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cx supp_06-04-2010

cx supp_06-04-2010

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Published by cxpress

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Published by: cxpress on Jun 08, 2010
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LIKE a toddler’s shaky steps on
the first year, like a young man
daring to go beyond the limits on

the second year,Commuter
EXPRESS now on its third year has

finally arrived. Reaching the top is a sweet success. And, you brought us there.

Photo by
June 4,
Thanks to you our readers and
advertisers. Together, our journey is a
very pleasant one. Now, join us on our
next trip. Now with the sturdier,

colorful and more responsive vehicle, the Commuter EXPRESS. Riding with us is bringing you right to your

destination. On time and on target. Just
read between the lines.
Anniversary Supplement
June 4, 2010
Commuter EXPRESSturns
three years old today. On behalf
of the tireless CX family, I wish to
convey our sincerest gratitude to
those who helped us hurdle the
past three years. To all our loyal
readers, valued advertisers,
dependable suppliers, trusted
partners at the Light Rail Transit
Authority & Metrostar Express,
and unwavering supporters thank
you from the bottom of our hearts.

We have achieved much since our June 4, 2007 maiden issue. In a nutshell, CX’s steadfast growth is defying the odds in an industry where other publications, including broadsheets, are on the decline.

Our key success factor is the continued dedication of each member of the CX family to go the extra mile to churn out the best free newspaper everyday. Specifically, we make sure that: 1) our layout and content are relevant to our readers, 2) our print quality is superior, 3) our distribution is thorough and consistent, 4) our advertisers are satisfied, and 5) our after sales and support services are efficient.

CX dealt with different concerns and challenges
for each passing year.

Relatively limited resources and CX’s status, as a start up was a handicap during the first year. Daily challenges seemed to be insurmountable and yet CX managed to avoid stoppages and in fact started to make a name for itself as a serious player in the industry.

By CX’s second anniversary, an increasing number of MRT & LRT commuters started to prefer CX than many other newspapers in town. Consequently, the number of advertisers began to increase. CX had finally attained legitimacy in the eyes of our readers and customers.

In the past year, CX managed to sustain this growth. Many began to notice us, from readers, advertisers and even competitors from the dailies. CX has finally achieved confidence. And as such, we regard such responses as affirmations of CX’s progress.

The future is bright for CX.

In light of what we have already achieved in the past three years, the sky’s the limit for CX. I believe this because we always go the extra mile to give satisfaction to our readers and advertisers every each day. And so in the coming year, I enjoin the CX family to consciously adopt the attitude that we are geared for limitless possibilities.

With this, CX will set its sights to become the reader’s undisputed favorite, become the market leader, and become the most admired publication.

Congratulations on our third anniversary! Thank you once again to all those who have supported us!

We made it and now geared
for limitless possibilities
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By Tonette Henson,
EVP for Advertising Sales and Marketing
Lessons learned
from a difficult
THREE years and what a journey it has been!
I still remember the early days ofC o m m u t e r
EXPRESS when we were all at our wit’s end --

juggling editorial, production, advertising and marketing, circulation and administrative func- tions. We didn’t care who did what. What was important was to publish the June 4, 2007 issue. What started as a small and struggling free com- muter newspaper has now evolved into an es- tablished and competitive one.

We look back at that first issue with pride, considering that we launched it with limited re- sources. Three years after, we are definitely more organized and structured with the same fire and passion still burning fervently. This made us took that big leap. The reason for our success is that we compete with ourselves. One may call that our “trade secret,” a mantra even. We know that if we fail ourselves, we inevitably fail our readers and advertisers. Every issue of our ownC o m -

muter EXPRESSis our biggest competitor.

We are celebrating our third year anniversary alongside winners of recently conducted first ever automated elections. To those who won, we give you our best wishes with high hopes that you will fulfill what you promised. To those who have lost the fight, we also send you our best wishes, believing that there is also a reason for celebration.

By Victor A. Caluag
President, CEO
Anniversary Supplement
June 4, 2010
Anniversary Supplement
June 4, 2010
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In a world where everybody wants to be a winner, defeat could also be a “freedom.” Yes, freedom to take a bigger role. This also applies not only for positions of power but for jobs and careers. When one loses something, perhaps destiny is leading you to a bigger job to perform, a greater mission to fulfill.

We should keep in mind that obstacles are a
constant companion as we plod along life.C o m -
muter EXPRESS hurdled many of them. From

day one, there had been a lot of “buildings” to do. Building a relationship with our formidable team, readers, advertisers and even with our suppliers and creditors to extend our payment terms. We were small and struggling. Who would trust us?

Commuter EXPRESS experienced all the birth

pains in its first year. We know how the losing candidates have also felt. When one hits rock bottom or loses a well-fought battle, it feels like you want to get buried with Michael Jackson. Not even watching MJ’s concert on DVDs can magic the pain away.

We persevered on the second year and saw a small opening to survive. We continued to chase that small opening until we came close. It’s actu- ally big when you get there. And it means you just really have to strive hard to get closer to you objective. That’s what we did.

We practically knocked on doors and hearts. There were those who did not welcome us. A lot doubted us. Some even thought we have gone crazy. But we simply kept on knocking and even- tually, the doors and hearts started opening. It was then we knew that the trust and confidence we gained would sustain the free paper.

Without those ostacles, I think we will be an ordinary commuter paper, content with just hav- ing enough ads to survive on a daily basis. We are not content with just that. What we want is to have a credible and long-lasting newspaper, the best in the sector we serve. The obstacles we encountered have built our character and tem- pered us to near perfection. The metamorphosis is an inspiration: “A butterfly will always come from an ugly caterpillar, a phoenix will always rise from the ashes, exquisite and splendid.”

There will be countless battles along the way. We will win some and lose some. But one thing is definite: “We will come out all stronger, richer and more inspiring because of it.”

To our dedicated staff, loyal friends, readers, ad-
vertisers and suppliers, this celebration is for you.

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