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Published by alvinconcha

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Published by: alvinconcha on Jun 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A review of the works of Anthony Giddens
A paper submitted to
Dr May Eleanor B Ursos
in partial fulfillment of the requirements in MASOR 517 – Sociology of Development
Alvin Concha, MD
Ateneo de Davao UniversityMA Applied Social Research – Gender StudiesMarch 2006
This review contains
Why Giddens?
a brief rationale for choosing to review the works of Anthony Giddens...page 2
Who is Anthony Giddens?
a short account of the highlights of Anthony Giddens’ life...page 4
Grand sociological synthesis
a partial list of the books and articles of Anthony Giddens...page5
Late Modernity
Giddens’ views regarding the characteristics of the contemporary era…page 7
Structuration and duality of structure
Giddens’ important theory that reconciles micro- and macro-level issues…page 8
a description of how Giddens regards human beings…page 12
The self in late modernity
an important view on identity corollary to Giddens’ notion of agency…page 13
a list of some hardcopy and online sources on Giddens’ life and works…page 152
Why Giddens?
+ + + + + + + + + + +
n our class in Sociology oDevelopment, we have beenreviewing sociological theoriesthat take a macro perspective. Thetheories of Marx, Durkheim andParsons are good examples of theories that show how society andculture determine, at least to someextent, the behavior of the people.On the other hand, it is convenientto think that the perspective in theopposite end of the spectrum, themicro perspective, belongs in the province of Anthropology. Thus,the works of many feminists and,to some extent, those of Foucault,Baudrillard and Jamesonappropriate notions of humanagency and are more concernedwith human activity at theindividual or small group level.Yet, it is perhaps not difficultto imagine that, by virtue of anindividuals being situated in alarger societal context, humanactivity and structures in thesociety influence each other.Humans can behave, at least tosome extent, according to themoulds provided by the structuresand culture, yet these same mouldscan be reshaped by humans. The bounds of structural influence on people are determined by what people affirm, maintain oreproduce in the structure.Such is the basis of a promising theory as proposed byAnthony Giddens. The theory of structuration posits that “[h]umanagency (micro level activity) andsocial structure (macro levelforces) continuously feed into eachother. The social structure isreproduced through repetition of acts by individual people (andtherefore can change).It is atheoretical middle-ground betweensociological and anthropologicaltheories. It connects both

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