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Jesus the Son of Man

Jesus the Son of Man

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Published by mrahimi124

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Published by: mrahimi124 on Jun 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Title: Jesus the Son f ManAuthor: Kahlil Gibran* A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook *eBook No.: !"#$"h.ht%l&'ition: "(anguage: &nglish)haracter set enco'ing: TM(++(atin+",-S+//$0+"1++/ bit2ate first 3oste': June 4$2ate %ost recentl5 u3'ate': June 4$Project Gutenberg of Australia eBooks are create' fro% 3rinte' e'itions6hich are in the 3ublic 'o%ain in Australia7 unless a co35right noticeis inclu'e'. 8e 'o NT kee3 an5 eBooks in co%3liance 6ith a 3articular3a3er e'ition.)o35right la6s are changing all o9er the 6orl'. Be sure to check theco35right la6s for 5our countr5 before 'o6nloa'ing or re'istributing thisfile.This eBook is %a'e a9ailable at no cost an' 6ith al%ost no restrictions6hatsoe9er. ou %a5 co35 it7 gi9e it a6a5 or re+use it un'er the ter%sof the Project Gutenberg of Australia (icense 6hich %a5 be 9ie6e' online athtt3:;;gutenberg.net.au;licence.ht%l+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 His words and His deeds as told and recorded by those who knew Him
by Kahlil Gibran
 On the Kingdoms of the World 
 On the Birth of Jesus
 On the Speech of Jesus
 On Meeting Jesus for the First ime
 On Jesus the Master !hysician
 When He and His Brother were "alled 
 he High !riest 
 On "hildren
 he Bride of "ana
 Of #ncient $ods and %ew
 Jesus the !ractical 
 On Hypocrites
 he Sermon on the Mount 
 On the &arious #ppellations of Jesus
 Of Jesus the Magician
 Jesus the $ood "arpenter 
 # !arable
 He Speaks in !rison to His 'isciples
 On the !rimal Jims of Jesus
 Jesus was not Meek 
 On Saul of arsus
 # 'esire (nfulfilled 
 On Jesus the &ision and the Man
 On the )aw and the !rophets
 On the 'eath of Stephen
 On the Forefathers of His 'oubts
 Jesus the Outcast 
 On His Sadness and His Smile
 Jesus the !oet 
 On hose who would "onfound Jesus
 Jesus the "ruel 

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