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Mini Research - Language Acquisition 1

Mini Research - Language Acquisition 1

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Published by Erwin Romell

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Published by: Erwin Romell on Jun 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Children in the age of 6-12 are now must fully involved in learning Englishsince it is considered essential for children to learn it earlier. In fact, itdoes not work yet for most children learning English, as a case in one of the primary schools in Subang that 97% of them could not even spellcolors in English. The researchers begin to concern about the materialsbeing taught related to their motivation to learn English where lack of motivation is proven as the main issue in this case. So, the researcher isanxious about finding out the more practical solution in term of increasingtheir motivation to speak English, without ignoring the nature of thechildren itself; curious, active, full of enthusiasm and often show a lot of eagerness to participate. The researchers employed descriptive study inconducting this research, while observation and interviews were employedto collecting the data. The findings show that there is a material nowgiven in the senior high school which is appropriate and increasingstrongly the students’ motivation to learn English better, especially inspeaking, which rarely occur in the first grade of senior high school. Therefore the researchers conclude that having relevant and constructivematerial which actually touches the nature of the children would directlyincrease their motivation the most. Due to the results, the researchersrecommend the government and any educationist to be more selective inverdict the materials given to students with paying more attention to thestudents’ interest and motivation on them.
 This chapter presents background on the research, limitation of theresearch, research questions, aims of research, significance of theresearch, and hypothesis. This chapter also provides a brief explanationabout the method of the research. In the end of this chapter, theresearcher informs clarification of main terms and organization of paper.
Speaking English is now found very hard to be applied in daily activitieseven by the students of English Department. It seems to be strange whenpeople speak English in the public areas. Speaking English even withfriends of English department will be considered as weird by others.Rarely finding students, no matter in what level they are, who havewillingness to speak English in his daily life becomes one of the provesthat the students have the lack of motivation. They are not even able tomotivate themselves; it indicates that they will not able to motivateothers.Why speaking English is important, while reading is the most importantarea or activity for individuals to engage in for the sake of thedevelopment of L2 academic competence, and it is important as well forinterpersonal function and for merely “getting along” in any literatesociety (Troike 2006), should be clearly explained in the very firstbeginning. As the data I found, elementary students’ activities in theclassroom are mostly, for about 85%, done in the speaking way.Repeating what their teacher said, singing, mentioning fruits, animals,those are examples on how students done most orally English learning inspeaking way, not reading. Speaking is also important area of activity forL2 learners if they will be using the language for interpersonal purposes,
whether these are primarily social or instrumental (Troike 2006). To speakEnglish cannot be done with ease. Having minimally 200 vocabularies isone of the requirements for just speaking English falteringly. Sincestudents must have hundreds even thousand vocabularies to speakEnglish fluently, they should be engaged earlier. Most Indonesian usuallyconsider somebody good in English through her/his pronunciation,speaking. The impressive image given through speak English is totallyeffective to show off her/his ability. Peoples’ ways to see that canmotivate that somebody to learn or do it more. Firstly before learning it,the students should have willingness to do it. The willingness comes upfrom motivation.Motivation is a key to ultimate level of proficiency (Troike 2006). Inresearcher point of view, increasing students’ motivations mean helpingthem to increase their level of English proficiency. So first thing to do ismotivating the children to have deeper desire to speak English. The formsof the motivation can be a compliment, a pride, or amazement. It can bevarious. Children, according to their age, are considered easy to bemotivated. All teachers need to do is choosing the best way to motivatethem through the materials given in the class.Since children are more successful L2 learners than adults (Troike 2006),the writer believes that children should be engrafted earlier. Completingthat way, children’s nature is essential. It is one of the ways to havefundamental on how children respond or do something. In accordancewith children’s nature, if they are given a compliment because they dosomething, they will do the same thing anymore to gain it again.Introduction material which in status quo is explained for the students insenior high school seems not really effective in increasing their motivationto speak English. Based on the description above about motivation andchildren’s nature, introduction material can meet the need of teachers toincrease the children motivation to learn speaking English. Since childrenwill meet many new people, it will be good for them to know how tointroduce themselves. When parents and others know that their children

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