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Septem Elementum PDF

Septem Elementum PDF

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Published by HunterOfNight

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Published by: HunterOfNight on Jun 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The term ‘Vampire’ or ‘Vampyre’ (as some like to spell it) has been adoptedby many who consider themselves to be Vampires, or feel that this label bestdefines certain beliefs they hold or practises they maintain.Typically these beliefs and practices are centred on a professed need to feedupon the energy of others, either psychically or physically via blood.Beyond this ‘need to feed’ there appears to be an absence of a more broadandintact definition of the ‘real’Vampire in commondescriptions. As one would most likely be familiar, the internet is scattered with realVampire websites. These websitesusually contain the testimonies of individuals regarding their vampiric habits and tendencies.There are also various pieces of literature available on the subject of realVampirism from these websites, and the subculture magazines some promoteand sell.There is alsoinformationon offer on the net fromthose that are simply in thebusiness of selling cult memberships, and ‘esoteric knowledge’ to the curiousand confused.From the broad Vampire subculture in the United States and Europe, to thesmaller more esoteric covens, there appears to be body of literature that canbedivided into twomain categories.These two categories appear to be either those that are predominantlyinfluenced by Vampire role playing games (containing notions of spiritualstatus and hierarchy which infer roles e.g. ‘warrior’ ‘acolyte’ etc) and Easternspirituality, or those that contain pseudo LaVeyian or Setian philosophy, withMiddle Eastern symbology and mythological influences.Some authors are those who simply have a fascination with Vampires.In regards to the foundationsof this piece of literature, the author plainlyadmits that it is nothing more than the product of their own thoughts andfeelings on the subject of the Vampire, and what they practice and understandthemselves.
In regards to this books content and purpose, its’ specific focus is toconceptualise the vampire into seven elements or aspects. The author in no wayintends this to be interpreted as an orthodox or definitive concept by anymeans.This book in itself is intended to be an ongoing work, and what the reader isholding now will merely be one of many of its’manifestations.The reader will no doubt notice that the author has favouredthe use of Latinterms when naming or describing particular things. These uses of these termsare idiosyncratic to the author, and are also not intended to be considered partof any orthodox tradition.The reader will also note that the author has chosen to utilise astrologicalglyphs to represent the vampiric elements in each section, and in the ViresSeptagram.These symbols have been chosen for their generic value and relationship to theelements discussed or intended for representation.However, their positioning within the Vires Septagram is deliberate andpurposeful. The elements are placed in alignment within particularcorresponding angles, and separated from others in the same manor. This isdone to represent the factors of balance and relationships between the elements.The author does not wish to infer any astrological value to the Septagram.Although the unitary value, balance and power of the elements combined isbeautifully depicted within a macrocosm such as our solar system.In this current incarnation of Septum Elementum there is more focus the areasof Immortality, Regeneration and Psychic ability than those of Passion,Intuition, Wisdom and Beauty. This should not be interpreted as an indicationof the level of significance and value of each element. All of the sevenelements are of equal value and are integral to the whole concept. Moreattention to the lesser explored elements will most likely be paid in futuremanifestations of this piece of literature.

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