this fact signaled the eventual end of their greatempire. The sacrifice of the heart had degenerated to the actual removal of thephysical organ and became the sacrifice of the enemy rather than of the highestcitizens."Our three Mayan father priests (which is what we called them), Lux, Uk, andKahn, spoke as one voice and symbolized the three essences of truth. Lux wasthe human representative of love; Uk represented wisdom; and Kahn representedpower. These three were our teachers. They were in such perfect harmony withthemselves and each other that they finished each other's sentences, harmonizedtheir voices in perfect unity and operated as one consciousness, yet at the sametime, they were complete individuals. Only a few priests knew of their abilities, asthe Dark Ones (the unenlightened priests) would surely do them harm if they knewof this."We telepathically called our father priests "Lux-Uk-Kahn", and the one towhom we spoke would answer while the others listened and augmented his replywhen necessary. The priesthood thought that Lux-Uk-Kahn were teaching us theSacred Rituals and history of Maya. They did not know that they were teaching usmuch more!"So now you know of our Earthly family. From the time we were seven, whenour sister translated, until our moment of final initiation, these were the onlyEarthlings that we saw. We lived our lives within the great pyramids. There werethree pyramids at that time, which were all connected by a vast undergroundnetwork of tunnels. Since all of these grounds were consecrated, we were free to

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