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Celtic Druids and Gods v1

Celtic Druids and Gods v1



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Published by armornick

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Published by: armornick on Jun 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Celtic Druids
and the
Tuatha de Dannan
Version 1 / © June 2005
A supplement for the D20 System / heroic fantasy games by
Dominique Crouzet
Celts are often a source of inspiration for gamers, in their heroic-fantasy campaigns. And in fact, the bardand druid classes owe primarily to the Celtic lore, before having become archetypes of role-playing games.Anyway, this D20 supplement delves into the Celtic mythology, to describe a pantheon and religion witha strong Celtic flair. As such, this netbook owes more to movies and comics than actual history. All thecontent of this document is intended for game purpose only, and has no historical / literacy value otherwise(despite I did read many books on druidism and the Celts before writing it). In any case, this supplement isopen for improvements. If anyone of you has comments (suggestions, constructive criticism, etc.) to make,or even submission to add, I would be glad to know about it (just send me an email).
In any case this netbook is not a stand-alone product, and requires the Dungeons & Dragons
core rulebooks to use(
 Player’s Handbook 
 Dongeon Master’s Guide
, and
Monster Manual 
, Third Edition, published by Wizards of theCoast
). Dungeons & Dragons
and Wizards of the Coast
are Registered Trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, andare used with Permission.
Main author / Editor:
Dominique Crouzet <dominique.crouzet@libertysurf.fr>
 Netbook cover: Dominique CrouzetAll Celtic designs: courtesy of Peter Oostervink <http://www.celtic-art.net>.
Suggested readings:
Aside from the abundant literature on Celts, I suggest for d20 gamers interested in Celtic campaigns:
Celtic Age
, an Avalanche Press d20 product. This is an excellent supplement, especially if you intendto play a "purist" (and low magic) Celtic campaign. It provides invaluable information on the Celtsand their world. Unfortunately, this product is out of print and almost impossible to find.
 Eyru: An RPG setting inspired by Irish and Celtic Myth
, a free (!) d20 supplement by RussellLinton available (at least in 2005) on his website <http://www.eyrurpg.com>.
Celts Campaign Sourcebook 
(product #9376), a fine TSR supplement published in 1992. Thisis for a previous edition of the game (AD&D 2
edition) and out of print. However you may get it as a5$ PDF on RPGnow <http://www.rpgnow.com>.
The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes
, a Mongoose Publishing d20 product. Based on theSlaine comics, this is a full game in itself with new rules for magic. This is not really compatible withthe SRD rules (at least magic is different), and in my opinion tends to limit the game (less classes, lessspells, and a game essentially revolving around a mindless "Hack and Slash" style of play). _______________________________________________________________________________________ 
Druidism & Celtic Deities
: a theological description of the druidic faith.
Celtic Pantheon
: the Tuatha de Dannan (Celtic gods) and their priests: Arawn, Arianrod, Beli-Mawr,Brighit, Cairbre, Daghda, Diancecht, Epona, Goibhniu, Lugh, Manannan Mac Lir, Math Mathonwy,Midir, Morrigan, Nuada, Oghma.
Celtic Magic
New Cleric Domains:
Abundance, Burial, Craft, Equines, Flow, Influence, Lore, Metallurgy, Mutation,Satire, and Sun (variant of the regular domain).
New Spells:
Honoring the Host, Irritating Sniveler, Curse of the Suspicious Mind, Deceptive Object,False Success of the Fool, Glam Dicinn, Blind Love, Grotesque Polymorph, Unveil the Truth, SunLights, Sunspear, Purifying Flames, Chariot of Sustarre,
Peerless Charge.
Standing Stones:
some generalities about Standing Stones and Stone Circles.
Character Classes:
: new core-class of Celtic priest.
: new core-class of warrior and weaponsmith dedicated to Goibhniu.
: new prestige class (based on the SRD hierophant).
SRD Core Classes:
how do they fit in a Celtic campaign.
SRD Core races:
how do they fit in a Celtic campaign.
Race Variants:
Pict (a dwarven race) and Sidhe (an elven race).
: a small list of Celtic and Clans’ namesD20 Open Gaming License _______________________________________________________________________________________ 
Designation of Open Content:
The following portions of this netbook are designated as opencontent: New Cleric Domains, New Spells, Character classes (Fili, War-Smith, and Archdruid),and the Racial Traits of the Pict and Sidhe race.Everything else is closed content, but you may freely publish it on your non-commercial websites,campaign setting netbooks, and what not.

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