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Published by: Cuidarenfermeria Enfermera on Jun 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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yhuh shegu owèn{c ncs kwuh lh dgzolhk`r`k`dcs gl {c{hl kg lh eclsh 799oo gn{ug lc xwg lg rcp h yhshu ycu lh mcuh: =9oo799oo # =9oo: 2.57 mcuhs
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 yuc{coclc kg Hd`ncb`l`nh C.D } fa } mcuhs9.? } 27fa } 2 mcuhs -s`gdyug ycu lh r`kh dgk`h kgl dgk`ohdgn{c) 4 881 dakg Hd`ncb`l`nhHmcuh {gngdcs xwg shegu h xwg gxw`rhlg gn oo yhuh yugyhuhu lh dgzolh gn glewug{ucl
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K`r`k`dcs 29oo gn lhs 2 mcuhs xwg lgrhdcs h yhshu gn dgk`ohdgn{cYhuh shegu owèn{c ncs yhsh ycu mcuh k`r`k`dcs lcs 29oo ycu lhs 2 mcuhs p ncskh 89ooo.
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 [gngdcs yu`dguc xwg mhogu wnh ugalh kg {ugs:_` gn 7oo mhp 579daGn ?oo owhn{cs da mhp: ?oo } 579da# 7oo: 879daHmcuh {gnahdcs gn owgn{h xwg gs{cs ?oo xwg gxw`rhlgn h 879da bwgucnhng}hkcs lh eclsh kg sclwo`ÿn shl`nh ncudhl yhuh wn {c{hl kg dgzolh kg 799ooYhuh shegu lh ocnogn{uho`ÿn gn 899oo {gngdcs xwg mhogu kg nwgrc c{uh ugalhkg {ugs:_` gn 799o mhp 879daGn 899oo owhn{cs da mhp: 899oo } 879da# 799oo: ?9da kg dgk`ohdgn{c ]e)
_` kg gs{h dgzolh, sg hkd`n`s{uh ?79oo, owhn{cs auhdcs kg dgk`ohdgn{c yhshn hl yho`gn{g 

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