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Pandora-Part One

Pandora-Part One

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Published by Garreth Flynn
this is a story i'm thinking of doing please comment and tell me what you think. :):D
this is a story i'm thinking of doing please comment and tell me what you think. :):D

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Published by: Garreth Flynn on Jun 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pandora-Part One
I walked down the street quietly. I was angry but I didn’t knowwhy. I looked at all the “normal” humans that passed me by.They made me sick, they made me want death.I am Death. I am one of the curses my “mother” Pandora letloose on the world. My siblings include hunger, disease, hatredand madness. They are all humans but they… we have special powers.I sighed at the humans before walking towards the park. I hadtaken the name Darren to blend in but my siblings call me bymy true name. I have a strong build and am very smart sonobody can beat or trick me.I let some of my anger out on a flock of geese. They dropdead in the water. A little girl starts to cry as she sees the dead birds. I smile slightly before t returns to a frown.I walk through the park slowly. It takes about a half an hour to get through the full way. I stop at a bar and walk inside. It iscrowded and full of drunks but that doesn’t bother me. I walk tothe counter and order a beer.I look around for my next victim. There are plenty of options.The drunks would be the easiest; a little liver poising could goalong way.I turn away from the crowd and take a sup of my drink. Ittastes horrible but it makes me blend in. as I turn around again Iaccidentally knock over someone’s drink.The cold beer drops to the floor. Smashing the glass bottle of the floor. The man looks at me, then his now spilled beer andthen back at me.“What the hell did you do that for!?” he shouted at me. Thewhole bar went quiet and looked at us. I grunted and turnedaway. The man grabbed my shoulder as if to pull me back.I smiled this is what I was waiting for. Quickly I spun arounddrawing a switchblade from my back pocket. I stabbed the man Ithe chest and he fell back silently. The bar man acted quickly,grabbing a double barrel shot gun from beneath the counter.I faced the bar man, looking down the barrel of the gun. The bar man was shaking

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