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Simplify Disaster Recovery. Eliminate Backups.

Simplify Disaster Recovery. Eliminate Backups.

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Published by sunshine
InMage provides a software-based solution that leverages the advantages of disk-based data protection to eliminate backups and provide application-aware recovery that can meet remote (DR) and/or local requirements.
InMage provides a software-based solution that leverages the advantages of disk-based data protection to eliminate backups and provide application-aware recovery that can meet remote (DR) and/or local requirements.

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Published by: sunshine on Jun 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Data Sheet 
Simple, cost-effective disaster re-
covery solutions for any applicationthat support long distance require-ments using IP-based networksComprehensive recovery that
includes not only data recovery butcan automate application recoveryas well, making it faster andmore reliableUnique hybrid recovery technology
eliminates backups as a discreteevent while providing granular recovery capabilities to supportthe most stringent RPO/RTOrequirementsSingle solution that supports het-
erogeneous servers and storage,preserving existing investments inother data protection productsand processes
Recovery is a critical concern or enterprises o all sizes, and must be addressed bothremotely (or disaster recovery) and locally (or daily recovery). Disaster recovery (DR) is rec-ognized as a need, but many enterprises cannot aord to implement it eectively in a wayto support recovery requirements. Most enterprises are already backing up locally and usingtapes or DR, but may be experiencing issues with backup windows, data loss on recovery,lengthy recovery times, or recovery reliability. Because o the heterogeneity o today’s ITenvironments, most enterprises use multiple products and tools to cover their range orecovery requirements, a situation that leads to high management complexity and cost.
Data recovery provides a strong oundation, but alone is not sucient to meetcomprehensive recovery needs. Data is only useul when applications that can usethat data are available, and application recovery must be addressed as well to ensurecontinued business operations. Application recovery generally requires humanintervention, urther adding to inrastructure complexity, cost, and recovery risk.
InMage: A Single Solution for DR, Backup, and Application Failover
InMage provides a sotware-based solution that leverages the advantages o disk-baseddata protection to eliminate backups and provide application-aware recovery that canmeet remote (DR) and/or local requirements. Using unique hybrid recovery technology,InMage captures changes to data in real time as they occur and oers fexible recoveryto any previous point in time, a eature which ensures ast, reliable recovery even whendata is corrupted. Automated recovery o application services can be congured to meeteither remote or local requirements, going above and beyond the protection oered byreplication, conventional backup, and clustering products alone.
age collects changes rom one or more serverscontinuously as they occur and sends them to alocal target called the CX. This approach allows verylarge data sets and applications to be protectedwhile requiring very little network bandwidth.From the CX, data can be replicated to a localrepository while at the same time it is replicated toa remote repository or DR purposes. As data is captured, it is labeled in such a way thatrecoveries can occur rom any previous point in time by retroactively creating the desiredrecovery point as a disk-based image, providing the maximum fexibility to select the bestrecovery point or any given scenario. N into 1 replication support oers the option oremote oce data protection congurations that minimize tape inrastructure and manualinvolvement in locations that may not have access to sophisticated backup expertise.Recoveries can occur rom either remote or local locations, and can meet very stringentRPO/RTO requirements.InMage supports a range o reliable recovery options that can be equally applied or DR,backup, and application ailover. For the astest recoveries, InMage uses AppShots, whichare application-consistent points in time that are automatically tracked based on policiesestablished by the administrator. AppShots can be read/write or read-only, virtual orphysical copies o data, depending on how they are dened when they are created. Whena recovery is required, administrators can select rom a wide range o AppShots so as topick the one which best supports optimized recovery operations (which can be dened as
InMage leverages disk-based data protection toprovide comprehensivedata protection.
Simplify Dissr Rcovry.elimin Bckups.

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